My Emotions at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships

Hi everyone, welcome to my second of I think three wrap up posts from my time in Boston. I mentioned at the beginning of my Top 10 Performances post that I wouldn’t get through it without crying. That’s a lie. It’s this post that’s going to make me cry.

I’ve been to worlds 5 times now and each event has been an unbelievable experience. Every time I have my favourites and I cheer for them without measure of a doubt. Each time I jump for joy when they succeed or feel their heartbreak along with them when they do not.

This week I cried a number of times. I was a mess. I was overly emotional. But I wouldn’t change a thing. This is me. This is who I am. I throw myself in 150%. This makes me cry out when my favourite struggles and makes me cry tears of happiness when they do well. I had both this week. I rode an emotional roller coaster from heartbreak to ecstatic in close to 12 hours. I’m sure I got some insane looks from the crowd around me but I don’t even care. This is what makes me who I am.

There are a couple of specific moments I’d like to mention.

I will always remember cheering the absolute loudest I could for both Evgenia and Elena during their FS, largely because they weren’t American. I’m honoured to have been able witness Evgenia win what is hopefully her first of many World titles and break a WR in the process.


As a lifelong Titanic fan I will always remember finally seeing both Elena & Jorik’s FS’s live. Complete with voice-overs I couldn’t handle it. Hilarious and fantastic all at the same time.

I knew Papadakis & Cizeron were amazing but I didn’t realize the extent of their brilliance until their FD. Smooth, romantic, secure and intimate. They remind me of Virtue & Moir in all the best ways. This team is a work of art.


I’ve loved the Shibs all season, and that still stands, but I realized their main draw this year was their fantastic programs. Put back to back with the French you can easily tell where they’re still lacking, whether they have a fabulous program or not. I thought I’d be more emotionally invested in their FD when I finally saw it, but I wasn’t – and I think this is why.

I remember Meagan & Eric bringing me to tears not once but twice. The two of them have detailed their struggles this season and for them to finally put together two of the best programs of their career at the World Championships is outstanding. This was the happiest I was all week. I had almost completely written them off as being able to defend their World title, I’ve never been happier to have been proven wrong.


I will talk more about Yuzu in a separate post but I need to mention him here. Every one knows Yuzu is my #1. I was blessed to get to watch him dominate in practice. The skating and jumps and everything was superb. This continued through to the SP. I was on such a high. This was everything I could have wanted. But then it all came crashing down. I don’t think I will ever make myself watch his FS again, I’ve already lived it once. I then relived it again talking with some of my Japanese friends and on the discussion boards. I was emotional. It still makes me emotional. And then he skated in the gala and I again was reminded of his brilliance and I was crying again. I could watch him skate circles for hours. His 3A is everything. I still think Yuzuru Hanyu is the best skater in the World ❤️



The Canadian team had their share of ups and downs throughout the week. I felt for Nam during practice and again during his SP. He’s just not himself this season and I just really hope he sticks it out. Next season will be a new beginning and I can’t wait to see how he embraces it. I barely even want to talk about Patrick because his comments and lack of a real coach continue to make me mad. I felt for the Canadian ice dancers. Piper & Paul were fabulous in the SD but just couldn’t keep it up and I worry now that Kaitlyn & Andrew will never be World Champions. While Gabby’s performances were a delightful surprise I was extremely sad for Alaine. She’s such a talented girl who has so much to offer. I think a training change might benefit her.


Since I’ve fallen for Yuzu my love for Team Japan has grown immensely. Shoma is a delightful little spitfire who I just wanted to hug after his FS. With every moment my love for little Satoko continues to grow and I feel we were blessed this week by the magnificence that is Mao Asada. Team Japan ❤️.


I remember standing amongst all the Japanese fans for the Men’s FS small medal ceremony and snapping photo after photo of the two Cricket Club brothers being precious together. Their training situation is likely becoming more difficult by the day but I 100% think the respect and admiration these two have for each other is real.

I remember visiting the official hotel on a number of occasions where we caught Shoma & Javi signing autographs while we watched Yuzu sneak in through the back. It was also here we saw the Duhamel & Radford families enjoy a celebratory dinner. And here that we saw a number of the Russian skaters relaxing, Kathy Johnson & David Wilson having drinks and skaters attired for the closing banquet.

For once I have very little qualms or concerns about the scoring. The marks were high, but they have been all season. I thought the American skaters might be over scored, but instead they largely skated brilliant performances and were rewarded for them.


I’m sad that Worlds is over. But not as sad as I’ve been in the past (though that doesn’t mean I’m not crying on the plane as I write this). I know this isn’t the last time. I know I’m going to see these skaters again. I know I’m going to see Yuzu win his second world title. Because Finland really is only a plane ride away.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on Yuzu later this week. I think I’ve finally been able to put everything I’m feeling into words.

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Thanks for reading,
– Justine Alyssa



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