Figure Skating News (April 22 – 28, 2013)

Lots of news but I don’t have much to say about things this week, tired after a busy weekend. Next week will include a Canadian Stars on Ice review 🙂

New this week: pictures!!

News Articles

  1. This past week many Team USA skaters were in Los Angeles for the US Olympic Committee and NBC promotional media shoots for Sochi.

Here’s a couple pictures tweeted by US Figure Skating:

Why are you there Evan??????
Ashley Wagner
Gracie Gold
Meryl & Charlie

  1. Similarly, this past week Japanese athletes attended a three day workshop designed for Sochi 2014 prep, including Russian language and media relations.

Team Japan

Yuzuru Hanyu

Team Building Activities

3. Not that I can read the title of this Japanese article…

Summary I’m trusting from elsewhere: Takahito Mura got married this past week and will soon be a father. Congrats to him!

4. Mao Asada: “My feelings aiming at Sochi Olympics became stronger than before. I will challenge to the best performance.”

Interviewer: By Junko Nagai, Hiroshi Wakamizu
At April 19th, Mao Asada (22, Chukyo University) who expressed the intention which she retires from the eligible skater with the end of next season accepted the exclusive interview and talked about the current state of mind and about the ambition to the next season.

– Was there the change of the state of mind after expressing the retirement?
Aiming at Sochi Olympics, my motivation rose more and my feelings aiming at it became stronger than before. I think it was good that I had been able to tell everybody about being with such a feelings until Sochi Olympics.

– You told that you would like to show the best performance in the stage of the Olympics, but what was your best performance up to now?
When I won the championship in Grand Prix Final at 15years old, I thought that the performance is perfect, but looking back on it now, I think that it was far from the perfection as for the skating, too, and as for the spin, too. I think that the short program in Vancouver Olympics was good. Because my skating skill is improving every year, I have never done the best performance yet.

– What performance can satisfy you if you have been able to do it?
If I could skate without mistake in the level which included the triple Axel and the 3-3 combination jump which I am wrestling with now.

– You are continuing to challenge the skill which any other person can’t do, aren’t you?
Because I felt me to be unsatisfactory even if I won a championship without the big skill, I challenge to it. As for the skating, it is difficult because both of the artistic aspect and the sports aspect are necessary. I prefer the artistic aspect in skating, but I can’t be satisfied if I don’t attempt the triple Axel because I have the feelings wanting to challenge as the athlete.

– What impression do you have about Russia where the Olympics is held?
Because I visited there dozens of times, it seems my second hometown.
It is such a feeling, as if I can say, “As for the Olympics in Russia, please entrust to me”.

– What is the conception of the program of next season which may become your final season as the eligible?
As for SP and as for FS, too, the program of this season was very Mao-like, but I would like to use the music of different feeling as for next season. The music of SP is a classic and I think that it becomes the music like a Chopin’s. As for the music of FS, I am searching for it variously.

– You participate to the ice show, “The Ice 2013” in the end of July, don’t you?
Because I show a new exhibition program, I am looking forward to the response of everybody.

5. Denis Ten is launching his first ice show, “Denis Ten & friends”. The show will feature Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Irina Slutskaya, and Carolina Kostner among others. Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford tweeted earlier this week they were invited to attend.

6. Dream year not done for Duhamel

7. Yuzu news! Original articles for those who can read Japanese  and

Article summary from my favorite Yuzu board:
– Yuzu attended Annul Awards Ceremony of JSF held in Tokyo today, 19th April.
– Left knee pain has already turned for better after receiving some medical treatments. Considering so many Japanese skaters will retire soon, Yuzu said as next generation of Japanese figure skating he would like to work very hard next season
– Yuzu explained his condition within one month, no skating at all as he’s been having treatments and also required a rehabilitation training.
– Furthermore, Yuzu hasn’t been Waseda University till now, it’s confirmed officially he did not attend Waseda’s Entrance Ceremony. One more thing, Yuzu hopes he could remember Waseda’s school song ASAP. I sense Waseda has already growing on him even he hasn’t been there yet and even he will process college education by E-Learning in Canada, barely will show up at Waseda campus

8. Ravi Walia impressed by Osmond’s successes

9. Kaetlyn Osmond: “I try to engage the crowd.”

10. Young Skaters Attend Skate Canada’s National Development Camp in Toronto

A couple of pictures tweeted by Skate Canada


11. Florent Amodio – An Olympic life and 7 vital minutes at Sochi Games

12. Wagner to seek added help as Nicks scales back: Legendary mentor tells skater he will no longer accompany her to competitions

13. Mao certain to face massive pressure if she tries to retire (A Japanese article in English!)

14. Miki Ando, who comes back with an ice show after an interval of 9 months said, “I am exciting”.

This is an article in “Sports Hochi” in Japan.
Translating to English from Japanese.

In April 17th, Miki Ando appeared to the press conference of the ice show “Art on Ice 2013” (June 1st-2nd, Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo) which was held in Tokyo Metropolitan area.

She showed the determination to skate in this show as the first step of next season which is the Sochi Olympic season and she will face with being conscious as the final season as the eligible.

It is after interval of 9 months that Ando who rested continuously for two seasons skates in the public place. As for next season, she intends to return to competition and she said with smiling, “This show is my first event of new season. I’m exciting because it is after long interval. I hope the audience gets the different impression than before about me, so as to say, ‘she has changed’ or ‘she became like an adult'”.

In this season, she was absent from the competition because of the lack of conditioning such as the coach absence. She disclosed, saying, “Although there were the offers from the various shows, I has lost the opportunity to skate because of my private circumstances”. However, she has continued the preparation to greet next season with the perfect condition, such as practicing with reserving a rink at the midnight when there is not the person.

She is going to train herself skating to the program with participating to the plural shows from now on. She aims at the Japan Nationals which is the qualification event of the Japan representative for Sochi Olympics in the end of this year, but she must participate from the preliminary competition of the local block competition etc. in this autumn, because she is out of the Certified Athlete of JSF. She said, “I hope that everybody enjoy the figure skating not only as a competition but also as an entertainment”. Aiming at the compilation as the athlete, she is going to start.

Olympic Programs News & Rumours

1. Morozov about Daisuke Takahashi: Daisuke is going to make 4 programs: 2 programs (he didn’t say but probably SP & FS) by Nikolai Morozov, 1 FS by Lori Nichol, 1 SP by Kenji Miyamoto. They want to have choice among these programs and choose the best ones.

Just ditch Morozov and learn two programs Takahashi!

2. Paul Poirier tweeted “@PiperGilles Traveling down a different road this season: our new Free Dance will be set to the soundtrack from “Hitchcock.”

3. Duhamel & Radford freeskate: Alice in the Wonderland (Danny Elfman soundtrack from most recent movie)

4. Alexa Scimeca tweeted “@ChrisKnierim and I are so excited to announce our music for the season! Our long is to Ever After and the short is to Papa Can You Hear Me!”

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