Competition Update Part 2 (October 6, 2013)

I’m back again! This weekend we saw another couple competitions and the debut of some Olympic podium bound programs.

  • Georges-Ethier competition in Quebec

I don’t know anything about this competition except it saw the debut of Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford’s new FP. Set to music from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack I think it is a great program for them. It’s very different from their soft and delicate SP. It’s quirky and intricate and exciting and builds throughout. Goodness knows a clean program will probably bring me to tears; Meagan has a tendency of doing just this. This team has great programs this season.

Duhamel and Radford FP:

  • Japan Open

This weekend saw the Pro-Am Team Japan Open

Full Results:


1 Fernandez Europe 176.91 (
2 Kozuka Japan 158.42 (
3 Abbott North America 157.70 (
4 Takahashi Japan 149.12 (
5 Buttle North America 127.43 (
6 Brezina Europe 125.74

–       I love Jeff Buttle, that is all. Not a great skate, but that’s ok. I still love Jeff Buttle. Very gorgeous program as well.
–       Is Takahashi going to be fighting for a spot on the Olympic team this season? Not too long ago I would have assumed he would definitely be given a spot, but these days he’s just not landing the jumps to stay competitive with some of these other guys. I can’t wait for Japanese Nationals. I do love the Beatles music, especially Yesterday but I feel this is a rather odd music choice for him. Too many music cuts and I think he’s better than it.
–       Javi! Three quads at this point in the season! Fantastic! Team Orser is ready to compete! Ridiculously charming program. I can’t wait to see it grow. He makes a great James Bond.

1 Asada Japan 135.16 (
2 Rochette North America 123.99 (
3 Wagner North America 119.77 (
4 Sotnikova Europe 105.95 (
5 Murakami Japan 102.15 (
6 Sultskaya Europe 69.24 (

–       After this program there is so much online praise for Joannie. So many people absolutely loved this performance, think she could challenge for a spot on the ladies podium and has only grown artistically since she finished competing. She landed 6 triples, which is far more than most ladies land in a program. While Joannie is not coming back for Sochi I love seeing her skate so well after not competing for 4 years. This program is beautiful (love Notre Dame de Paris) and she looks as gorgeous as ever. Congrats Joannie!
–       Russian Nationals is going to be tough this year with only two Olympic spots. Adelina was one of the Russian wonders on a couple years ago and now it’s possible she’s not going to make it out of Russia for Worlds or Olympics.
–       Definitely not a great skate for Irina. However it’s been 8 years since her last competition! That is pretty impressive.
–       Mao received a personal best for her skate here, a personal best for a mistake ridden program…hmmmm….very beautiful program though (love the music).
–       Great start for Ashley, with a triple-triple in the beginning. I don’t love the program at this stage, but I suspect I will as the season progresses. She’s always dynamic and exciting to watch. The program really builds and gets dramatic which I enjoy quite a lot.

Overall Team Result

1 Japan 544.85
2 North America 528.89
3 Europe 477.84

131005_fig_16_600 131005_japan

Article focusing on Mao:

  • Finlandia Trophy

This weekend in Finland Scott and Tessa debuted their new FD and Yuzuru Hanyu debut his new FP!



Ladies SP
Julia Lipnitskaia:
Akiko Suzuki:

Ladies FS:
Julia Lipnitskaia:
Akiko Suzuki:
Elizaveta Tuktamysheva:

–       I love Schindler’s List music. It’s just gorgeous. Anna Karenina is also really nice. Obviously these aren’t some of my favourite ladies as all I have to comment on is the music. And of course I’m always a fan of Phantom of the Opera
–       Julia is sure talented but I can’t decide if I’m a fan of these tiny ballerina girls.


Yuzuru Hanyu SP:
Yuzuru Hanyu FS:

–       I do love Yuzu’s SP and I think it’s good he kept this program. This short program held the world record for the majority of last season. If it received that high of scores last season, it should receive just as high this season. Even with a single axel here, a score of 85 is pretty impressive.
–       I love this Romeo and Juliet music. I love it so much. No matter how many skaters skate to it, I love it no less! I also really enjoy Yuzu’s program to it. Once again I forgot he does a beillmann (I probably should have known that) and I absolutely love his ina bauer. So gorgeous. What I don’t love is the outfit, what in the world did Johnny dress him in!
–       This was a great FS for early October. Both quads were gorgeous! And as a positive note on his stamina, Yuzu didn’t practically die after the skate.
–       Looking at this program and Javi in Japan I think it’s safe to say Yuzu and Javi are extremely well trained and ready for this season. Both scores were within a couple points, with a couple small mistakes each. And both of these scores are already Olympic podium worthy (both higher than the top scores at Worlds last season). You better be watching Patrick, I’m still rooting for that Canadian gold, but I’d also be quite happy with a Yuzu or Javi on the top of that podium. 🙂


Virtue and Moir SD:
Virtue and Moir FD:

–       There has been a very mixed reception to Scott and Tessa’s FD. Some love it, some compare it to Mahler, some say it’s a step back from last season, some think it’s magical, some think it needs reworking, some think it’s their comfort zone, some think it was magical in person. Either way, Scott and Tessa need to get those levels! I’m not entirely sure what sign the judges were trying to send them but these scores were drastically lower than Davis and White a couple weeks ago and so much lower than anything they’ve received in recent years. I really hope they can fix these issues. I’ve made it quite clear that I prefer them to the Americans and I hope they can fix some things and come back with monsterous scores. I want a Canadian gold in Sochi but more importantly I really want a tough fight between these two teams.
–       Their SD is just lovely! I really enjoy it. Plus the Finnstep is simply ridiculous and entertaining, which I love.
–       I absolutely love their FD! I agree with Tessa’s comment that this is Mahler 2.0, it’s a beautiful continuation. Everything is quite exquisite. I love the new lifts; they’re dynamic and exciting. On my first watch I completely missed the circular step sequence, it’s just so intricate. Compared to Davis and White I much prefer this FD, I love the simply elegance and subtlety and perfection and grace of Virtue and Moir. I’m not a huge fan of the showy and theatrical FDs Davis and White stick to. But that’s just my opinion.

And I’m finally caught up! Now off to rewatch some of these programs…
Love and luck,

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