Figure Skating News (July 8 – 28) Part 2

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Here’s Part 2!

Olympics Programs News and Rumours

1. Kaetlyn Osmond – Short is from Sweet Charity and Long is Cleopatra.
2. Pechalat and Bourzat – SD theme and some of the music – “We built our program with Laurie May Ayivigan, on the theme “Bob Fosse” (with the famous music piece “Sing, Sing, Sing”).”
3. Daisuke Takahashi – SP is to “Sonatina for Violin” by Mamoru Samuragouchi. The Choreographer is Kenji Miyamoto. FS is “Beatles Medley”(Yesterday, Come Together, Friends and Lovers, In My Life and Winding Road). The choreographer is Lori Nichol. new exhibition number is “Time to Say Goodbye,” choreographed by Kenji Miyamoto.
4. Takahiko Kozuka – SP is Unsquare Dance, choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne.
5. Misha Ge – debuted his SP to Albinoni’s “Adagio in G Minor” at a competition in Nanjing, China a couple weekends ago. Here’s a video:
6. Gracie Gold – revealed in her latest blog post that Marina Zoueva choreographed her SP to Gershwin’s “Three Preludes”
7. Ashley Wagner – SP – ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd (choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne) FS – ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by Sergei Prokofiev (choreographed by David Wilson), accompanying article where she discusses her music choices:

“I think anybody that falls that deeply in love, that fast, definitely is a little bit crazy. Especially in the Prokofiev version, you feel the tension and passion as [Juliet] is figuring out what is going to happen to the love of her life. I think that comes across. There’s definitely the drama and intensity that comes along with that crazy love. It’s very different from what I’ve done the past couple of years. The past few seasons, I’ve portrayed strong women. This year, it’s strong music, and the story definitely comes across, but it’s a totally different character.
Shae-Lynn is probably the sexiest woman alive, and I wanted to do a short more on the edgy, sexier side. I went to her for a show program this year, and what she put together (Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”) was awesome. She is such a performer and brings a unique perspective to skating. Working with her has really pushed me; I feel I’ve learned how to perform a little more. That’s what skating needs: competitive programs that are entertaining and fun to watch.”

8. Michael Brezina – Reports he went to Detroit Skating Club in June to work with Pasquale Camerlengo on a new free skate to the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack.
9. Kirsten Moore-Towers and Dylan Moscovitch – keeping their short, a quirky take on Raphael Beau’s Mötley Crüe choreographed by Mark Pillay, and long is choreographed by Pillay to music from La Strada. via this article:

“”We had a meeting with some [Skate Canada] officials, and a lot of judges recommended we keep our short,” Moore-Towers, 21, said. “I am not a fan of keeping programs, so I was adamant.””

10. Margaret Purdy and Michael Marinaro – team is hoping their new programs – a short program set to “Unchained Melody,” and a long program to Casablanca – will contribute to that sophisticated look. Both programs were created by long-time coach and choreographer Alison Purkiss.

“Purdy points to a few additional sources of help. “We’re also working with some dancers and some world champions on our programs to help with presentation and skating skills,” she said, “so we have a lot of people helping us out this year to make us the best we possibly can.” One world champion and Canadian legend has some experience with their long program’s theme. “We’ve been working with Kurt Browning on Casablanca,” said Purdy. “We’ve seen him once so far and we’re going to continue to see him over the summer. We’ve been working on stuff with skating skills and also a lot of the presentation side to the program and the feel, and how we should be acting it. So that’s going to be very beneficial, and it’s already been helping us a lot, making us think about how to go at the program.” via this article:

11. Evan Lysacek – “Black Swan” for the short program, and “Samson and Delilah” for the free skate via this article:

“I have my expectations at the right level and that is what is sort of most important,” he said. “That is what is driving me. I would like nothing more than going to Sochi and defending my title, but I have many tasks ahead of me and can’t get too far ahead of myself.”

