Being a Yuzuru Hanyu fangirl is the same as being a One Direction fangirl

I am a big fangirl, but what I’m the biggest fan of might surprise some of you…Yes I love Doctor Who and Disney, but I think I might really hit my fangirl peak when it comes to figure skating. While it may seem like I blog a lot about cosplay, history and Pretty Little Liars, what I actually spend the most time writing about is figure skating. While posting here every week, I also run my own figure skating blog:! Check it out!

Now Kris wrote a post a few months back on the Hottest Men of Figure Skating (and Women). So many dreamboats ❤️. If looking at that isn’t enough to convince you to watch figure skating, then I’ll try one more time…

Last week was Skate America the start of the Grand Prix series, which is really the start of the figure skating season. From this point on, it’s 6 months of figure skating bliss. This fangirl can’t wait!

Now, to convince the other fangirls, out there, I’m going to break it down into fangirl terms. If there’s one skater you should know right now, it’s Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan. This Olympic Champion is the biggest thing in figure skating right now. He’s cute, talented and a bit of a rockstar. He’s essentially the One Direction of figure skating. So if you want to fangirl over anyone it’s him. Really, it’s no different than how you fangirl over anything else. Let me share with you all how:

Being a Yuzuru Hanyu fangirl is the same as being a One Direction fangirl!

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Stay tuned for my report from Skate Canada! Off to the rink now!

Thanks for reading!
– Justine Alyssa

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  1. Thank you for cheering on Yuzu live. Where can i watch his free program? YouTube has already blocked his free. I could still watch all other skaters “except Yuzu”. Why is that??? Because he is toooo popular or what? Please help Justine!

  2. Thank you! But Yuzu’s FP is blocked at YouTube, while I could watch all other skaters’ at Youtube. I could finally watch Yuzu’ s FP at dailymotion. I was overwhelmed by his wonderful performance that made me cry at the end! And that Three quads! What a fighter and challenger he is!!!

    • Justine Alyssa

      I heard that all of the videos of Seimei were blocked on youtube, something about music copyrights. But glad you got to see it! It was fantastic. Three quads! And it’ll only get better as the season progresses.

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