Canadian Stars on Ice Review (Part 2)

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Here’s Part 2!

Again, special thanks to KP for writing the majority of my blog post 🙂

Group Opening “Come Together” by The Beatles, Eurythmics & A.Skillz

KP – The restart was fun…this group just always looks like they are enjoying themselves so much!

PB – Fun restart, I’m absolutely loving Jeff Buttle’s choreography!

Kaetlyn Osmond “Candy Man” by Christina Aguilera

KP – Because we went to the show in Edmonton we had guest skater Kaetlyn Osmond. We all love her here, being as she is our home town girl. It’s not just that she’s from here but also that she is the sweetest kids…so kind & down-to-earth. She skated the same program we saw her do at the World’s Gala. It was a cute number, playing off her maturity while also being young & fun. I think it was a stellar debut year to the SOI tour…I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until she’s a regular.

PB – Kaetlyn was a great addition to the show! She’s a performer, you can tell she loves being out there. This is a great program but you can tell she’s still very new to all of it. She’s not a smooth or as confident as the more seasoned performers. She’ll only continue to grow and I hope we see her back soon!

Shawn Sawyer “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

KP – Shawn Sawyer the Show Stealer. This program was so weird and I liked it sooo much. Shawn came out with crazy black make-up and a shirt with elastic type straps running vertically across the front. Throughout the program he used these straps like suspenders, he played them like they were a bass and he wrapped his arms up in them like he was in a straightjacket. I mean who thinks of these things??? Shawn Sawyer obviously…and that is why they keep him around. The guys doesn’t even have a national title, let alone a world one but he keeps being invited back because he is insanely entertaining to watch (and possibly just insane). That and the fact that he can back-flip all over the place!

PB – Shawn Sawyer did everything in this program that one should do in a show number. He was entertaining, skating to an upbeat song and pulling out every trick he knew. Plus, in added Shawn Sawyer fashion, it was extremely weird. Straightjacket suspenders and smudging of eye makeup, only Shawn Sawyer can pull it off!

Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford “True Colors” by Artists Against Bullying

KP – In general I tend to have mixed feeling for Duhamel & Radford. I appreciate them for the technical difficulty of their programs but at the same time their less than classic lines sometimes leave me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. But if there is one thing that never disappoints with these two it is their emotion. We’ve all seen Eric openly weep and Meagan literally beam when they finish a good program. At this show we also go to see them really emote towards each other and the audience with a really adorable number. Her smile is incredibly infectious and I find myself wrapped up & thoroughly enjoying myself…no thought as to how she sometimes resembles a cannonball hurtling through life. I was nice that there was a pairs team in the cast (although why did they only do one number?) because it’s a great discipline for show skating. Pairs has a bunch of known death-defying elements that are illegal in competition and therefor perfect for show programs. Meagan & Eric performed a bunch of these to the awe of the audience. They also included a scarf in some of their choreography. I would have liked to have seen it worked into a few more of their holds but they included a really awesome moment when he held it out and it caught on her leg while in a camel spin.

PB – Another great addition to the cast! I wonder though, why did they only get one solo?? It was great to have a pairs team again. These two were great in showing all of the pairs tricks and a throw 3 lutz! This was a very nice number and the scarf as a prop was a great addition. Meagan and Eric often make me cry, their determination and hard earned success often makes me tear up when they skate well. I love the emotion you see on Meagan’s face! It was nice to see these two in a show environment where there was no pressure and they could smile and enjoy themselves the entire time. Perhaps we’ll get two pairs teams in the cast next year. Why not showcase both amazing teams we currently have in Canada?

Ashley Wagner “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics

KP – Ashley may have fallen a bit short for me on her first number, but this one hit right on the mark. First of all, the music was a perfect choice. You can’t go wrong with the Eurythmics! Second, she looked incredible in a sparkly black shorts outfit. It was at this point that it really hit me that the costume designers for this tour were killing it! Thirdly, she looked like she was having so much fun. Probably because she was having so much fun. And therefor I was having so much fun. Just so much fun to go around!

PB – I enjoyed this program more than her slower piece earlier. She is growing into a great performer. Perfect music, outfit and choreography for a show number!

Jeffrey Buttle “In This Shirt” by The Irrepressibles

KP – Wow! Amazing! Absolutely Awe-Inspiring! Obviously I loved this number. Jeff Buttle is a genius when comes to choreography. It’s like he’s making the music with his blades it all fits so well. I was completely enthralled with him. It was one of those programs where you’re so obsessed you almost forget to breath…or is that just me… Jeff is incredible and can definitely continue to head up SOI choreography!

PB – It is programs like this that make you fully appreciate how talented Jeff Buttle is. He can create such a moment, you can’t look away. His choreography and footwork is brilliant, no one can fully use a piece of music like Jeff Buttle. This program was just beautiful. I’ve loved him for years and my love only keeps growing!

