Cup of China 2013

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This will be pretty short. There weren’t any skaters here who I’m incredibly attached to. Plus this seems like it’ll be the weakest of all the Grand Prix Events.


Wow for Pang and Tong. They looked rather old and sluggish at Worlds last year. In what must be their last season I applaud them for giving it all they got. We’ll see if their stamina can hold up all season and whether he can still land jumps in the FS. And of course I’m a fan of the Les Mis FS.

I’m not sure what to think of the Germans anymore. I was a huge fan only a few short years ago but now they’ve seemed to stagnate and I no longer want to cheer for them compared to some of the other teams I’ve grown to love. I do enjoy the classic Nutcracker FS they’re going with this season. And that throw 3A is a nice addition (just try and incorporate into the program a little better).


First off, yikes for Zijun Li! Just a few months ago she finished 4th in the FS at Worlds!

Secondly, yikes for Carolina Kostner. First that FS dress is atrocious, both ugly and unflattering. And second, only 46 points technically is not going to hold up against Mao and Yu-Na. Yu-Na could probably score that technically in the SP.

Third, Adelina Sotnikova has had some troubles living up to her potential (she won Sr Nationals when she was 12!). Russian Nationals won’t be fun for most of these girls. I enjoy her skating style and I hope she can get it together.

Finally, congrats to young Anna Pogorilaya. These Grand Prix events seem to be a nice time for young Russians to show the world they’re ready to compete. She needs some polish but she has the jumps and landed them when it counted. Congrats.


Many were expecting the French and Russians to put up Scott/Tessa and Meryl/Charlie level scores and it’s interesting to see these teams actually more on par with Weaver/Poje and Cappellini/Lanotte. The Olympic bronze looks like a fight between these 4 at the moment.

Yikes Bobrova and Soloviev are frantic! And I thought Meryl and Charlie were frantic. Love the music but the program seems like a bit of a mess, especially the weird dramatic ending.

Pechalat and Bourzat were really charming, such a delightfully French program.  I really enjoyed them today.


Florent, wasn’t this a bit of a disaster. You left Morozov and now we expect great things, but this didn’t really show anyone much at all.

After hearing how sick Denis Ten was only a few weeks ago I think we can agree his was a decent performance. Not great but decent. Hope he can stay healthy and now get some quality training time in.

Kozuka, a bit of another yikes! I hope we don’t see this trend among the other Japanese men. I hope the pressure doesn’t become too much for them to handle. Unfortunately this doesn’t help Kozuka’s chances to make the Olympic Team.

Just a reminder, Japanese Olympic selection: 1) Top finisher on the Grand Prix, 2) Winner of Nationals, 3) Whoever else Japan thinks they should send. Based on this my guess is Yuzu will get the 3rd spot if he doesn’t get one of the first two. Otherwise I think Takahashi with get the 3rd spot. Based on current Grand Prix standings it seems likely Oda, Yuzu or Machida will come out on top for the Grand Prix series. As for Nationals, who knows what will happen there.

Maxim Kovtun really wants that Olympic spot! He’s showing Russia that he can land multiple quads and compete with the best. It’s a huge improvement since his disastrous showing at Worlds.  I’m not a big fan however of his hunched jumping style.

I loved Han Yan! I had never seen him skate before and was pleasantly surprised! He reminds me of a young Patrick Chan. Han has a similar skating style and flow across the ice and his jumps are large and solid like Patrick’s. I don’t think I could give him a larger compliment. I look forward to seeing him compete during the next 4 years.

Next we’re off to NHK! I’m excited for Javi vs Japan, which Japanese man will deliver on home ice???

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