Holy Freakin’ Hanyu! – Yuzuru Hanyu Grand Prix Final FS

I think I am finally at a loss for words. Holy freakin’ Hanyu! I still can’t believe it.

After NHK I compiled a list of achievements Yuzu accomplished at that event. Here’s the list for what Yuzu did this weekend at GPF:

  • Yuzu broke his own WR SP score by 4.62 points
  • Yuzu broke his own WR FS score by 3.41 points
  • Yuzu broke his own WR total score by 8.03 points
Tumblr: hanyuedits


  • Yuzu set the record in the number of world records achieved (10)
  • Yuzu set the record in the number of SELF world records broken (7)
  • Yuzu set the record in the number of consecutive GPFs won (3)
  • Yuzu has won the GPF (3) more times than he’s won individual GP events (2)


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  • 4/5 quads here had a perfect +3 GOE
  • With his current layout, Yuzu can improve his SP WR by only 2.70 points
  • With his current layout, Yuzu can improve his FS WR by 6.31 points
  • Both WR skates here were achieved with only a Level 3 step sequence
Tumblr: hanyuedits


After NHK everyone thought that the FS WR would last for quite a while. The situation in Japan that week was just too perfect – skating on home ice, first clean program in years – of course the judges were going to go with it. When he took to the ice for the FS here in Barcelona I was expecting it to be good, but definitely not THAT good!


Tumblr: iguana012
Tumblr: iguana012


As he was skating I was shaking. I was nervous at the start but then when he landed quad after quad I couldn’t believe it. I was trying to type and text during and my fingers couldn’t form words. I remember yelling at my computer screen a few times. First in excitement, then I believe I said, ‘now land the f**king lutz! and then excitement again. After these two competitions I’m not even sure what jump I’m most nervous for. Last season it was the stupid 3Lz, before that the choreographed 4S fall. This years he’s nailing them all. Holy consistent Hanyu!


Tumblr: iguana012
Tumblr: iguana012


Looking back on the fabulous programs we’ve now seen at NHK and GPF, I think I do prefer NHK more. Largely because it was the first. There was a crazy excitement in the air during the final 3rd of the program and Yuzu got excited after the 3Lz. Plus his reaction at the end was so endearing. That’s what he’s wanted to feel for years now. The FS at GPF this week was different. The jumps were just as good as in Japan but this time there was a calm decisiveness to his skate. Everything was deliberate. He hit every beat, was sharper and even added some new exits to a couple of the jumps (the landing of the 3Lz is my favourite!). This time he ended and it was like, yeah guys of course I’m going to do it again, why’d you ever doubt me. There was none of the excitement from NHK, here he was just calm, cool and collected. Though the #1 hand gesture as he left the ice was classic dramatic Hanyu.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 7.49.29 PM
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After NHK I was in awe of Yuzuru Hanyu and what he had just done. Finally there was that clean FS. This weekend I find myself amazed. That actually happened. He didn’t just skate as good as NHK, he skated better. Was there anyone out there who thought this was a possibility? Congrats Yuzuru Hanyu. Within two weeks you’ve given us 4 skates that will go down in the history books as being some of the absolute best ever.

For the first time since Cup of Disaster in China last season Yuzu got emotional in the Kiss n’Cry. He mentioned how exhausted he’s been and how much pressure he’s been under. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like to be Yuzuru Hanyu right now. I think this makes these two performances even more special. Even with all of that going on he did not put a foot wrong. This new mental strength is insane. A consistent and strong Hanyu is scary.


Tumblr: hanyuedits
Tumblr: hanyuedits


And of course in true Team Orser fashion, the Cricket Club brothers just killed me with their cuteness. Them bowing down to each other while Yuzu was waiting for his marks was so cute.


Tumblr: anniesgifs
Tumblr: anniesgifs


The two of them on the podium was just the sweetest. Such actually good friends and so supportive of each other. With such a friendly rivalry, these two will only continue to get better.




There’s a couple other cute moments I have to mention. First PJ Kwong got a short little interview with Yuzu have the SP and FS. After the FS we got these adorable answers:


Tumblr: hanyuedits
Tumblr: hanyuedits


There was also this adorable laugh during the same interview (I think he’s laughing about breaking the WR again within two weeks):


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Another cute moment was when he fist bumped his mom upon entering the arena before the FS:


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And of course, in typical Yuzu fashion he jumped onto the top of the podium:


Twitter: PhotobySaya


And then this happened during the exhibition, for some weird reason (he was apparently doing parts of Tatsuki Machida’s exhibition to the same music).


