Dear Yuzuru Hanyu – World Team Trophy 2015 SP

Dear Yuzuru Hanyu,

Please keep your short program from this season. It’s quite possibly my favourite program this year. I love the elegance and grace of it plus the speed and power you maintain throughout. I feel it emphasizes your best qualities and showcases perfectly why you’re the best in the world.

This has been a rough season and I understand you may want to put it behind you with two new programs but please reconsider. This program is a masterpiece and it’s never been skated cleanly. It’s been close on a number of occasions, but never clean. I’m certain a clean version could break world records. Please skate it clean next season and do so!

A number of things happened at Cup of China this season. My favourite, and it’s often overlooked, is the original layout of this program. I remember the spread eagle – 3A – spread eagle that you once started with. I remember the 4T in the second half. All I want is to see this again. See it again and see it clean.

There are so many moments I love in this program. Right at the beginning of the footwork where the music really picks up and the piano gets excited and all the steps become so fast, I just adore it! The spread eagle out of the 3A, the closing of the fists that we’ve seen at the end recently. The pivots and toe steps right at the beginning. I love it all.

Also, please have Jeff Buttle choreograph all of your remaining programs. He is a genius and I’m a huge fan of everything the two of you have created thus far.

Congrats on winning the SP at World Team Trophy. But how many times now have we seen you mess up that combo??  Best of  luck in the FS!

Lots of love,

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  1. Murasaki Shikibu

    According to Nobunari Oda, it’s the extremely difficult things Yuzuru is doing leading up to that jump combination that should be easy for him that makes it so difficult to execute. Oda said that if he could do all that, he wouldn’t have retired.

    • Thank you for the comment! I completely agree. That entire program is so difficult. Every single moment is choreographed with extremely difficult steps. It just makes me smile that he lands the more difficult jumps perfectly and has issues with the easiest.

  2. Maybe we should send this to Brian’s Twitter (peak_skate) to see if this letter will reach Yuzuru or not.

  3. Thank you Justine! I enjoyed your lovely letter to Yuzuru!

    Here’s is 2015 Team Trophy Yuzuru’s FS and his exhibition “Parisian Walkway”, though I am sure you have already watched them 🙂 ! He looked absolutely fabulous and beautiful their as always!!!

    • I actually hadn’t seen these yet! I had a crazy busy weekend and wasn’t near a computer. Thanks for the links!! I am so happy Yuzu was able to end the season on a high note.

  4. I really enjoy yours everything on Yuzuru and look forward to more of your love (ly) letters to him who might read it some day! 😉

  5. Thank you for your comment! I have a couple more season wrap up posts planned. Stay tuned.

  6. Hey I guess Yuzu did get your “letter” to him afterall XD Yay! Looking forward to a renewed Chopin for the new season!

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