Figure Skating News (May 27 – June 9)

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Hello! Hello!

Before I talk about the just released Grand Prix assignments let me update you on the news of the past couple weeks.

News Articles

1. No Looking Back for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir as they Prepare for Olympics

“When we decided on Mahler, it really just fell in our laps,” Moir said. “We heard it once and it felt magical to us. We knew right away that’s what we were going to skate to at the Olympics. This time, it took a fair bit more time and I thought that was great, too. It shows we’re more mature and we’ve been around the block and aren’t going to fall in love with the first thing we hear.

Also, They have now left a door crack open to compete at post-Olympic worlds. “We’ve always believed if you have a chance to win a world championship, you should go,” Moir, the 25-year-old Ilderton native said. “This season is always set up for the Olympics (in February, 2014), that’s the biggest thing in our sport, and the Olympic hangover is real.

I’m very ready to hear their music and see these programs. I expect nothing but greatness for their Olympic programs.

2. For Evan Lysacek the Countdown to Sochi Games is on

About the quad, “It’s such a glamorous thing to talk about since it’s such a dangerous trick and it’s taken our sport to a new level, but a clean program is what skating is about. My focus is on getting that quad in but also doing a clean program and not losing any points along the way.”

Evan, I still don’t believe in this comeback. Show up at Skate America and prove me wrong. Can’t wait to see you take on Denis, Daisuke, Brian, Max and Kozuka there!

3. Dan Thompson named to lead Skate Canada as CEO

Thompson was named to the position by the Skate Canada Board of Directors. “Dan brings a true breadth of knowledge and skills to this leadership role,” said Skate Canada President Benoît Lavoie. “An Olympian himself, Dan understands the requirements of preparing athletes for elite competition. Combined with his marketing and management experience, we have a leader who can truly inspire the organization. We are also fortunate to have found an individual with strong organizational skills at the community level and experience dealing with governance issues at the board table. We are confident that Dan will be a terrific leader both for Skate Canada, and within the Canadian and international sport communities.”

4. Mahbanoozadeh moves on to ‘next chapter in life’

Armin Mahbanoozadeh, the 2012 U.S. pewter medalist and 2010 Skate America bronze medalist, has announced that he will not compete next season and that he is unlikely to compete again. “People are afraid to use the R-word,” he said, laughing. “For now, I’m just saying that I’m not competing this season or any season that I can see in the future.”

5. Rumour: “Today, the Finnish Figure Skating federation announced that Finlandia Trophy will be moved from Valtti Areena, Vantaa, to Barona Areena, Tapiola (Espoo). Ms. Susanna Rahkamo, the president of FFSA, told also that they aim to get Grand Prix status to Finlandia Trophy. When asked if it means that some of the current countries would lose their GP, Ms. Rahkamo answered that ISU and Mr. Cinquanta are planning to add one or two GP events, and they offer to possiblity to Finland and (South) Korea. Ms. Rahkamo also said that there might be a possibility that Finland and France would host the GP event in every second year.”

Interested to see how this panes out. It surprises me the ISU would add more events when it seems they are trying to cut back and save money at others.

6. Sochi 2014 Unveils Olympic Medals

Medals Medals2

I like them 🙂

7. Go For the Gold: Ashley Wagner

“I’m always annoyingly close to a medal,” Wagner said. “For me, I think the difference is the triple-triple. It sets people apart. I think that last season, I waited too long for the triple-triple,” she said. “By the time it came around to do it in competition, I crumbled under pressure. I am not going to allow myself to do that this season.”

Ashley, I love your skating and I hope you can start pulling out these triple-triples but I think your time to reach the top may have past. I’ll be rooting for you next season, prove me wrong.

8. Yuna promises no regreats as Koreans gear up for Sochi

“I won’t be able to compete in Pyeongchang in 2018 but I will prepare hard for Sochi without getting injured and perform without any regrets,” said Kim.

I like how Yuna is saying 5 years in advance that she’s not doing 2018. I can imagine if she wasn’t completely certain on this choice the Korean media would be pressuring her like crazy. However, I don’t doubt they’ll try to change her mind in the next couple years. I think the Olympic medal is hers to loose again in Sochi.

Olympic Programs News and Rumours

1. Ashley Wagner (from above article)World champion ice dancer Shae-Lynn Bourne, will create Wagner’s short program. “I worked with Shae-Lynn for a show program,” Wagner said. “She is just a phenomenal person to work with because she makes the process so enjoyable. Everything in her programs is so intricate and complicated. She makes you a better skater. For my short this year, I want to do a program that is edgy and sexy. No one is better at that than Shae-Lynn.” David Wilson will choreograph her free skate.
2. Nobunari Oda (translated from a Japanese article) Nobunari Oda’s FS has been choreographed by Lori Nichol to Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” and David Wilson will choreograph his SP to jazz music from The Cotton Club soundtrack
3. Mao Asada (translated from a Japanese article) Short: Chopin’s Noctune (as in 2006-7 season) Long: Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 2

That’s all for news! Stay tuned for my look at Grand Prix assignments.


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