It’s Yuzu’s Birthday!! – 20 Videos for 20 years of Yuzuru Hanyu

Happy 20th Birthday Yuzu!! What an exciting day!

I was trying to think of what to post on this special day and I kinda struggled. I can’t make gifs or video montages or do fancy graphics. Really, I just wanted to lay in my bed and watch Yuzu videos. Then I decided I could definitely do that – as long as I blogged about it!

So to celebrate Yuzu’s special day, I present 20 of my favourite videos to celebrate 20 years of Yuzuru Hanyu!

December 7, 2014 - Happy 20th Birthday Yuzu!  Dear Ice Prince,  Thank God I saw you on tv (that was during the Sochi Olympics). Yuzuru caught my attention the moment he stepped on the ice. The way he skated is really something different. Its beautiful and breathtaking. Plus you gotta see that wonderful smile and that face that says I’m here to be remembered. Been following him since the Olympics up till the Cup of China accident. I just wish you all the best Yuzu. Keep fighting like you’ve always did. Don’t ever lose that smile and determination. Remember we, your fans are always here as well as Pooh (you still have tons of Pooh to receive so never give-up). Goodluck on the upcoming GPF Barcelona (^o^)/ Love you!
1. The video that started it all, and inspiration for this post and the majority of this blog – 2013 Worlds FS:

2. Now let’s go back to the start – 2004 All Japan Novice B:

Untitled3. Am I the only one who sometimes forgets Yuzu is the reigning Olympic Champion: Olympic Medal Ceremony:

4. Remember how cute he was when he found out he was ‘the first’ – Learning he won the Olympics:

5. There were some mistakes in Sochi, but better than any on ice ones was this adorable crash while walking backstage – Backstage Sochi fall:

6. But, without a doubt the best moment of the Olympics and my favourite SP performance of last season:

7. Did you know Yuzu landed the first 4T he EVER tried! Seriously?!?! –  Not sure if it’s the first but it’s Yuzu at 15 landing a 4T:

8. His 3A is my absolute favourite but it wasn’t always this way – Yuzu at 13 working on 3A:

9. And this summer he was landing 4L! –

10. In Japan they often seem to include jump-offs at the end of gala, for some reason Yuzu always wins – 4T3A3A3A sequence:

11. We don’t often get to see Yuzu rock out to some upbeat music, but it does happen occasionally in shows – 2014 TOI Change:

12. And again, this time taking off some clothes and showing some attitude – 2013 SOI Hello I Love You:

13. Apparently sometimes Yuzu like to play up this sex symbol status – No idea where this video is from but the girls are lovin’ it!:


14. Yuzu burst onto the scene with a surprise World bronze medal – 2012 Worlds FS (the British Eurosport guys just love him):

15. Did you know Yuzu was once featured in a Coca Cola commercial (actually fan made, but still fun):

36d3c503168767cbbc2a8f36a220752516. Yuzu’s Parisienne Walkways SP broke multiple WR. The best reaction was #6 on this list, at the Olympics, but a close second was just a few weeks earlier – 2013 GPF SP WR Reaction:

17. Yuzu and Javi, gotta love Team Orser and fan vids: True Friend:

18. My favourite performance of his Romeo and Juliet FS – 2014 Worlds FS (Yuzu in the Kiss n’ Cry is precious):

19. This season has gotten off to a rocky start to say the least. Our first glimpse of his new SP came this past summer and remains the cleanest to date. Love the program! – Dream on Ice 2014 SP:

20. After the ups and downs of NHK Yuzu skated a beautiful number during the exhibition – NHK Trophy 2014 Exhibition:

Thanks for reading and watching!
Let me know how you’re celebrating this special day?

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  1. Happy Birthday to Yuzu!!!!!! And thanks for posting those videos to celebrate his birthday on Japanese time!! 😀
    The little Yuzu at the age of 13 is saying he wants to land two 3As at the game. Now he wants to land three quads!!! (Or two..) 🙂 and FS from Worlds 2013 video shows how strong he can be when he is on the edge, I love it! So he will be okay this year again and will keep growing! Thanks for the fun birthday post! Enjoyed it!! 😉 (that’s what I do for Yuzu’s birthday, follow my favorite Yuzu blogs and enjoy the videos. Haha.)

  2. Thank you for the long post and link collection. Me and my friends celebrate this day by making video subtitle for his exhibition program at NHK. Here is the link:
    I wish you well.

  3. Nice post !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) But the Coca cola commercial thing isn’t true. it’s just fan made. Nevertheless, great collection.

  4. I like Yuzu’s Sexy pose you uploaded! He is sooooo cute. He did it because his fan asked him.. Correct? Such a lady’s man he is! ;-). I did not care men’s figure skate until I found Yuzu in COC. I even didn’t know he was a Sochi’s gold medalist, neither at that time. His is the art, and his passion in his performance is just not of this world. Here, he is like a flying bird;
    I thank his fans and you so much, for uploading Yuzu’s information, which made me easy to closer to him online (at least), Love,

    • Thank you for the comment! He is the cutest, isn’t he? I don’t know the story behind the sexy pose. Whatever the reason, I am a big fan! I am glad to hear your story. I enjoy how his strength and perseverance this season is bringing in new fans. Thanks for the link! I never get tired of watching that SP. Thanks again!

  5. Oh my GOD! I did not know of Yuzuru in Coca Cola’ uploaded in #15! He is the cutest and most adorable creature in this world!!!! He makes my day everyday…. Thank YOU!

  6. Though I am still new to the Yuzuru’s world, if I were asked to pick one from his, it would be the 2012 GPF Nice – Romeo & Juliet that took my heat away that still make me cry and give me goosebumps every time I watch it. I am looking for more about Yuzuru everywhere, and found his 2011 Exhibition “Swan Lake “.
    Just in case if you haven’t watched this yet.

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