Tumblr: iguana012
Tumblr: iguana012


I’ve read a few people discuss, what next? Where does he go from here? With his current jump layout he can only improve that score by another 6.31 points (and a lot of that is his level 3 step sequence!). When asked what he can still improve, Yuzu after both the SP and FS said it’s the step sequence that needs work. After the FS he also said he needs to improve his English because he’s not good enough at it, because when you’re skating that good there’s nothing else for you to improve!


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After the FS Patrick said that he thinks Yuzu’s “pretty much maxed out. What we see today, what we saw at NHK, that’s the best he can do”. I completely disagree (I also have more thoughts on Patrick but I’ll save that for the GPF recap post). Here’s where I think we go from here:
1. Don’t change anything and maintain this consistency. I think this is the biggest challenge and what will solidify him as one of the best ever. These two competitions have been amazing. But now show us this at Worlds. I do think this will be the game plan for the remainder of the season. Now that Yuzu’s tasted what this feels like he’s going to want it every time. The only thing I can see changing is moving the 4T-3T from the SP into the second half. Plus of course, getting level 4 step sequences.
2. Brian said after that the 4Lo will be the next challenge for Yuzu moving forward. We’re not going to see this before next season but it’ll come. Yuzu landed a beauty during a jump-off at the end of the exhibition. Everyone knows he can do it already. With a 4Lo, that’ll be 4 quads in the FS. Plus with those 3A combos – let’s break 400 before 2018!

3. For the Olympic season will we see 4Lz? 5 quads in the FS? It’s insane just thinking about it. But Yuzu is so good at observing and learning from others and pushing himself until he is the best he can be. He is not going to be content staying with this technical content for the next two years. He’s going to do more. He wants to do more. If he can maintain this dominance through to the next Olympics he just might be the best figure skater ever. There are a number of people have already given him this title.

Yuzu’s heading back to Japan now for Nationals. I can’t imagine we’ll see skates like this again, but I’ve been surprised by Hanyu so many times this season already that it just wouldn’t surprise me. ****Japanese friends, I’m almost certain there will not be a live feed of Nationals for us outside of Japan so updates and videos would be greatly appreciated***.

After that Yuzu has a show in Japan and then I’m guessing he’ll be back in Canada until Worlds. A lot of people are assuming he’s not going to 4CC, I would be very surprised if he did. My 3 wishes for Yuzu for the remainder of the season include:

  1. Relax and take a few days off in the New Year. Worlds is a long ways away and I think the excitement of NHK and GPF have really drained him. Just get through Nationals and then relax a little.
  2. Please stay healthy. Reading online people are just waiting for the injuries, because there has never been a season without one but others respond to this by saying this good season is a result of the hardships from last season. Just some good karma at work.
  3. Stay motivated. Brian Orser said that one reason for Yuzu’s success this year is that he loves both of his programs and loves to skate them. Remember that and remember the feeling of skating them clean, because I think there are A LOT of people who have bought Worlds tickets in the past two weeks specifically to see Hanyu.

I’ll be back with more thoughts on GPF in the next week. I actually watched all of the senior events! But I still will probably talk about the Men’s event the most 😊.

Again, thanks for reading!
– Justine Alyssa

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  1. Christianne

    The last pic cracks me up. I am in awe of Yuzuru. And no, I don’t think he’s maxed out, either. (SHUT UP, PATRICK! Go drink some icewine.) Anyway…
    I love, love, love Seimei and have loved Chopin 1 since last season. There was some doubt about whether Seimei was too different, but one thing we all know by now – when Yuzuru loves a program, he skates it so well. Seimei is totally his baby and I knew he would be phenomenal.

