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A week ago now I was lucky enough to attend Stars on Ice. I can no longer recall how many years I’ve been going to this. We go each year, though we never buy tickets until a couple weeks before. Except that one time we were right on the ice. That was exciting.

The show this year was fabulous, like always. 🙂

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Figure skater Kurt Browning performs at Stars on Ice in Halifax Friday night. (ADRIEN VECZAN / Staff)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

I really enjoyed how the first half paid tribute to 25 years of Stars on Ice history. Kurt skating the exact same Frank Sinatra program as Scott Hamilton, only years later was a really sweet gesture. This program was beautiful. And that back flip! It’s insane Kurt relearned that at 48! Very impressive.

Meagan and Eric’s program was filled with iconic moments from some of Canada’s best pairs skaters. Kaitlyn and Andrew came out rocking the Shae and Vic hydroblading. But possible the best look back was Shawn Sawyer’s tribute to Toller Cranston. I don’t know a lot about Toller, it’s a generational/age thing I think, but Shawn was excellent. This program was a highlight. Shawn has an arsenal of crazy tricks and because of it, he’s a great addition to the cast.

I loved Kaitlyn and Andrew’s ‘I’m Kissing You’ number. This is the type of program I want them to skate. This is the type of program that I think will win them worlds. I think this was a modern telling of Romeo & Juliet. It was powerful and dramatic and so Weaver and Poje. They are a powerful team with a ton of chemistry between the two of them and they need to use this to their advantage. These two deserve to be World Champions and I really hope they can get there. Can this program become their new FD?

11204949_10152782604670936_7641269148071123047_nThere is an ease now to Meagan and Eric’s skating that wasn’t there the last time I saw them. They are relaxed and having fun and still throwing out crazy technical skills. I’ve been rooting for this team for awhile and I’m happy they finally made it to the top. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s Meagan and Eric landing a throw QUAD LUTZ at Stars on Ice practice in Victoria.

Ashley was a delight. I’m a big fan. She wasn’t featured very prominently in the show. But that might be a result of not being Canadian. And Joannie is still a rockstar. Technically it looks like she hasn’t missed a day and artistically she’s continuing to grow and improve. Both girls skate like such ladies compared to the majority of the current crop of young skaters. I just love the quality Joannie and Ashley bring to the sport.

I have always love Jeff Buttle and I always will but I just don’t think he can pull off sexy like some of the other skaters. ‘Uptown Funk’ was fun and really well choreographed and ‘Here’s to Life’ was everything a Jeff Buttle program should be. However, I think I’ve gotten too used to Buttle’s choreography. I spent a lot longer than I should have imagining Patrick or Yuzu skating both of these programs.

11174808_10152744628025936_757895674756040188_nKurt Browning is a Canadian hero. Unlike a number of the people I attended the show with, I didn’t fall in love with skating until after Kurt’s glory days. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciated greatness. Kurt’s basic skating is still fabulous. I don’t know if there’s anyone who can do what he does with a pair of blades. Kurt is pure, elegant skating. Stars on Ice won’t be the same once he decides to retire.

I could have stared at Scott Moir all night (and I did for the majority of it!). Scott and Tessa are everything I love about ice dance. Both of their programs were excellent. The first was the intimate and slow Virtue and Moir that I could watch for hours and the second was loose and sexy and something we aren’t used to seeing from these two. These two still look like their competitive selves and seeing them again just makes me want them to return to the competitive scene. I unfortunately don’t think they ever will, so I guess I’ll have to settle for SOI being my yearly Scott sighting.

11138511_10152786301550936_447783396846324765_nI have a lot of thoughts on Patrick Chan. I think he is a brilliant skater but I do not agree with a number of things he’s said recently. I also have my doubts about his comeback this upcoming season. His programs in SOI were great. I especially loved the Beatles number. He skated it with such power and ease. This program was a style I think really fitted him. But while the skating was great, I think Patrick landed more double jumps than triples in both his programs. This is slightly disconcerting when I compare him to Yuzu and the multitude of quads and triple axels he often displays in shows.

There were a wide variety of group numbers this year – some of which I enjoyed more than others. Hip Hip Chin Chin and Brick House were fun and classic Stars on Ice numbers. I don’t have much else to say, except they were excellent.

I really enjoyed Kaitlyn & Andrew and Meagan & Eric’s duet. It was fun to see Canada’s world podium skaters together and it was fun to see a pairs and a dance team together. I enjoy the elements where they switched partners and how they incorporated both pairs and dance elements.

11152332_10152755673235936_5210100379283334549_nThe Supertramp group number was interesting. I have mixed feelings on it. On one hand, I loved the theatrical aspect. I love live theatre, but it’s something we don’t often get to see in figure skating. The program, however, may have been a little too abstract for the average figure skating fan. It was a great idea and I love that Kurt took a risk in creating it. I loved Scott and Tessa in throughout this. They were the two main stars. I also loved Shawn on stilts. Extremely ridiculous and impressive.

Overall I greatly enjoyed the show. I love getting my live figure skating fix. Now I will anxiously await that day in June when I find out who’s going to be at Skate Canada (**fingers crossed** for Yuzu), my next live event.

Did you get to see the show? Are you going to any shows this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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