Competition Update (September 15, 2013)

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The skating season has begun!

1. Jr Grand Prix

Three Jr Grand Prix events have already happened! Super exciting!

All results can be found here:,10853,4844-151840-169056-nav-list,00.html

All videos can be found here:

I don’t have a lot of comments except Team Canada is off to a pretty great start. I hope this is a sign of things to come!

2. This past weekend was the US International Classic in Salt Lake City.

A lot of skaters debuted their Olympic programs here, including Davis and White. A couple videos have popped up so far.



Misha Ge withdrew because he couldn’t get the necessary travel documents in time ☹

Evan Lysacek also withdrew, he’s apparently injured….somehow I don’t believe this excuse. Let’s see if he makes an appearance at Skate America.

Congrats to Max! He’s going for three quads in the freeskate which is super impressive!

Not the best outing for Andrei, he won’t make the Olympic team skating like this.

Max Aaron SP:


Numerous people online do not like Gracie’s programs (or her dresses). Also, it’s rumoured she’s switched coaches to Frank Carroll, which many are calling a horrible choice to move across the country at 18, 6 months before the Olympics.

Decent for Amelie, but I’m afraid her content isn’t going to stand up this season.

And great for Courtney Hicks, way to land those jumps! And great confidence to beat Gracie and some other more experienced skaters.

Gracie Gold SP: (weirdly frantic with an ugly dress)
Gracie Gold FS: (Sleeping Beauty program portraying a ‘power witch’, ya ok the pretty pink dress doesn’t exactly show that, numerous pops throughout, but I do love the music)
Courtney Hicks FS: (very powerful jumper, but lacking in some quality)


Great for Kirsten and Dylan. Very good scores and a great start to the season.

And again slightly disappointing for Paige and Rudi, somehow don’t think they’re too serious about getting that third Olympic spot. Guess we’ll see.

Unfortunately I haven’t found any videos ☹


And what everyone wants to see.

Looks like a great start to the season for all these teams!

Weaver and Poje SD: (fun!)
Davis and White SD: (surprisingly delightful, likely because they were soft and lilty and not powering through the program like normal)
Weaver and Poje FD: (sexy, I like it!)
David and White FD: (some nice lifts but otherwise I think I’ve seen this program before. Also in typical Davis and White fashion let’s build the music as much as we can and have us frantically skate for the last 30 seconds (some of the softer stuff throughout was quite nice))
Orford and Williams FD: (Phantom of the Opera! Though not the best music cuts, not sure I liked the program)

That’s all for now! Tune in next time.

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