Competition Update Part 1 (October 5, 2013)

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Competition Update Part 1

Since I’ve fallen so far behind, this post will look at the competitions of last weekend.

1. Skate Canada announced some more International Assignments

Of Note:
– Amelie Lacoste has been added to Trophee Eric Bompard, she previously only had one assignment
– Skate Canada is sending skaters to Cup of Nice later this month. Competitors include Liam Firus, Alexandra Najarro and dancers Ralph and Hill and Paradis and Xavier-Ouellette.

2. Junior Grand Prix – the final event happens next weekend. Afterwards I’ll provide a look at who’s qualified for the final.

All results can be found here:,10853,4844-151840-169056-nav-list,00.html

3. Nebelhorn Trophy

Last weekend was the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, the final Olympic qualifying event. About half the skaters were competing for Olympic spots while the others had an early chance to debut their programs.

Summary article (via Wikipedia)


Congrats to Israel, Romania, Philippines, Australia, Ukraine and Italy for earning their Olympic spot!

– Nobu is off to a great start (no silly counting mistakes). Japanese Nationals is going to be a bloodbath!
– Decent skate from Jeremy Ten. I have a bit of a soft spot for him. I prefer his skating style to the majority of Canadian men.

Men SP
Nobunari Oda:
Jason Brown:
Jeremy Ten:

Men FS
Nobunari Oda:
Jason Brown:
Jeremy Ten:

Congrats to Great Britain, Ukraine, Estonia and Israel for qualifying teams for the Olympics!

– Ridiculous scores for Volosozhar and Trankov, simply ridiculous for both this time of the season and in general. It seems no other team will have the ability to catch them. However, awful programs this season.
– Decent debut for Purich and Tran. I’ve read many people say Mervin is one of the greatest pairs partners out there today. Having personally seen Natasha compete since she was 13 I really hope she can improve and grow in this relationship. I really want this team to become great.
– Team Japan (and Mervin’s former partner) was unable to earn their Olympic spot. They are the first alternates in case something happens and they will be called in for the Team Event but it’s still disappointing when many thought they were guaranteed a spot.

Pairs SP
Volosozhar and Trankov:
Purich and Tran:

Pairs FS
Volosozhar and Trankov:
Purich and Tran:

Congrats to Australia, Georgia, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic and Brazil for earning their country an Olympic berth.

– Good for Elene Gedevanishvili after such a disappointing Worlds
– Disappointing for Finland, a healthy Kiira Korpi should have easily earned a spot. But with her recent injury and withdrawal, Juulia Turkkila was unable to handle the pressure and Finland did not make the cut.
– Fabulous debut for Veronik Mallet. I know very little about her but I’m so glad Skate Canada is working to develop these young skaters and giving them early International Assignments (Veronik was recently added to Skate Canada as well). Great debut, such young talent in Canadian ladies at the moment (I don’t think that has ever happened before).
– Miki Ando was beaten by someone almost half her age (12 years!) For just having a baby this as a decent performance from Miki. However, she’s going to need more to make it past Japanese Nationals this season.
– Elena Radionova is yet another one of Russia’s baby ballerinas. Being far to young to be in Sochi we’ll have to wait and see how she develops. She’s been undefeated for over a year. Let’s wait and see how she develops. Elena has gorgeous jumps but I think her, and many of the other young Russians, can bring so much more to their skating.

Ladies SP
Elena Radionova:
Miki Ando:

Ladies FS
Elena Radionova:
Miki Ando:
Veronik Mallet:


Congrats to China, Turkey, Australia, Japan and Spain on earning their
Olympic spots!

– I love Paul and Islam, such beautiful skaters. I really like the SD. However, they have such bad luck and can never put together two clean programs. I hope they can get things together this season, I’d like them to earn an Olympic spot.

Dance SD
Paul and Islam:

Dance FD
Paul and Islam:

That’s all for now! Expect a look at more competitions tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.
Love and luck,

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