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  1. Scandal As Top Figure Skater Has Child Out of Wedlock

It was recently revealed that figure skater Miki Ando (25), a the former queen of the figure skating world championships, gave birth to a girl in April. She appeared on a VRT interview for Asahi Television’s “News Station” on July 1 and announced that “I decided that I wanted to have a kid as a single woman, gave birth without complications to a baby girl in April and became a mother.” She is not married and would not say who the father was.

There are many rumours circulating that Morozov is the father. According to an article translated via FSU, “Morozov was really surprised to learn that Miki gave birth in April, and asked the interviewer to repeat. He was silent for a long period of time after the confirmation. When asked if he’s the father of the baby, he said first “it’s not possible, and then added, “She didn’t tell me anything”.”

Congratulations to Miki. I wish her all the best. It sounds like this is a difficult and rather complicated situation.

  1. Wagner picks Arutunian to join coaching team

Ashley Wagner announced she has commenced training part time with Rafael Arutunian in Lake Arrowhead, Calif. She continues to train with John Nicks in Aliso Viejo, Calif. Arutunian will accompany Wagner to competitions. “I’m excited for resolution to my coaching situation,” Wagner said. “I scrambled a bit after Mr. Nicks confirmed he would no longer be my travel coach. I’m now thrilled to have two great coaches in my corner. I have no doubt my time with Rafael will benefit my skating as I work toward my goal of making the 2014 Olympic Team.”

  1. Czisny Preparing for One Last Run at Olympic Glory When you think about the upcoming Sochi Olympics, what thoughts and emotions come to your mind?

Czisny: I participated in two other Olympic cycles but failed to qualify, so I would be honored to compete at the Olympic Games in Sochi. At this point, having experienced two injuries and being in the process of recovering and regaining my abilities, I know that I have a long and difficult road ahead of me. But I have not given up on my goals, and I know that I will do everything that I can, with the help of those around me, to reach those goals.

  1. How Scientists are Making Ice Skating Safer

Richards is one of the first scientists to successfully leverage motion capture data to create 3-D simulations. The models help assess athletic ability and decrease the chance of physical injury. “The whole point of what we’re doing is to accelerate their ability to learn these jumps,” Richards says, “We’re decreasing the number of impacts which we hope would have an effect on the long-term health of their lower extremity joints.”

I’m very intrigued by the science behind this. Though it kinda sounds like ‘Ice Princess’.

  1. Ukrainian Judge Handed Two-Year Suspension

I don’t even know what to say on this one. Are we surprised? Judges can manipulate scores just as easy in this system.

Olympics Programs Music and Rumours

    1. It’s rumoured Yuzuru Hanyu will be keeping the same short program for next season. It’s been suggested he’s keeping the program as he broke the world record with it twice last year and is almost guaranteed to keep receiving the same scores. Here’s a clip of Yuzu performing his short last weekend in Japan: 

Also of note: he landed 4t-3a-3a-3a-1a during the finale!!

Nikkan Sports (08/07) Hanyu pulls off a highly-difficult feat

Even though much attention was given to Ando through the show, it was Hanyu who had the audience stunned with his high-level performance. The 2012 All-Japan champion executed a quad toe loop followed by a succession of three triple Axels (3.5-revolution jumps) in the finale. He singled the fourth axel and grimaced in disappointment, as the crowd broke out into uproarious cheers at such an incredibly difficult feat, impossible [to be seen] at competitions.

    1. Pang and Tong: SP: Nocturne from “Lady Caliph” Choreographer: Nikolai Morozov. FS: I Dreamed a Dream from “Les Misérables” Choreographer: David Wilson.
    2. Akiko Suzuki updated her blog: SP: Hymne a L’amour choreographed by Massimo Scali and FS: Phantom of the Opera choreographed by Pasquale Camerlengo
    3. Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Pojevia twitter @WeaverPoje “Come and meet those dancing feet, on the avenue WE’RE taking you to… 42 STREET!!!”


    1. Maia and Alex Shibutani: SD: Michael Buble FD: Micahel Jackson medley, including Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Thriller and instrumental version of Ben 

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  1. I found that CNN article really interesting. It seems like a crazy idea that just might work. The idea that they can play the “What If” game and change body positions makes it really beneficial…it all just depends on if the skater can duplicate the action of the 3D model. If they’re world caliber i guess they should be able to.
    Also, I hope Morozov is the father…sketchy…

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