Let’s look at the positives here – Yuzuru Hanyu Cup of China 2014

Alright, a lot has been said about the Yuzuru Hanyu incident from a couple weeks ago. I’ve discussed it here and here. Instead of continuing to dwell upon the negative I’m going to focus on the number of positives that occurred at Cup of China this year.

Let’s start with the short program. I admit, I did not see this program until almost a week after it happened. I never saw it that day and the collision eventually overshadowed it.

I love Jeff Buttle and I love this program. Yuzu’s previous SP showcased his youthful and loose style. This program does just the opposite. It’s the Yuzu version of Jeff’s SP for Patrick the past couple of seasons. I love the way the complicated steps seem so simple throughout. But in contrast, my favourite part is the frantic style of the footwork. It’s gorgeous.

There were a number of mistakes in this program, possibly due to lack of training (I’ve heard rumours of disputes between Brian Orser and the Japanese Skating Federation concerning Yuzu’s busy show schedule and lack of training time in Canada) but I have no doubt he’ll get the jumps down later in the season. It’s interesting to see he’s changed the order of the jumps, opening instead with the 3A.

Without a doubt the highlight of this program was that 3A. Wow! That spread eagle in and out! Wow! It’s just so easy and so smooth. Full marks, +3 across the board!

I was able to find a fan filmed version of Yuzu’s run through the day of the freeskate. There are a couple of jumps skated through and areas he kinda skips and are not up to his full potential. But through this version I was able to see the beginning of a masterpiece. I know I am going to love this program. Plus the music cuts are great, I love the addition of vocals to Phantom of the Opera.

Of note, we can see there is now a 4T in the second half of this program. This would be the first program where Yuzu tries 3 quads. I’m excited to see this executed. I can’t even imagine how high that technical score will rise.

As well, I absolutely love the extended back edge into the 3A/3S sequence, exquisite with a wonderful dramatic effect.

I’m sure everyone has now seen Yuzu’s FS from this event. We all know it wasn’t so good. I do however have a couple of favourite moments.

The start – ripping off the mask with a dramatic flair! Love it!

When phantom takes away his mask

And of course, the 3A/3S was perfect. Given his injuries I’m surprised he could stand after that collision, let along perform this sequence to perfection. Gorgeous!

That’s all I’ve got. Now I’ll go back to awaiting word on whether or not Yuzu is competing at NHK Trophy next week.

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