Sinead & John Kerr “Coronacj” by The Porridge Men

KP – I was so pleasantly surprise by these two. Their second number was possibly even better than their first, which I was already impressed with! I believe it was a rework of their short dance from the 2010 Olympics. Do you remember how the ISU decided that the short dance would be folk music that year so everyone could show off their culture? But then everyone did folk dances from any country but their own? Well the Kerr’s actually did do what was intended and keep it within the UK. (Correction: This was the program they used when folk/country was the theme for the Original Dance during the 2007/08 season, but the same idea still applies). It was odd to see someone skate to bagpipe music, but they totally pulled it off. Some of the highlights had to be their girl-lifts-boy lifts, the moment when she literally flipped him right over her shoulder and when John flashed everyone what was under his kilt while bowing 😉

PB – This program was so much fun! You don’t often see a program skated to bagpipes and traditional Scottish music. While being highly entertaining, I enjoyed the aspects of the traditional dance incorporated in as well as the very traditional costumes. So impressed with these two!

Joannie Rochette “That Man” by Caro Emerald

KP – Could she be more adorable? After watching this program I don’t think it’s possible. The program managed to be fun & silly but somehow still incredibly beautiful & sexy. I mean Joannie is not the type to make an audience laugh out loud, but this was her version of humor. She did some cute old-fashioned dance steps, flipped her hair and ended the whole thing on a man’s laugh. It was perfectly concocted to allow her to do a burlesque style while still being family-friendly.

PB – Joannie has really grown as a performer. We’re finally seeing the fun side of Joannie that we didn’t often see while she was competing. She is a gorgeous girl and I enjoy seeing this sexy and sultry side of her.

Patrick Chan “Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters

KP – I think Patrick Chan legitimately loves to perform. You can see it one his face; he’s having a great time. And I had an awesome time watching him. He’s just amazing on the ice. So fast, so clean, so effortless, so powerful. All that being said I had a little trouble taking this program seriously. I just don’t see him as sexy. Patrick hip thrusting just seems comical to me. The crowd loved him though and he’s so talented I would watch him do anything.

PB – We couldn’t help but giggle in this program. It’s rather difficult to take Patrick Chan seriously in a sexy program, plus I don’t think he was taking himself seriously. Patrick is growing as a performer, I just prefer to see him do other programs. But most importantly, Patrick didn’t fall down! It’s not often I can say that these days (hopefully things change leading into next season!)

Tess Virtue & Scott Moir “Carmen”

KP – I just love this program. I mean it’s not my favourite they’ve ever done, but it’s so different! I think because of this it was considered rather controversial. There are a few reasons for this I think but mainly it got a little raunchy at times. I liked the drama and bit of sexiness, but we are a family sport and that lift at the end where she stratles him could be seen as a little much (PS this is in my top 3 moments of this dance). Anyway, about the performance… These two are just electric! Their connection is so hot that you are completely drawn in.

Random side note, doesn’t everyone just love that moment just before the “dance break” when they twitch? Their doing separate things then suddenly its like a jolt goes through them and pulls them back together. LOVE IT!

PB – I am so glad I got to see this program again. Seeing it live in London was one of the highlights of Worlds. This is definitely one of my favorite free dances they’ve done. I enjoy how different it is and appreciate the difficulty and out-of-the-box aspect and shock factor they went for this season. This program is raw and sexual and I absolutely love it. Not what you’d ever expect from Scott & Tessa. That being said, I can’t wait for the classic/pretty/traditional program they pull out for the Olympics.

Kurt Browning “Singin’ In the Rain”

KP – My very first clear skating memory is of this program. I remember that we had the 90s TV special on a VHS that I used to watch allll the time. I loved the theatrics of it. And all the splashing! To see this program live and in person almost brought me to tears I was so excited. Kurt just has this way of being so light & loveable, while still touching right down to your heart & skating soul. There are so many cute hops, intricate footwork and perfect character moments. Plus his umbrella has to be magical! It opens and closes at the perfect times and at one point does a slow motion flip for him to catch it that I swear shouldn’t be possible under the laws of physics! It was all topped off with a sprinkler coming on over our end of the ice so he could splash and kick and shake the water off his umbrella in the end. Just the most perfect skating moment for me!

PB – While my first skating memory was not Kurt Browning and Singin’ in the Rain (probably Alexei falling on a deathdrop in Vancouver, that’s where it all began) I can still fully appreciate the greatness that is this program. It was great to see a ‘classic program’ live. The umbrella was magical and the rain coming from the roof was perfect. This was a special moment.

Finale “Marchin’ On” by One Republic

KP – This was an exquisite finale! Everything flowed right out of Singing in the Rain with umbrellas…and marching band costumes… It all tied together really well though! The did very cool things, turning their umbrellas into canes and did some serious stomping and slapping and flipping and hits. It was super intense! I loved watching Buttle, who was just rocking his awesome choreography! An incredible end to an incredible show!

PB – The finale was great and as always I didn’t want it to end. The umbrellas were a nice added touch. It’s great to see the entire show choreographed around Kurt’s number. The cast seemed to be having a lot of fun throughout and I had a ton of fun watching!

Cast Blog fun read 🙂

Tour Pictures

Jeff Buttle and Tessa Virtue promotional shoot

Kurt Browning, John Kerr and Scott Moir

Patrick Chan, Jeff Buttle and Javier Fernandez (guest star in Toronto)

Enjoying the sun on the west coast

Hat shopping in Victoria

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