Lets Talk Canadian Stars on Ice 2016

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Last Friday night a group of friends and I were lucky to attended Stars on Ice. I have been to Stars on Ice for as long as I can remember and each year they put on an excellent show.

Coming from Boston, there wasn’t much I was excited for. I had just seen the majority of these skaters a month prior. But that didn’t matter. It was live skating and I loved every moment, even though the two people who accompany me on most of my skating adventures couldn’t make it.

I’m going to give a quick review of the show and I think the best way to do that is to go through it one number at a time.

Act I:

Cast: “Set It in Motion (Staten Island Groove)” – I thought the group numbers in general were really well done this year. Let’s give a round of applause to Jeff Buttle. I feel he has really found his niche in choreographing for others. Another general note about the group numbers, I love how Scott & Tessa were featured so prominently throughout, and often had little solos between numbers. Quite often the focus was on them and I for one wasn’t complaining.

Kaetyln Osmond: “Lovefool” – This might have been my least favourite number of the entire show. Kaetlyn skated it decently (I think she did a 2L, which I thought was weird as she just started including 3L in her FS this season), but I think the program overall was quite lacking. It just wasn’t the same caliber as some of the other numbers we were to see.

Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje: “This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight” – This program has really grown on me since I first saw it live at Skate Canada. I’m glad I got to see it in a show setting without the tension and focus of Worlds. These two are brilliant and I think I like them more each time I see them. I also might have been the only person in the arena who clapped for their twizzles. I know my sister wasn’t clapping, for some reason she is not a fan of these two.

Jeffrey Buttle: “Cry Me a River” – I love Jeff Buttle but I didn’t really love this program. I’m not a fan of when he tries to be ‘cool’ in his programs. Sometimes he tries to be fun and sexy and it’s a look I just can’t get behind. Though his spread eagles are to die for.

Joannie Rochette: “Hands to Myself” – I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the past week! I feel Joannie has really blossomed into an amazing skater since she retired. Her musicality has really improved in recent years. This was an excellent program for her; adorable, sexy and so well skated.

Patrick Chan: “Esqualo” – This is the Patrick Chan I love. The tango style really suits him. I enjoyed this far more than either of his competitive programs this season. Though I don’t think he landed a clean jump in the program. Also, I couldn’t help but notice this was designed a lot like a SP, could we be seeing this again in the fall?? I really hope so!



Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje: “Rise Up” – This was a really neat concept. I really enjoyed it. Though you can really see the difference between the dance and pairs teams. The dancers were always in perfect unison whereas Meagan & Eric had to work a lot harder to match.



Elvis Stojko: “Love Runs Out” – I realized when Elvis took to the ice that I was so over Elvis. I just didn’t really care. Also, it’s worth noting that all he did was crossovers in a figure 8 pattern with a ‘trick’ on either end. Yes some of the tricks were cool and he probably got the largest applause of the night, but seriously, there was nothing hard here.

Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford:  “Piano Man” – This was an enjoyable program when I saw it at Worlds and I loved it again here. Meagan skates with such joy and I can’t help but love her for it.

Javier Fernandez: “Luck Be a Lady” – I am so happy I was able to see this program live without tears streaming down my face. This program is so perfect for Javi. It suits him so well and he skates it so well. All that was missing here were the quads, there wasn’t a mistake here and everything else was just as good as he did in Boston. Javi, I can’t help but love you. And comparing him with Patrick, Javi clearly showed why he’s the World Champion.

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir: “What’s Love Got to Do with It” – I don’t remember any specifics from this program other than it was beautiful. Just beautiful skating. They cast a spell on me whenever they skate.



Jeff Buttle, Patrick Chan & Elvis Stojko: “The Sound of Silence” – I only vaguely recall this program. I just remember that it was weird and different and quirky. Definitely something to come out of Buttle’s mind. Love it.




Cast: “Rhapsody in Blue” – Honestly don’t remember any specifics from this program.

Elvis Stojko: “Pieces” – Without the tricks of his previous number there really wasn’t much here. Probably my second least favourite program of the night.

Kaetlyn Osmond: “Wild Horses” – This program was far superior to her previous number! Kaetlyn really is a lovely skater and this program was really beautiful. I just wish she’d be able to get it together and stay healthy and show us what she can do. Until then she’s going to remain my 3rd favourite Canadian lady.

Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford: “Believe” – You could tell this program was still new. It wasn’t as solid as we’ve seen from them. But, Meagan was looking killer in her stretchy! The most interesting thing here was the throw 2A. That’s something we’ve never seen before, could they be preparing for a throw 3A next season? They’ve mentioned they want to increase the difficult of their SP, and with quads not allowed in the SP this seems like their only option.

Kaetlyn Osmond, Joannie Rochette, Tessa Virtue, Kaitlyn Weaver: “Sour Cherry” – What I loved most about this program was the cute red jackets the girls were wearing, I want one.

Jeffrey Buttle “Black & Gold” – While I wasn’t a fan of his first program, this one was excellent. This is the style I really love for Buttle. Though, I may have reached a point where I prefer Buttle’s choreography to his actual skating. Please choreograph for Yuzu again!



Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje “Get Low” – Kaitlyn & Andrew doing hip-hop! Could this be a preview of their SD style for next season? I’m all for it if they go down the hip-hop route, this program was fun and so cool. And I totally think they were able to pull it off. Plus they looked amazing. Andrew is so hunky.



Javier Fernandez “Danny Boy” – I enjoyed this less than his FS and I had already seen this program in Boston but it was still highly enjoyable. Javi is so smooth with his blades, he’s improved so much in the past few years! Plus, I always love when I get to see Javi’s pretty face.

Joannie Rochette: “Gravity” – This program was gorgeous. This is a hauntingly beautiful song and I think she skated to it extremely well.

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir: “Sorry” – Skating to Beiber, could you be any more Canadian!?! Again, like Kaitlyn & Andrew, I love the hip-hop! I’m excited to see programs like this make it to competitive ice. Scott & Tessa looked great and skated even better. They again were everything I love about ice dance. I wish them all the best in their comeback.



Patrick Chan: “Mack the Knife” – Patrick, I’ve seen this program enough times already. I never liked it once. Please get a new SP already (preferably your previous number).

Cast: “Wild Motion (Set it Free)” – I don’t actually remember much about the finale besides being sad it was over.



Now that Stars on Ice has come and gone it’s officially the off season. Boo. I already miss skating. But I do have a number of ideas to keep this blog going throughout the summer. So stay tuned!

Till next time,

Justine Alyssa

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