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Hi everyone! My apologies for the lack of posts recently. There hasn’t been a lot of news to report.

News Articles

1. Canada’s Top Winter Athletes Assemble For Olympic Excellence Series In Vancouver

Many of Canada’s top skaters have already tweeted about the experience. Friday night the Olympic torch was re-lit. The remaining Canadian Olympic hopefuls will be joining following the last Stars on Ice show in Vancouver.BJ9mTfkCIAIv3_9

2. CNN’s Human to Hero will feature Daisuke Takahashi

Up next: Skating star
Human to Hero next meets Daisuke Takahashi, a figure skater from Japan.
The 27-year-old wanted to be a gymnast as a child, but there was an ice rink near his home — and he has gone on to become Asia’s first male world champion.
Takahashi says he loves to perform for an audience and is hoping to improve on his 2010 Olympic bronze at Sochi 2014

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3. The Other Olympic Gold Medalists

Article featuring some of the lesser known Olympic Gold medalists.

4. Renewed Lipnitskaia getting ready for new heights

5. Can you name one similarity between Figure Skating and Pro Wrestling?

interesting comparison

6. Power And Politics: Political Messages In Figure Skating Programs

7. Yu-Na Kim Tries to Make World A Better Place

Queen Yu-Na is pretty great.

8. Olympians give sneak peek at Stars on Ice

“There is going to be pressure,” admitted Chan, “But I have experienced that before and shown I can handle it by twice successfully defending the world title.” – Yes cause you defended both of them so decisively :-S

9. Figure skater Patrick Chan staying sharp

In fact, he credits an extensive off-ice fitness regimen for giving him an edge on the ice — which has caught the attention of his competitors.

“I think skaters have noticed I’ve had some success with doing a proper off-ice program. So I think a lot of skaters are now picking it up. Funny enough, the world silver medalist this year who came right behind me (Denis Ten), he went and saw my trainer in Calgary. He’s from Kazakhstan and he went all the way to Calgary to see my trainer (fitness guru Andy O’Brien) just to get assessed and get an off-ice program. He had never done any kind of off-ice training, but he saw that’s a part of figure skating that people shouldn’t overlook.”

10.Figure skating champion stars in icy extravaganza with Joannie Rochette, Ashley Wagner and more

Q: You made a comment awhile ago questioning the necessity of competing in an event (the World Team Trophy Championships in Japan). Was there a backlash?

A: There was a bit of a backlash. I said those comments out of frustration. It was a very long season and it was hard to go from Worlds (the World Figure Skating Championship) back into an event. I’ve apologized to the ISU (International Skating Union) and sent them a letter. I let my emotions take over. Everything’s fine.

11. Interview With PJ Kwong

What is WRONG about the sport is the lack of willingness of some to inform themselves correctly about how the sport is scored.  The misinformation is still rampant. The scoring system isn’t that complicated. That said there are aspects that still have to be tweaked and things to be looked at – same sport – different generation. – PJ we should be friends 🙂

Olympics Programs News and Rumours

1. Kiira Korpi SP:Imaginaerum by Nightwish. Kiira would be skating to Imaginaerum by Nightwish for her SP next season, and it would be choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle:

2. Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland have been working on their programs with a British dancer Gareth Woodward. He’s danced for Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Take That and Coldplay. Penny’s tweet: @N_Buckland and I after we finished working with @woodwardgareth on our new programs.

3. Alissa Czisny’s FS – “Gone with the Wind” Choreographed this past season by Marina Zoueva,

Next up: Canadian Stars on Ice review!
Quick preview: Scott & Tessa – Stay 🙂

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  1. Good links this week. It’s fun to look back at some of the programs of the past and think about how things have changed. Especially ice dance!!

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