Just stopping in to say hello (and please get better Yuzu!)

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the year long absence. Multiple times I meant to write something. Especially when the Olympic season started.

This past year has been crazy. I started coaching skating again (5, sometimes 6 times a week), I moved in with my boyfriend, I got a full-time job that’s actually relevant to what I went to school for, and I got a cat. Somewhere in all that I didn’t get around to posting.

One thing is for certain, my love for skating hasn’t changed. I even flew all the way to Helsinki for Worlds. I was there for Yuzu’s WR FS and 2nd World title. And I was there for Kaetlyn and Gabby’s historic World medals. It was an excellent Worlds, which turned into a month in Europe.

I made it on Canadian TV after Kaetlyn’s FS
Always made sure I travel with Pooh
Men’s Medal Ceremony

I was super excited when the Olympic season began! This is it, this is what the past 4 years have lead up to! But then last weekend happened. The good news is it doesn’t seem like Yuzu’s injury is too serious. After a few weeks off he should be back on the ice and back to training for Japanese Nationals. The Olympics are still months away. I fully believe he’ll be healthy by then. I just hope he’s able to make up for the lack of training. I’ll be wishing him the best and stressed to the max waiting to see what Yuzu appears at Nationals and then in PyeongChang.

One more thing, before the Olympics I will be making the trip to Vancouver for the Canadian National Championships. One final chance to see Patrick Chan, Duhamel & Radford and Virtue & Moir before the Olympics and their assumed retirement.

I don’t know if I’ll get back to posting here much. But I can be found on Twitter. I’m always up for a little Yuzu discussion.


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