Leo FINALLY won an Oscar!! – 10 Best Programs to music from Leonardo DiCaprio movies

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Last night was a very exciting one for me – Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar!!! Woot! Woot! After 22 years and 5 nominations it finally happened. I have loved Leo for 18 years and I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve talked A LOT about Titanic and my love for Leo on one of the other blogs I write for: My Fangirl Life. Check it out for plenty of Leo goodness.


That's right. After six nominations, Leo finally snagged him a little golden statue for his role in The Revenant.


Today to celebrate I provide my list of the 10 Best Programs to music from Leonardo DiCaprio movies: 


10. Han Yan – Romeo & Juliet FS 2015/2016


Let’s start off this list with just one of many programs this season with Leonardo DiCaprio voice-overs throughout! And I love every one of them.


9. Mirai Nagasu – The Great Gatsby FS 2015/2016


I think it’s difficult to put together a decent The Great Gatsby program, but I quite enjoy this one. Has anyone just skated to Young & Beautiful? Because that’s The Great Gatsby program I really want to see (**Note – I just found an exhibition program from Ashley Wagner where she does).


8. Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje – This Bitter Earth FD from Shutter Island 2015/2016


Did you know this song was on the Shutter Island soundtrack? Because I didn’t until I started making this list.


7. Shizuka Arikawa – Titanic FS 2002/2003


This is one of few Titanic programs that existed before this season.


6. Brian Joubert – Inception FS 2012/2013


I don’t particularly remember this program but Inception has some excellent music, more people should skate to it!


5. Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje – Romeo & Juliet Exhibition 2015/2016


I love this program. It’s overly dramatic and an excellent retelling of the tragic tale. Plus Andrew makes a pretty fine Romeo!


4. Alexei Yagudin Man in the Iron Mask FS 2001/2002


This is a classic program and a classic performance. I really don’t think this music has been tackled much since.


3. Elena Radionova – Titanic FS 2015/2016


Obviously, this program this season is a masterpiece. I both love and hate everything about it. “Jack! There’s a boat!”


2. Jorik Hendrix – Titanic FS 2015/2016


The only thing better than Elena’s program is this delight. It’s everything I want and more. I can’t wait to see both Elena and Jorik in Boston!


1. Yuzuru Hanyu – Romeo & Juliet FS 2011/2012


There was a feircness and intensity in young Yuzu when he skated this program that we didn’t see again for a few years. Still every time I hear this music I think of this program.


That’s my Top 10 list! I tried to include as many different movies as I could. I know there are many programs that I left out. What would be on your list??

Congrats again Leo!


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– Justine Alyssa

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  1. Hi Justine,

    Oh! Yuzu’s 2012 Wold FS is the Greatest and Best of All-Time to me. I watched/am watching it countlessly, which is an addiction to me 😉


    • Justine Alyssa

      Thank you for the comment! While I enjoy some of his more recent performances more, there was something special about his FS at Worlds in 2012.

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