I get to see Yuzu twice this year!! – Grand Prix Assignments 2015/16

EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Yuzu!!!! Yay!!!!!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m excited. Today I found out that I’m going to see Yuzu not once, but TWICE this upcoming season!!! Eeeeeeekkkk!! I have tickets to both Skate Canada and Worlds 🙂 and I am psyched!!

I’ve only seen Yuzu skate live once and that was at 2013 Worlds. This was the event where I first fell in love and one of the reasons why I initially started this blog. Yuzu has grown and improved substantially since then! He’s become a superstar! I can’t wait to see those quads and that speed. I can’t wait to experience Yuzu Mania! I need to buy myself a Japanese flag.

There’s not much substance to this post. I could discuss Grand Prix assignments in detail but I don’t really want to do that. Instead I’ll just talk about Skate Canada and how excited I am to be going this year.

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Seriously, how good is that men’s field!?!?! Patrick and Yuzu together again!! Wow! I’m so excited to see how Patrick fares in his first event back. It’s not going to be an easy start for him, Yuzu is on fire these days. And what about Nam? How’s Patrick going to stack up against Nam? I think it’s going to be a pretty great showdown! And Josh Farris is going to be there too, he’s so pretty. Plus he’s keeping that wonderful Ed Sheeran SP.

I’m excited for Elizaveta! World Champion with a 3A! Plus Ashley! I’m so happy we get Ashley and not Gracie. I love Ashley and absolutely despise the other. This is also going to be the return of Kaetlyn Osmond. Here’s hoping she’s made a full recovery and she’s back in fighting form. I want to see how she fares against Gabby.

World Champion pairs! Can’t wait! Let’s hope Meagan and Eric can keep their momentum going into this season! I would have preferred Dylan and Lubov as opposed to Kirsten and Michael but perhaps seeing them live will make me like them more.

I’m excited we’ll get to experience the debut of Weaver and Poje’s new programs. I want them to be World Champions this year and Skate Canada will be the first step. There’s not much else I’m excited for here. I enjoy Paul and Islam but I’m not too excited yet for anyone else.

Also, in case anyone hasn’t heard Yuzu announced his new FS this past week! He’s skating to music from the Japanese film Onmyoji. I’m very excited by this choice. It’s quite a departure from his usual style. I like that he’s skating to something different and Japanese, not something we’ve heard over and over again for years.  11391749_858201854255679_1406577642247031467_nStay tuned for updates 🙂
I can guarantee I’ll be posting lots this upcoming season.
– Justine Alyssa


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  1. I am sooo glad to know that you’ve got two tickets for Yuzu! I really look forward to your special posts about him from those competitions! Please make sure you bring a big banner for Yuzu!

    • Justine Alyssa

      I’m very excited too! Skate Canada is fast approaching! I’ll be sure to blog all about it.

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