Inside the Mind of a Skating Fan: Liam Firus & Joshua Farris

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During Canadian and US Nationals a few weeks ago I fell in love. I fell in love with two hunky boys with gorgeous skating skills. Both Liam Firus and Joshua Farris very excitedly won bronze medals at their National Championships this year.

I’ve known of Liam Firus for a few years now. I remembered being psyched when he made the Olympic team and I remember his fantastic skating skills. On the other hand, before quite recently, I don’t think I had ever seen Joshua Farris skate before. And I was pleasantly surprised! Both of these boys are extremely good looking. I was a fan at first sight. They have that ‘all American boy next door’ look. It’s super hunky. But beyond their looks, I am the biggest fan of their skating. They are both quite masculine looking and their skating reflects this. It reminds me of Scott Moir. It’s likely they wouldn’t look out of place on a hockey team.

While I am now their biggest fan, I don’t actually know a lot about these two. This makes them perfect candidates for an ‘Inside the Mind of a Skating Fan‘. Today I bring you: Inside the Mind of a Skating Fan: Liam Firus & Joshua Farris.

Liam Firus #1 – 2010 Junior Nationals SP

He looks just like a little Patrick Chan here, just 5 years younger. I wish I was in that audience, I love junior events. I also think Patrick Chan skated this program at some point. He’s so fast and smooth already, gorgeous jumps. Hahahaha!!! That’s one of my favourite trips ever. I just rewounded and watched again. He just got too far back on the blade and down he went. Wow, his edges and basic skills are outstanding. He is still very upright. He could use some more upper body movement but I guess he needs that strong core and stability when his feet are going crazy. Such flow on the landings. He even leaps like Patrick. That’s a really fast spin. I don’t think I have a single bad thing to say about him at this age, such a young talent. I think I would have loved him if I had seen him at this age. He won Jr Nationals this year 🙂

Liam Firus Fun Fact #1: Liam played soccer and figure skated at the competitive level until he was 14. He then decided to hang up his soccer cleats and decided to fulfill his skating dreams instead.

Joshua Farris #1 – 2009 Novice Nationals FS

He’s the leader and the youngest, look at him go! The music is Mars: The Planet, what is that?!? Never heard of it. Why is there an annoying arrow on the screen? He’s so cute. Such a little baby. Wow and flexy too! Nice 3Lz-3T at 14! This program is very dynamic, but not much else is going on. He does have good jumps though. I think he works on his knee bend as he continues, his legs are still rather stiff. He’s also kinda gangly, like most 14 year old boys. That spread eagle into the axel and out; just like Yuzu and straight into my heart. Seriously, he does a biellmann too! Again, I probably should have known that! Still needs some speed on this footwork, but I think that was rather difficult for someone who’s 14. Sometimes he just skates skates skates through this program, not much else going on. But overall, what a great skate! I enjoy that this is my starting point, cause I know he develops this artistry and components in later years.

Joshua Farris Fun Fact #1: Josh is severely allergic to dairy products and as a result of suffering anaphylactic shock at more than one competition he now brings a suitcase of food with him to every competition

Liam Firus #2 – 2012 Junior World Championships FS

Fast! Nice opening. But a hard fall on that axel. I love the dramatic stop and fall into the music. He can really feel the music already. The spin position changes to the music. What music is this??  I love his knee bend. Like an early Patrick Chan, I feel everything is happening with his feet. I don’t like that sometimes he skates with his fingers really spread, it’s a little distracting. Very powerful skating and those triples are solid. But technically, has he really improved in the last 3 years….sorry Liam. And yikes that spin was a struggle. I think you need to work on that camel spin position a little.

The top 4 at this Junior Worlds was Han Yan, Joshua Farris, Jason Brown and Denis Ten. Crazy! And Nam Nguyen was 13! Crazy! I’m hoping Nam beats them all at Worlds! Team Orser Sweep!

Liam Firus Fun Fact #2: Liam’s younger brother Shane skates internationally at the junior level in Ice Dance for Canada with his partner Lauren Collins.

Joshua Farris #2 – 2011 JGP Tallinn FS

He’s grown up a little, I like it. Nice dramatic start. This is intense music. I feel he could use some power on those crossovers. Very nice 3A to start, what a beauty! Now do something else besides crossovers please. He’s just go go go at this point, it’s exciting for sure. But now I just got bored in that footwork. Nice sit pike position, that would be that flexibility coming in handy. He’s a good spinner, I continue to be impressed. He’s trying to emote to me but I’m not quite feeling it, I wish I knew why. He had that axel! Just sat down. His arms look rather odd during his crossovers, it’s weird. I also feel he takes more crossovers to get around the ice than he probably needs to. This music is intense and building and I think he could do so much more with it. And another fall, pull it together. Hold on. Now you’re flailing those arms. This program is just power and a lot of added dynamics but a little disjointed maybe? I didn’t feel he skated to the music well, mostly just all one speed throughout. I know this improves so I don’t mind being critical at this stage.