    • Justine Alyssa

      I have loved Chopin 1 since the first time I saw it. I’ve written so many blog posts specific to that one program! It took me slightly longer to fall in love with Seimei but I should never have doubted him. It’s an amazing program. You can tell how much he loves it. I think this one means so much more to him than his previous programs. And if that’s why he keeps skating it phenomenally then I won’t complain 🙂

  2. This is amazing. I’d like to know how you were able to compute Yuzu’s maximum score for both his SP and FS, like were GOEs set to +3s all? Thank you! I’m looking forward to more of your blog posts not only about Yuzu but the men’s figure skating events (but honestly mostly about Yuzu <3)

    • Justine Alyssa

      I’ll admit I wasn’t the first to calculate the max scores. But when it came time to find the max SP score for this post I couldn’t find the exact number again and then recalculated it myself. The max score is what you get when you have max PCS (50 in the SP and 100 in the FS), all +3 for GOE and all level 4 for spins and steps. A lot of those points he can still get for both programs came from the lost points on the step sequence (which I’m guessing he’ll be working hard on moving forward!).s
      Yes this has recently become a largely Yuzu based blog (which makes me happy!) but I do still want to blog about other skaters!

      • I don’t quite get the GOEs the skaters get for the step sequences. I’ve seen the detailed judging sheets and there was one row where Yuzu got all +3s from the judges but his GOE was only +2.10 (I think that was for the short program step sequence). Is there a different computation for step sequences? I’m just really confused I’m sorry 🙁 figure skating is such a complex sport for me but that’s the reason why I came to love it. 🙂

        • Justine Alyssa

          Yes the scoring is complex! I don’t even understand it all! I’ve skated and coached and that helps me understand a lot. And now my cousin is currently working her way up the judging ranks and is an excellent source for my technical questions.

          They changed the weight of the GOE’s after 2010. The judges still assign a GOE (-3 to +3) for every element. It used to be then that GOE added for every element. Now it’s still +3 for the jumps, the spins are factored at 0.5 for a max of 1.5 for each spin. The step sequences are 0.5 also, except for a level 4 step sequence which is factored at 0.7 for a max of 2.1. Hope that makes sense! So by Yuzu getting only level 3 on both step sequences he lost points on base value and then lost a few extra GOE points.

  3. And I love hearing him speak English too. 😘 Thank you for all the wonderful posts.

  4. Thank you for your lovely blog recap! I find myself still watching both his sp and fp, two awe inspiring wonderful programs. The mens podium was so cute, Yuzuvier and adorable Shoma! 🙂 But I agree with you on his NHK programs being the best, that raw emotion and thrill from him during the skates. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on the rest of GPF. Patrick is talented skater and I really want to like him but the comments that he makes that can be taken out of context makes me face palm.

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thanks for the comment! I hope this is also the Men’s podium for Worlds! I’m currently working on my GPF recap post. I love Patrick’s skating, it’s gorgeous but I think I’ve finally had enough of everything else. There’s too many things now regarding him that just leave me shaking my head.

  5. I was at the CCIB and everything is still very raw but it wasn’t like a competition, it felt more like, I don’t know, the quintessence of performing. It reminded me of Jorge Donn dancing Bejart’s Bolero. I don’t know what’s next, but the feeling he got is going to stay with him, technically and mentally.

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thank you for the comment! I am incredibly jealous that you were there. The Yuzu I saw live at Skate Canada was just not the same one we’re seeing now. I’m glad to hear that it was still raw and didn’t seem like a competition. Unfortunately that comes across less on the tv. Fingers crossed I can see a repeat live in Boston.

  6. He is such an adorable young man that I can’t believe the same person did that phenomenal achievement! Thank you, it’s enjoyable to me to read about him in English.

  7. Hi Justine,

    I Thank you for being a big fan of Yuzu so that i can read “all about Yuzu the great” here that keeps me coming back here. 😉 Yuzu is on the completely different level both for skating and popularity. I recall what you have expected from Chopin 1 and you event wrote a letter to Brian. I am amazed that everything you have said/projected about the SP come true!!! I want to call you “Yuzu’s Expert” 😉

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thanks again for the comment! I’ve loved Chopin 1 since the beginning and am so happy he’s now seeing success with it. I guess I always knew this day would come. I’m definitely not a Yuzu expert, but I like hearing it anyways 🙂

  8. Hi Justine,

    I’ve watched and been watching Yuzu’s FS with many different languages, and though i think you have already watched this but, this one HD1080P is the clearest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ogYaWflWbM

    Wish you and your family a wonderful holidays!

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