Figure Skating News (May 13 – 26)

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  1. Biggest news! Pechalet and Bourzat are moving to Shpilband! Final season, they want that Olympic medal.

Big surprise! We’ll see how this works out for them.

  1. Kaitlyn and Andrew interview folling WTT

Very indepth and interesting interview on her injury and recovery.

  1. Duhamel makes triumphant return and From Lively to the Olympics and
  1. Press Release on Denis Ten’s extremely successful shows in Kazahkstan this past weekend (translated from Russian)


May 25 at the Ice Palace “Alau” (Astana) took place on Ice show, “Denis Ten and friends.” The initiator of the show became the stars of figure skating silver medalist at the World Denis Ten. Go out on the ice world stars: Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Irina Slutskaya, Carolina Kostner.

Opened the show People’s Artist of the USSR and Kazakhstan Alibek Dnishev. Kazakh pop submitted Serkebayeva Jamila, a group of “Ringo”, Marjane Arapbaeva, Bauirzhan Isaev, Sundet Baigozhina, Meir Bayneshev. In the leading roles were Nurlan ABDULLIN Sadvakasova and Madina. As co-host were invited Serik Sapiev and Anna Alyabeva.

Directed by show – Ari Zakarian, producer Yevgeny Plushenko and Irina Slutskaya, the organizer of the ice show “Kings on Ice” and “Extreme Ice”. Music producer of the project – Kazakh composer Renat Gysin.

Invite figure skating stars at home – a long-standing dream of Dennis. The project concept is simple: Denis Ten invite friends to show the stars Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan – the stars. Triumphant performance at the World Cup has made this dream a reality. None of the above domestic skaters did not achieve this success. Kazakhstani people deserve to be able to see right now the country’s best figure skater in the glow of international stars.

– I myself have repeatedly acted in various shows, and I always wanted to Kazakhstan were able to see the skaters, who previously only seen on TV. And I had a goal: to show my friends the beauty of our country. More than once I told them about how dynamically developing Kazakhstan. Now they can see it for themselves – says Denis Ten.

Audience saw the classic program skaters and rooms designed specifically for the project with the participation of Kazakh pop stars.

– Stephane Lambiel over many years is the main face of the biggest ice show in Europe «Art tonight». Carolina Kostner performs in his own show, “Opera on Ice.” This is probably one of the most expensive projects in Italy. Caroline is rarely involved in foreign show, and that she agreed to come to us in Kazakhstan – it is a great honor. Irina Slutskaya does not need it, we all know it. Sergey Yakimenko of Ukraine will demonstrate a very dangerous stunt: jumping skating through the car. For his performance Sergey entered the Guinness World Records. We will also feature world champions in ice acrobatics Bessedin Vladimir and Sergei Polishchuk. They are in demand in many of the world’s ice shows – presents his friends Denis.

  1. Hard-working Aaron aims to modernize ‘Carmen’

“I really am working hard,” Aaron said. “I am shooting for Olympic gold, so I am putting everything out there. It is still early, but the plan is to have two in the short program and three in the long.”

I’d like to see all these quads Max, but I highly doubt you’ll get that Olympic program. Also, modernize Carmen?? Wasn’t that just done last year??

Olympic Season Programs and Rumours

  1. Gracie Gold – Article excerpt: “We talked to Gracie Goldon Friday, and she told us her free skate for next year will be The Sleeping Beauty, choreographed by Marina Zoueva and Oleg Epstein. “We’re keeping the short program under wraps a little longer,” she said. Gold’s first competition will be Skate Milwaukee in mid-July.”This choice has a lot of people talking, mostly saying Gracie is no where near artistic enough to pull off Sleeping Beauty. It may be a stretch for her but maybe it’ll help her grow into a better performer. Maybe skating to Sleeping Beauty will make me like her.
  2. Akiko Suzuki’s going to use “La Vie en Rose” for one of her programs, according to this Twitter convo between her, Jeremy Abbott, and Robin Cousins! And Suzuki’s SP is being choreographed by Massimo Scali this week. She will work on her FS with Pasquale Camerlengo next month.
  3. Max Aaron has a “way upbeat” SP choreographed by Pasquale Camerlengo and his FS is “a contemporary arrangement of Carmen [found by Lori Nichol that] … varies between a classic and modern take…”
  4. Jeremy Abbott – Basically I started skating after I saw him perform… This being my last competitive season I just wanted to bring it all full circle… Wanted to work with someone who is… [about] purely skating, he’s gorgeous to watch… and I was hoping to gain a little bit of knowledge from an Olympic champion. We wanted to do a slight homage to Gene Kelly so it’s a lot of footwork… The music is very upbeat, it’s a lot of fun and it’s really exciting… I hope it’s entertaining.
  5. Evan Lysacek – The plan for Lysacek is to come up with a new short program, but he will use Samson and [Delilah] for his free. He had planned on using that music for the free skate last season but never unveiled it in competition because of injuries. – Frank Carroll
  6. Denis Ten – Carroll said [Denis] Ten originally had planned to use his routines from last season — both of which were selections from the Oscar-winning movie, The Artist — for the Olympic campaign, but since they were so successful last season, they felt they had to change gears for this season. Nichol will craft both programs, but the music has not been selected as of yet.

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