12. Evgeni Plushenko – Short program “Taka jakty by the Ukrainian band Okean Elzy, a new and different music, that hasn’t been heard on the ice before. The program starts quietly and builds toward the end.” via this article:

“Following his back surgery and disc replacement in February, Plushenko was off the ice for four months and resumed regular on-ice training only in Italy when the training camp started in June.
The 30-year-old feels that he is making good progress in his recovery from surgery, “but I am not rushing anything,” he pointed out. Plushenko is working on his free program with Staviski and Avdish in Tartu.“The next step is the triple Axel,” he said, meaning that he will work on it in Tartu.”

Competition News

This weekend was Skate Detroit. I normally wouldn’t have reported on this event, but there were so many Canadians competing!

Senior Pairs

Top 6 in SP:
Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN) 70.76 [39.26 TES/31.50 PCS] Zhang/Bartholomay 64.41 [38.81/25.60] Donlan/Speroff 62.06 [35.76/26.30] Leng/LeDuc 61.57 [34.97/26.60] Kayne/O’Shea 61.25 [36.15/25.10] Davis/Brubaker 58.80 [34.25/24.55]

FS: 1-14: Zhang/Bartholomay 116.87, Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN) 113.80, Davis/Brubaker 106.84, Denney/Frazier 105.73, Leng/LeDuc 102.15, Donlan/Speroff 101.75, Kayne/O’Shea 98.49, Calalang/Sidhu 98.23, Lawrence/Swiegers (CAN) 95.68, Purdy/Marinaro (CAN) 94.19, Rau/Rob Schultz (CAN) 89.39, Baga/Toth 81.63, Kemp/King (GBR) 78.74, Bobak/Penasse (CAN) 67.15

Congrats to the Americans. They received some decent scores. Kirsten and Dylan had a solidly clean short and then the free was a bit of a mess. It’s going to be a fight for that third spot at Nationals. Both Lawrence and Swiegeres and Purdy and Marinaro are neck in neck.

Kirsten and Dylan FS:

Paige and Rudy FS:

Purdy and Marinaro:

Senior Ladies

Ladies was divided into groups A and B and then the top 6 of each group went to the final. Our young Canadian ladies did very well in their groups, easily earning a spot in the final

Alaine Chartrand (from FSU: She did 3lutz 3sal combo, 3flip, fell on 3 loop with both arms overhead, 2axel triple toe, second 3 lutz, 3sal double loop, double axel. 106Something)

Gabby Daleman (from FSU: Very ambitious program from Daleman. 3lutz 3toe to open and a 2axel 3toe. She fell I think on her flip and salchow, went for the loop, and doubled her second lutz. 90 point something and behind Chartrand over all.)

And then in the Final they finished 1st and 2nd 🙂

Senior Ladies Final Round (FS)
1 G Daleman (CAN) 104.93 [59.00 TES/45.93 PCS] Polovetsian Dances – landed 3Lz+3T<, 2A+3T<<, 3F+2T+2T, 3Lz turnout, 3Lo, 3S, 2A
2 A Chartrand (CAN) 98.50 [53.78/45.72 -1] Dr. Zhivago – 3Lz(hand?)-half loop-3S, 3F, 3Lo<< fall, 2A+3T<<, 3Lz, 3S+2Lo, 2A
3 Mariah Bell (SW) 90.22 Titanic soundtrack – 3Lz, 2A+3T<< fall, 3S turnout, 3F fall, 3Lz+2T turnout, 3F< fall, 2A [3 falls, -1 costume deduction] 4-12: M Rioux-Ouellet (CAN) 83.52, R Greben (CAN) 82.27, M Steward (CAN) 81.50, K Baga (NE) 80.97, A L Walczyk (EGL) 79.56, K McNeil (CAN) 78.67, C Christopher (EGL) 73.21, C McDonnell (CAN) 69.03, J Grey (CAN) 56.75

I can’t wait to see these two battle it out, not just for the final Olympic spot but for years to come! Finally talented young Canadian ladies!

