Figure Skating News (September 16 – October 5, 2013)

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. I’ve been busy making soufflés (except not actually).

Here’s a quick news update. Next will be a competition update as a fair number of those have happened recently, and are happening this weekend.

News Articles

“I can’t stay quiet,” Olympic hopeful figure skater says of decision to speak out

I applaud Ashley for speaking up on this issue, far few skaters have at this point.

Host nation Russia has been allocated just one place in the men’s singles for Sochi, putting pressure on the injury-ravaged Plushenko, who has not competed since January, to prove he is still capable of skating at the top level. That pressure increased Thursday when Kovtun debuted a short program featuring two jumps with four rotations, an extremely challenging program feature seen as essential for gold-medal contenders.

Hmmm….will Plushenko be able to deliver the goods and earn a spot?? Honestly, he’s had his chance (3 chances to prove himself at the Olympics, and he’s done so marvelously) it’s time to give someone else a chance. I hope these young Russian men can thrive under this pressure and out jump Plushenko this season.

Johnny Weir won’t be going to the Sochi Olympics. At least, not as a skater. U.S. Figure Skating confirmed that the two-time Olympian did not register for the qualifiers for the national championships, where the Sochi team will be selected. The deadline to register was Sept. 1. The three-time U.S. champion can’t get a free pass to nationals, either. Weir has not competed since withdrawing from last year’s Rostelecom Cup, his first major event since finishing sixth at the Vancouver Olympics.

Are we supposed to be surprised by this??? Johnny’s time has long passed. He’s much better off being flamboyant outspoken Johnny Weir off the ice than on.

Now, Lysacek looks to Skate America in Detroit, Oct. 18-20. It’s his only Grand Prix assignment of the season. U.S. Figure Skating said Monday the Lysacek is still scheduled to compete at Skate America…

Lysacek must compete in at least one international competition before the end of January to get the short and long program Olympic qualifying scores.  There are several “B” level competitions in the fall and early winter that he could enter.  “I’m not giving up.  I’m disappointed, devastated at times, but not defeated.  That has been the struggle, to remain optimistic, but I am. “I said I was coming back to competition.  I have done it for all the right reasons.  I love to skate and to compete.”

Unfortunately for Evan it seems he is actually injured. However, I was still highly skeptical he’d make a successful return. At this point I think we can almost say for certain he won’t be back.

About four months ago, Paul Poirier was training a twizzle sequence with partner Piper Gilles when he “caught a little bit of air” and landed on his right foot – sideways. That fleeting miscue had long-term aftershocks. Poirier suffered a fracture dislocation in his right ankle, requiring the ubiquitous Torontonian, Dr. Bob Brock, to insert four plates and 15 screws into the skater’s limb. Dr. Johnny Lau performed surgery on Weaver last season.

Fortunately, they had choreographed their free dance in April, before the injury. “We were able to skate the program before the accident, so we were able to keep visualizing it in our head.” They are skating to the soundtrack from the movie Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, a 2012 comedy-drama that traces the relationship that Hitchcock had with his wife and the lead actress of Psycho.

Their short dance was choreographed after the accident. Poirier watched it come together from the bleachers. “It was really quite a big group effort to get the program together and once he was able to do off-ice, he learned it on the floor,” Gilles said. For their short dance, they use music from Caro Emerald, a Dutch jazz singer whose music has hit the top of the charts in the United Kingdom. The program is very “ballroomy,” Poirier says.

This injury really sucks for this team. Sucks to recover from injury, especially in an Olympic season and sucks to lose so much valuable training time. I’m curious to see what his season brings for them. After a poor showing at Worlds this year let’s see if they can make the Olympic team. My personal choice would be for Paul and Islam to take that spot.

  • Kiira Korpi’s latest injury setback

Article in Finnish:…aiskun/6832667 (Via Google Translate)

Figure skater Kiira Korpi has suffered another setback. Korpi will have to leave at least the beginning of the season competitions between the Achilles tendon in his left leg was found to rupture. It is not yet known if injury requires surgery. MRI scans revealed a partial tear in the left leg of the Achilles tendon.

Sept 26 update via Kiira’s twitter:
“This is the week that my rehab starts to get a little more intense. No surgery needed, yess!!”

As already mentioned, injury sucks, especially in an Olympic season, and even more when you can’t skate to earn your Olympic spot at Nebelhorn (but more on that later)

  • Kaetlyn Osmond injury update (via Kaetlyn’s facebook fan page:

“Hi everyone! I just want to let everyone know how things are going….A month ago, I started to feel pain in my left foot. The MRI results found a “stress reaction” in a bone in my foot. I haven’t been able to skate much and have been in an air cast. I’ve been working with my trainer and have been biking, swimming, and doing Pilates to keep active. I’m happy to say that my doctor just gave me the news that I can return to the ice. My coach and I have made a plan to get me back on track as soon as possible and I’m so excited to get back on the ice!!! Thanks for all the nice messages and words of encouragement.”

I watched Kaetlyn practice for a bit just last week. I’m not sure how long she’s been back on the ice for but from what I saw she was not looking like a potential Olympian. She only tried a few triples and then only landed a handful of them. She did run through her programs, which I thought looked pretty good.  Hopefully she can stay injury free and successfully get those jumps back. Skate Canada is only a few weeks away and based on how some of the young Canadian girls are skating I hope she doesn’t have to worry about her Olympic spot (though Skate Canada is almost guaranteed to send her no matter what happens at Nationals).

In Oberstdorf, after the last Olympic spot had been decided at the Nebelhorn Trophy, another selection took place: the judges’ draw for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

More on Nebelhorn later…

Of note in this draw:

–       no Canadian judge on the Mens panel

–       Kazakhstan also does not have a judge on the Mens panel

–       for the Team Event Russia has a judge in all 4 disciplines while Canada and the US only have 2.

–       BUT of course the nationality of the judges shouldn’t matter 🙂

–       Technical Panel might be more interesting….especially in Ice Dance

Two-time world figure skating champion Kim Yu-na will sit out the upcoming Grand Prix events with a foot injury, skating officials here said Thursday. The Korea Skating Union (KSU) said Kim suffered an injury to her metatarsal on her right foot and could be sidelined for up to six weeks.

Unfortunate but possibly she just didn’t want to do Grand Prix??? Either way, I hope she skates to her potential in Sochi. Based on how she skated in London I think another Olympic Gold just might be hers.

  •  Amélie Lacoste ‏@melipetit Big day today!! Moving day!! Grosse journée aujourd’hui!!! Je déménage! @AirCanada #colorado

Via FSU: I heard this, from a very reliable source that Amelie Lacoste is now training with Christy Krall

A new coach shows Amelie is motivated and has incentive this season to give it all she’s got, all in hopes of making the Olympic team. This could be really good for her, but Amelie is also now in her mid twenties and will a new coach really make that much of a difference. I’m excited to find out!

This is all for the moment. I have large Competition Update posts planned for the rest of the weekend.

Thanks for reading.
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