Figure Skating News (April 15 – 21, 2013)

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Quite a bit of news this week! I need to stop leaving these till Sunday night.

Canadian Stars on Ice is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ll post my review after I get to see the show (expect some additional input from my figure skating family :-)).

News Articles

1. Phil Hersh (@olyphil), Chicago Tribune and LA Times sports writer, tweeted:
“Here is how choreographer Phillip Mills explained his split from Ashley Wagner (@ashwagner10)”:

“Ashley Wagner and I have decided to go in different directions. Having worked with the greatest coaches and skaters over thirty years and having a very clear system on what works to make an elite skater successful I have made this decision. Being able to be at the boards and get Ashley to skate like I knew she could at the World Team Trophy was a wonderful way to wind down our relationship. We each had a different focus for the upcoming Olympic season. I believe that each choreographer’s program is a work of art that needs to be kept in its original form. I wouldn’t want anyone to change my art and I just would not make changes to someone else’s work. Ashley and I have accomplished so much in the past three years and I’ve enjoyed working with her as her coach and choreographer. This decision opens new opportunities for both of us. I wish her all the best.”

This is surprising as her programs have received such high acclaim these past few seasons. Hope this is a sign she’s off to try bigger and better things. Possibly a David Wilson or Jeff Buttle program? I think both of them would love Ashley.

  1. Chan set sights on Olympic glory

Light article talking about Patrick’s SOI debut. Of note, he’s planning on staying in Detroit and will be working on quad saws this summer. I ,however highly doubt we’ll seem him include it in competition next season.

  1. Virtue & Moir’s Stars On Ice Blog

Fun post talking about getting ready for SOI. I’m very excited we’ll get to see Carmen!

  1. Hayleigh Bell, age 16, is now listed on Ice Partner Search. For those who don’t recognize the name, she won the 2013 Junior and 2012 Novice Canadian Pairs titles with Alastair Sylvester and they competed at the last 2 Junior Worlds.

It was reported that Alastair decided to quit skater. This is disappointing for her. Hayleigh is also a clockwise jumper and finding a new partner may be difficult.

5. French skaters say ‘au revoir’ to long season

I enjoyed this article on the French team. They all seem really close. Interesting to hear Brian wishes to become a coach. I never would have guessed him as the type. I just hope he has someone else choreograph his skaters programs and teach them about IJS!

Hope Pechalat and Bourzat take the time to recover and come back strong next season.

  1. Baby joy for star pair

Very exciting news for Shen & Zhao! Congratulations! Also of note, he plans on coaching Chinese pairs this upcoming season. We’ll see if he can help some of the struggling Chinese pairs teams.

7. Chan, Virtue and Moir Honoured by Provincial Government at Ontario Sport Awards

Congratulations to them! Hopefully next season will be just as successful!

8. Patrick Chan’s new mantra: figure skaters of the world unite

This was just posted today and had to include it. Oh Patrick. While I think a lot of what he’s saying is true, I don’t think he’s making any friends by saying it. Patrick has always said what he wanted to say without much of a filter but one has to wonder if saying negative things about the ISU and competitions will begin to affect his results. The ISU is not going to promote him and encourage his high scores and placements if he’s voicing these opinions about them.

9. US Figure Skating Bids to Host 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Boston

Of note, I’ve read Finland is bidding against them.

Olympic Season Programs News and Rumors

      1. Mao Asada’s new SP is a classical piece (choreography by Lori Nichol)
      2. Jeremy Abbott revealed at his post-WTT fan meeting in Tokyo that Robin Cousins will choreograph his new SP (music TBD) and that he will revisit his 2011-12 Muse “Exogenesis” program next season
      3. Caydee Denney & John Coughlin revealed their programs — music from the animated film Anastasia (SP) and from Casablanca (FS) — and new choreographer Julie Marcotte in an article posted in this thread
      4. Agnes Zawadzki from a Sports Illustrated article (April 10) excerpt and link posted here:”She has decided to keep her existing short program, choreographed by David Wilson and skated to music from Sex in the City. Her long program will have a decidedly different look, a tango, though she won’t reveal more details yet.”
      5. Brian Joubert said in a recent TV interview (and it’s mentioned in the above article) that he really likes the “Gladiator” program and wants to keep it for Sochi …. but that he’ll be “in discussion” with the French Federation.
      6. Misha Ge tweeted in the first week of April: “Every year in season I’m doing something different, something challenging, something creative, something new. And next year I will do it as well. This year on competition you watched “Funny Misha,” next year you will see “Serious Misha,” but it will be in my own way . #MGStyle But I’m happy to to say that with my choreographer (Misha Ge) and my coaches Larisa and Jun Ge (My Parents) help we done good job on programs. In these days we’ve done and make 80% of our both SP and FP for 13-14 Season, and also also I’ve make two new Gala Show Program #WorkDone ! – I didn’t dare correct his grammar, his English is just too adorable.
      7. Previously mentioned (excerpt from above article), Patrick Chan will keep this year’s short program, Elegie in E Flat Minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff, that was choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle. In Toronto, he will work with [David] Wilson on creating a new long program.
      8. Piper Gilles (@PiperGilles) tweeted earlier this week: Hey guys @PaulDPoirier and I are super excited to announce that our new SD music is a Caro Emerald medley! Hope you’re as excited as we are!
      9. Meryl Davis and Charlie White are seeking help with their programs from Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough Also, Alex Wong (@AlexdWong) of So You Think You Can Dance fame tweeted this week: Had a blast working again with the talented @Meryl_Davis and @CharlieaWhite on their Olympic program!

Videos (I haven’t shared any for a while!): Pretty Impressive Patrick Chan! (recorded during Stars on Ice practice) Break down of the Finnstep (featuring Davis & White)

One of these weeks I am going to write a post about my love for Yuzu. I have so many videos and pictures and interesting facts all prepared. I just need to sit down and write. While you wait here’s an adorable picture: 🙂


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