My Skating Story: Brian Orser at the Calgary Olympics

It’s my birthday today!! Happy happy birthday to me!! Yay!

I’m not one to go crazy with celebrations on my birthday so this year I’m commemorating the occasion with a blog post. How is this related to skating you might ask?!?!

I realized a while back that I don’t share a lot about myself on this blog. If you’ve been here recently you know I’m in Canada, recently defended my thesis and that I love Yuzuru Hanyu – but that’s about it. So I decided I want to share my skating story. This is just the first in hopefully a number of posts where I share my history with the sport of figure skating.

Which brings me back to my birthday. Did you know that exactly 28 years ago today Brian Orser skating his FS at the 1988 Calgary Olympics?? I can’t say I remember it, you know being born and such. My mom likes to tell the story of her asking my dad to bring a paper to the hospital on the 21st so she’d know who won the Men’s event. It wasn’t until years later that I made this discovery.

In the years since I’ve fallen for all members of Team Orser. I barely care about the Men’s event at 4CC because Brian Orser won’t be there. I like to think this is a form of destiny. I was born during the Battle of the Brian’s. I was destined to become a big fan.

Now, I remember when Brian Orser used to skate in Stars on Ice but I think that’s the only time I’ve seen him skate (both live and in videos). So to celebrate today I’m going to watch both Brian Orser and Brian Boitano from Calgary and share my thoughts. Though I’m only watching SP and FS because a) I don’t think the figures are on youtube and b) figures are boring.

Brian Orser SP


Why are there lines on the ice, what is this 1988? – That was a nice 1 foot glide – Brian, you’re kinda cute – Cute and surprisingly flexible – Those are some nice bubbles, lol – nice 2A landing – that is one shiny shirt! – good performance and steps here – nice deathdrop! wow, you don’t see those anymore – sing sing sing sing – amazing speed, but I could probably skate these steps – I’m glad for the IJS – was a 2F a requirement? really? – that was a really good and really fun skate – everything is so 80’s – I really don’t miss this judging system.


Brian Boitano SP


Yup, #TeamOrser still – what’s with the 2F, though that was nice – this is actually more of the skating I enjoy watching today – what crazy fast crossovers around the whole ice into an axel, who are you, Patrick Chan?? though Brian here is skating far faster – good spins – this guy might have done well in today’s rules – those deathdrops are spectacular – lol at this footwork – though well balanced program for sure, see less of those today – I want to see 3A-2L combos again.

I’d have Brian Orser in first just based on the SP.


Brian Boitano FS

For some reason unknown to me this is not on youtube? Here’s a different link.

Yay, at least there’s some triples here – though little footwork – so many crossovers – but the jumps are excellent – I think I prefer his SP – he’s more of an artistic skater for sure – I love the spins we see now, except the deathdrop – if they’re doing triples, why the 2F?? – hold your spins – do like the spread eagles and figures throughout – mandatory stop – this is a pretty excellent skate – some eastern European skater will probably skate this program this year – 2nd 3A late in the program is impressive – nice spread eagle, beautiful – lol marching – typical American doing Russian splits – this is an Olympic moment for sure – poor Orser for having to follow this – wow at all the 80’s hair.


Brian Orser FS


So much red – just so much pressure, held on pretty well all things considering – jumps all look so big compared to today – he’s been working on revenge for this moment every day since – he’s a showman, no wonder he loves Javi – Boitano is the Yuzu of the pair – so much two-foot skating – that 3F, aww – points wise he just didn’t get there – sit on that sit spin – mandatory stop – jumps are generally less clean and less solid – prefer both sp’s to this – that was a nice sequence – stop just posing, are you Plushenko? – how many times has he regretted not doing that 3A? – Russian splits, Boitano’s were better, sorry – do some footwork – not bad but I might agree with the results – but good for you Orser for holding it together. so much pressure – after watching this I’m glad he’s working with Yuzu regarding all the pressure he’s under – glad he got some Olympic golds now! – Lol at the commentators saying that he did 1 3A so they’re really equal still, I don’t think that’s how it works – I much prefer numbers to ordinals and this crap – wow he’s so young when he talks.


Thanks for reading! Brian, I’ll be cheering for your skaters in Boston!

But in the meantime, I’m off to drink some wine to celebrate my birthday.
– Justine Alyssa

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  1. Happy Birthday! Go Team BOrser at Worlds and Shoma too!

  2. Thank you Justine for this post. I really enjoyed your post about Brian vs Brian ;0)

    Belatedly Happy Birthday Justine! Hope you had a wonderful day. 😉

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