Go Home Gracie Gold! But also, Nam!! – Skate America 2014

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The skating season has officially begun! I for one am quite excited! But not as excited as I thought I would. This October I am not filled with the same excitement as last season. There’s no Patrick, no Scott & Tessa, no pre Olympic excitement. But alas, it’s the beginning of a new Olympic cycle. Who will seize the opportunity in wake of the many retirements and pair splits?


Nam! I am absolutely thrilled for Nam. He medalled in his first Sr Grand Prix event with a clean FS! It’s not often you add a new jump, a quad nonetheless, to your program and land it cleanly the first time. Plus the 3A is still new, and it’s looking like he mastered it. I love that Brian Orser is finally coaching a young Canadian! Training with the Olympic and European champions has done wonders for Nam’s skating. I hope his luck continues; Nam could very well have a national title in just a few months.

This was a rather disappointing event for the American men. Jeremy! Why?!? You decided to stick around another season for this?? Plus, what’s with the facial hair? And Jason, congrats on the medal but you need some serious jump work if you’re going to succeed.

tumblr_ne1k7jM8Vn1s3blyqo1_r1_1280I don’t think I fully appreciated Tatsuki Machida last season. It was all Yuzu! Patrick! Olympics! Oh my! But this guy is quite good! His jumps are gorgeous! Plus he has a wonderful dramatic and powerful flair but grace and emotion to his skating. I might be a fan.


I hope he gets the love he deserves this season. I know Japan must be mourning the loss of Daisuke Takahashi this season but there are still a number of Japanese men ready to take the spotlight. Tatsuki is one of them! Naturally I prefer Yuzu’s adorable little smile and crazy complex 3A entries but Tatsuki isn’t so bad. I imagine this season will be a fight between these two men.

Ice Dance

I saw the Free Dances of the top 2 American teams. Unfortunately I found them both rather blah. But the Titanic FD, fabulous! Right in the feels!



Have you heard how much I despise Gracie Gold? Because I do. My dislike did not lessen during the summer months. And it turns out I’m not the only one.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.22.47 PM

Also, I love Phantom of the Opera! But this has to be the worst POTO program I’ve seen in a while. Just go home Gracie.

tumblr_inline_ne4dtkErfC1so8t8eThe Russian ladies rocked it! I look forward to seeing Elena Radionova compete senior all season. She is adorable but fierce. I’m a fan! And congrats to Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. After a disappointing couple of seasons she did quite well here. We’ll see how she fares at amongst the Russian squad this season and see if she can find some of earlier success again. Plus the dress for her FS is fab!


I never saw any of the Pairs event, but I heard Kavaguti and Smirnov landed a throw 4 salchow! I looked into it and this isn’t the first time they’ve done so. I think it’s quite an accomplishment coming from a team that was out all last season. They look to be frontrunners for the Worlds podium and I can’t wait to see them and Meagan and Eric battle it out with the quads later in the season!

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