2013/2014 Olympic Season Grand Prix Assignments

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  1. I can’t wait to see Evan show up at Skate America and compete against Brian, Kozuka, Takahashi, Denis and Max. I highly doubt Evan will show up, but if he does I hope all those listed above blow him out of the water.
  2. Also can’t wait to see Plushenko show up in Russia. While I still don’t think we’ll see it happen, I can’t wait for Javi to beat him.
  3. Would have hoped Andrei Rogozine would get something other than Skate Canada. But as its all based on season best scores I can understand. 
  4. Just of note, why are there so many American men with multiple events?? This comment can apply to the later disciplines, so many Americans I’ve never heard of with Grand Prix events.
  5. I love that Yuzu is going up against Patrick at both his events. I see this being good for both of them. Yuzu’s comment on it, “This is the best opportunity ever, Patrick inspires me lot and competing with him helps me find out what’s missing in me.” Goodness I wish I was going to Skate Canada. On a similar note, I’ve heard comments that it’s interesting Yuzu wasn’t invited to NHK Trophy as he’s the current Japanese champion and won the event last year.


  1. Let’s talk about Canadian ladies. Guess Amelie’s season’s best wasn’t good enough to get her two events. That’s unfortunate when she’s apparently our second best lady. Also, I’m surprised Gaby is remaining on the Jr Grand Prix. I would have thought after her debut at the World Team Trophy, Skate Canada was preparing her to take the second Olympic spot. However, it’s possible Skate Canada knows more than we do and they’re keeping Gaby in Jr, and keeping a vacant spot at Skate Canada for a Joannie Rochette return, maybe? But based on this, it seems like Amelie and Kaetlyn will be heading to Sochi.
  2. This year we’ll see another 2 of the Russian babies make their Sr Grand Prix debut. Elena Radionova and Julia Lipnitskaia have won the past 2 Junior World titles. I’m interested to see how they handle the change, some of the other young Russians have struggled with this in recent years. And with only two Olympic spots, the Grand Prix series and Nationals is going to be exciting.
  3. Some of the top ladies should have an easy way to the Final, however it could get interesting for those last few spots.


  1. Excited for Natasha Purich and Mervin Tran to make their debut. On the same note, interested to see the debut of the new Japanese pair, with Mervin’s old partner, thrown together just for the Olympic team event.
  2. And I seem to have little else to say about pairs.


  1. Cup of China will see Bobrova and Soloviev against Pechalat and Bourzat, guess we’ll see if their coaching change might help them get that Olympic medal.
  2. Other than that, not many of the top teams have much competition getting to the Final. Grand Prix Final will be the first show down between Scott and Tessa and Meryl and Charlie. I’m excited for it already!

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  1. Yes, I agree that Evan and Plushenko will probably drop out in the end. If not, I don’t think Evan will make it through Nationals. Plushenko might as there’s not much going on there.
    The Grand Prix and National events will be exciting to watch – always fun in an Olympic year. The final should tell a lot in dance.

  2. Two notes:

    Hanyu not participating to NHK makes sense if you take into account the following:
    – JSF probably wanted to avoid last year’s situation which put Takahashi and Hanyu in direct confrontation to get the last remaining GPF tickets (although it all worked out in the end), which meant only one of the two would be invited
    – Takahashi will attract more people who can actually afford to pay those highly expensive NHK tickets (fans demographics)
    – and it’s likely Takahashi’s last season, so I guess JSF want to milk it as much as they possibly can

    Also, Julia Lilpnitskaia participated to the Senior Grand Prix last season, medalling at both the CoC and TEB, but missing out on the GPF due to injury

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes it does make sense not to put Hanyu and Takahashi in direct competition so early in the season, especially as it’s likely Takahashi’s final season.

      Yes Julia Lipnitskaia was on the sr grand prix last season. Her competing at jr worlds again led to my confusion. My mistake.

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