Joshua Farris Fun Fact #2: On the day between the short and long programs at the 2011 US Nationals, Josh suffered anaphylactic shock and was rushed to the emergency room where he stayed until 3 a.m. He decided to compete in the long program, where he placed a disastrous 21st. It was later learned that he had broken his fibula and sprained a tendon when he fell on a triple axel.

Liam Firus #3 – 2014 Nationals FS

Ugh. Rod Black. But he’s looking dapper. Mention of Brian Orser at the Olympics – ticket to my heart right there. He’s so fast! But not Max scary! All I want is to see him land that axel. This program is mysterious and soft. Does he work on quads? Perhaps that’s a better thing to be working on? It worked for Lambiel. He’s such a good skater. I just want to watch him do edges, just him and Patrick Chan. I’ll watch them do edges for days. That camel spin is better than I’ve seen in the past. Such a charming program. I know I saw this last year…but I can’t remember. The head tilts and hand positions. He’s learned to use his hands for flair! His programs have gotten much better. And he leaps just like Patrick. This footwork is just joy. This is the skating I love and he’s so pretty doing it.

Liam Firus Fun Fact #3: During the fall of 2013 Liam made the move to Colorado Springs to train with Christy Krall. The move paid off and he was named to the Canadian Sochi Olympic team months later.

Joshua Farris #3 – 2013 World Junior Championships FS

He looks nervous and still so young. Such a pretty boy. That was a gorgeous 3A-3T. You could be doing more to this music right now. And quad right into the boards. I think my audio is off…..that’s annoying. He still skates a little awkwardly at times, doesn’t quite look comfortable yet. He is so talented and I can tell he’s working on that other stuff. This program is slightly dull but well constructed. I do love a good spread eagle and his doesn’t disappoint. And an ina bauer, how have I not heard of him before now?? I love so many things! This program is still a little juniorish. He’s so excited. That’s awesome! So cute! A lot of potential at this point. (He wins the Junior World title this year 🙂

Joshua Farris Fun Fact #3: Josh plays the guitar ( *swoon*

Liam Firus #4 -2014 Skate Canada Exhibition (I just can’t get this one to show up here ready to play)

British Eurosport commentators! Love! And I love the red scarf! And French music! Love! Flowers! Love! He’s such a charmer. That 3T looks like it could be a quad, right? Just a casual stroll through Paris. You can hear his edges. Liam, do you sometimes get too into things and trip on your feet? I want flowers from him. I love the leap! There’s not a lot of substance here, but as I’ve mentioned, I’d watch him skate in circles. Technically he is a little weak, it shows in show numbers when he starts to trip up and make mistakes. But boy is this guy the real deal. I’m just hoping he gets those jump issues sorted out. He’s too talented not to make it to the top.










Liam Firus Fun Fact #4: Liam is a  student at Athabasca University, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in finance. He recently passed the Canadian Securities Course.

Joshua Farris #4 – 2015 Nationals SP

This was where I first saw Josh, and fell in love. What a dreamboat. And he’s only 20, so young still. We doubted his Ed Sheeran music choice at the beginning. but boy he rocks it. He feels that music and looks so good doing it. Just simple pure skating. I love the attitude coming out of that axel. This is such Buttle choreography. How did I not know this earlier? Love the moves on the beats. This is choreographed to maximize points. Gorgeous spins. Wow! Russian splits into a spin, that’s cool. I love that lunge knee thing in the footwork. So intense. So good! Wow! This program is  fabulous. And the final jump right at the end. I love  the choreographed exits on jumps. And the ending is so calm. So much love! I can’t stop raving about it.

Joshua Farris Fun Fact #4: Josh’s SP this season to ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran was choreographed by Jeff Buttle (I want Buttle to choreograph for Liam as well!). His ‘Schindler’s List’ FS was largely choreographed by himself.

Both of these boys train with Christy Krall in Colorado and I really want to know if they’re friends. Can you just imagine how hunky those photos would be? I’ve searched the internet and I’ve unfortunately discovered no evidence a friendship exists.

I’ll be cheering for both these boys at the competitions to come!
Thanks for reading!

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