Allez Alaine!! – Rostelecom Cup 2014

It was recently the Rostelecom Cup in Russia, the 4th event on the Grand Prix circuit this season. It’s hard to stay on top of these weekly events!


I wasn’t particularly invested in the pairs event at this competition. Over the off season I kinda forgot Stolbova and Klimov existed. Ooops.

This team skated extremely well here! They showed they deserved those medals last season and are here to stay. Their elements are solid. However, they just don’t do anything for me. I can appreciate the strength of their elements but overall they kinda bore me. I’m just not drawn in. Perhaps it because I’m rooting for the Canadians this season.

I’ll make a prediction now that the world podium is going to consist of two Russian teams and a Canadian. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.


A Canadian woman won the short program at an figure skating event in Russia! What?!?! Congrats to Alaine Chartrand! She skated great in that SP, surpassing her previous personal best. It’s refreshing to see a clean program from a relatively unknown rewarded.


Naturally, I never expected her to actually win the event. I think it’s amazing she was able to hang on to a place on the podium. She skated quite well and didn’t succumb to the pressure and fall apart. That bronze medal is great! Rika Hongo and Alaine lucked out that this was the weakest ladies field of any Grand Prix event. But that shouldn’t take away from their accomplishment. They skated great and earned their first Grand Prix medals. It’s nice to see fresh faces emerge!

I want to like Anna Pogorilaya. She has good jumps and long limbs, she just needs some polish. I know she is young and I hope this comes with age. It’ll be a fight for her I think to make it back to Worlds. Again, Nationals is going to be tough.

tumblr_nf6htnR8jA1r0aaleo1_1280 Dance

The most interesting thing to happen here was the showdown between Sinitsina/Katsalapov and Ilinykh/Zhiganshin. There was a mess of drama between these teams in the off season and I’m sure each one wanted to beat the other here.

I watched both teams and found their programs rather lacking. You can tell they are new teams and are still getting to know and skate with each other. I’m hoping their programs develop and evolve and become more complex.

Elena and Ruslan definitely won Match Up #1. I don’t know if there programs were necessarily better, but Elena is a rockstar. She is gorgeous and when she is on the ice you can’t take your eyes off her.

tumblr_nf4eegPiz21u33qn2o2_400   tumblr_nf4eegPiz21u33qn2o1_400

I have very little to say on Chock and Bates. I’m not the biggest fan. I guess they’re good but again, they just don’t excite me.

Also, congrats to Coomes and Buckland! First Grand Prix medal!



I’m very happy Javi was able to lay down a solid performance here and earn his spot at the GPF next month in Barcelona. I love Javi – think he is extremely talented and charismatic. But, this program was still mistake riddled and I don’t know if it would stand up against a clean program from the many Japanese men. I hope the best is still coming for this Spaniard. I’ve said some things on this before, I guess we’ll just wait and see.

I wish him the best of luck competing at the final in Barcelona!


And I’m so happy to see Misha Ge having success this season. You can see how hard he’s worked. He’s not a natural jumper but this season he’s been nailing it. I hope this success continues for the remainder of the season.

Other than that, Max Aaron seems to have been dumped by the judges. He just isn’t getting the scores he used to. Apparently the judges no longer like empty programs where all you do is skate fast. And Takahiko Kozuka is just a shadow of what he was. I fear he will no longer be able to keep up with the other Japanese men.

And I hope Jeremy Ten finds the success he so wants this season. I’ve been a fan for awhile. Perhaps it’s because he’s so entertaining on twitter.


Finally, I found so many fun pictures from this event online! It’s great to see the skaters relaxing and having fun.

tumblr_nf53vabcPt1tje632o1_1280Now lets see if I can get Trophee Eric Bompard up before NHK (Yuzu?) this weekend.


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