Senior Men

Final Results: 1-13: G Hochstein 214.75 (134.86 FS), A Rogozine (CAN) 192.92 (128.97), T Dolensky 190.88 (126.35), J Ten (CAN) 190.57 (123.87), R Sadovsky (CAN) 190.54 (128.83), N Nguyen (CAN) 175.89 (112.50), P Parkinson (ITA) 162.52 (99.40), L Kaugars 157.18 (95.74), D Raad 153.07 (101.89), S Davis (CAN) 150.17 (94.00), A Kan (CAN) 137.36 (78.28), R Yacobi-Harris (CAN) 129.79 (89.21), D Rondeau (CAN) 119.18 (76.04) [WD from FS: E Balde (CAN)]

Andrei Rogozine: 4t << and step out, 3a3t, 3s, 3f, 3a from spread eagle step out, 3loop, 2f2t2t, 2a 2a sequence Score: 128.97. 192.92. 2nd
Jeremy Ten: 3a landed somehow, 3lz3t, 3f, 3loop, wonderful landing position, 2a fall out, 2a good, Trip up in otherwise lovely fw, 3lz fall, 3s hand down but very difficult entrance, Well constructed program. Score: 123.87. 190.57. 2nd
Grant Hochstein: 4t fall out but rotated, 4t cross footed landing and fall, 3a good, 3lz
3flip. First rate, indeed, 3 loop. Eek. Saved it, Crowd very much into his program, 3lz2t
3t great, Very good last spin. 134.86 FS, 214.75.

Nationals is going to be a fight in all disciplines for that final spot! There are a lot of young fellows here who could challenge for the final Olympic spot. Andrei has the quad and 3a but is lacking elsewhere and some of these others are struggling with those axels but have much better skating skills and programs and can catch him. Will be interesting!

Short Program Recap:

Highlights from Brian Orser:

“Nam is still working on the triple Axel, and once it is clean, that program will really score well,” Orser said. “He has been growing so much, about 8 inches in the last year and a half.”
The coach thinks training alongside two of skating’s biggest stars, Javier Fernández and Yuzuru Hanyu, at Toronto’s Cricket Skating and Curling Club helps inspire the teen. “It’s great for him,” Orser said. “The first week of July, he got to perform in shows in Japan that Yuzu headlined. I worked with David Wilson to create the opening and closing [numbers] of the show, and part of the deal was Nam and Javi also performed, because I didn’t want to leave them on their own.”
Fernandez’ programs, both choreographed by Wilson, are set, although Orser prefers not to discuss music yet. The Spaniard, already master of the quad toe and quad Salchow, has often talked of adding another quad to his arsenal. “The quad loop is on the radar,” Orser said. “We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes.”
Hanyu set the skating world abuzz by hitting a quad toe followed by several triple Axels — four, by Orser’s count — as an encore for one of his shows. “It was insane,” Orser said. “He is right on track and skating really well. The Japanese star’s programs — a short by Jeff Buttle and free by Wilson — are set, although Orser remains mum on music. “We’ve been working a lot on Yuzu’s transition skating skills,” he said.

And we’ll end there with Brian Orser’s thoughts. Can’t wait for the regular season to start to see his boys rock it!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks, PB. Great to have a summary of what’s up. I think Canada also had some good showings in Jr in Detroit, which is good for the future.

  2. My thoughts:
    – Evan Lysacek is stupid. Plushenko is also stupid. Stop trying to unretire!
    – I think I really like the direction Ashley Wagner seems to be going this year…very excited to see her programs!
    – I am so happy we finally have some female talent in this country! And look at all our little men! Go Canada Go! Can’t wait for the blood bath that will be Nationals!
    – Go Camp Orser! Those are some programs I’m desperate to see!
    And after next weekend I’ll be able to give you my own program update…Katelyn and Paige+Rudy are going to be at Wild Rose.

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