Let the figure skating season begin!

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Hello skating friends!

It’s been a long skating-less off-season BUT September is just around the corner.

I apologize for not posting since May. I actually did have plans and ideas. Life and summer just got in the way. But I am back now! And I couldn’t be more excited for the season to begin. We just had the first Jr Grand Prix event and we just got our first glimpse of Yuzu in months (check it out if you haven’t seen his recent performance of White Legend)!

Last season I threw myself into skating 110%! I was getting up early/staying up late to watch events. I was a little too emotionally invested in results. And I got to go to two live events. This season I’ll see how much of that I can repeat. One thing I know for sure, I’m going to Worlds again! On a bit of a whim after a few too many drinks I rather emotionally decided I wanted to go to Helsinki. So we bought tickets to Worlds! Not only do I get to go to Worlds again, I’m going to Finland for the first time!

There are a number of things I’m looking forward to this season. And a number of things I am curious to see play out. Here’s my 5 big questions going into the 2016/2017 season.

1. Can Evgenia Medvedeva maintain her position as Russia’s and the World’s #1?

For a number of years now we’ve seen a Russian teen sensation on the World or Olympic podium, only to have them disappear the next season. What path will Evgenia take this season?? I think Evgenia is the most talented of this bunch and could dominate the field for a few years. I’m a big fan of hers and I hope she continues to succeed. Will she be the one to finally break the curse? I hope so. And on that note, what shape will we see Julia Lipnitskaya, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Elena Radionova and Adelina Sotnikova this season?? I mostly hope Elena has a program I love as much as Titanic last season!

2. Can the Shibutani’s maintain their position as USA’s #1?

Last season was a breakthrough season for the Shibs. After a number of disappointing seasons they found themselves back on the World podium. Largely, I think, to their spectacular Fix You FD. That program is magical. I am so happy I got to see it live multiple times. We still don’t know what the Shibutani’s FD is going to be this season. Will they be able to repeat the magic that was Fix You? Will they still see themselves as the top American team if they don’t? I’m rooting for them, I’ll take Maia & Alex over Chock & Bates any day!

3. Can Nam Nguyen get his act together this season?

One of the biggest surprises this off season was Nam’s split from the Cricket Club. There’s no doubt that Nam had a disappointing season last year. However, and I’ve discussed this plenty already, I don’t necessarily think it was a result of his coaching situation. I hope Nam has adjusted to his height. I hope Nam has worked on his basics. I hope Nam comes back spicy and strong. I don’t want to give up on Nam just quite yet, so I’m really hoping he’s got things figured out this season!

4. What is going to happen with Scott & Tessa’s comeback?

There’s only one big comeback this season and that’s the return of Scott & Tessa. I am a huge fan of these two and have supported and defended them for so many years. But, while I am happy I get to see them skate again, I am incredibly hesitant about their return. Where are they going to find themselves amongst the top teams? Will they be able to take down Papadakis & Cizeron? I really don’t know. I just hope their return isn’t disappointing and I continue to love them as I always have. I don’t want a repeat of the Patrick Chan debacle of last season.

5. What is going to happen with Yuzuru Hanyu this season?

Last season was a roller coaster ride! So many ups and downs and I was far too emotionally invested in all of it. But what’s going to happen now? We have barely seen Yuzu since Boston. We really have no idea what shape he is in going into this season. Is his foot completely healed? Can he jump 4T’s without pain? Is he actually healthy? I hope so! Yuzu broke World Records last season only to finish 2nd at Worlds. Will he be seeking redemption this season? Will he be able to skate at the same level he did at GPF last season? Will he be trying more quads in his programs? Have they figured out how to make him not peak in December? I have no idea. But I will be following these questions all season long. I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready.

What are your big questions heading into this season? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be back with more posts soon!

Till next time,

Justine Alyssa



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  1. Jocilene Souza

    I love your posts , and I agree that this season will be many surprises.
    As for the World Yuzuru was the following morning if performance when I saw him before Seimei noticed that something was wrong ; You know that feeling that something had changed since Chopin .
    In short I do not know if you can handle the emotions this season with Yuzuru , but can not stand running out of track .
    Also love Tessa and Scott and I would not see them decadent , I’m hoping for the best .
    Thank you for the wonderful texts!

  2. Another year coming up, we look forward on the skating events. So much competition. What I enjoy seeing is the outfits that are worn.

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