My Top 10 Favourite Figure Skating Moments of 2014

Today we say goodbye to 2014. As a figure skating fan this year was filled with a number of fantastic highs. Here’s a look back at my Top 10 Figure Skating Moments of 2014!

Before I begin, honorable mentions go to Jason Brown’s FS at Nationals and the internet frenzy that followed, the rise of Papadakis and Cizeron with their gorgeous and romantic FD this season, that moment Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the Olympics and the world (or simply just me) rejoiced.

10. Tatsuki Machida 2014 Worlds and Skate America brilliance – Perhaps I’m a little sad by his premature retirement or perhaps I’m planning a Machida appreciation post but this guy is fabulous! If he had skated like he did at Skate America at the three events that followed, I highly doubt he would be retiring now.


9. Mao Asada Olympic FS Redemption – After such a disappointing SP Mao sought redemption in Sochi and came back with one of her most impressive FS. Arguably the best FS of the night. I remember being in tears. Such an inspiring moment.

8. Worlds Silver Medal by 0.02! – I remember watching the FD from Worlds late at night back in March. Kaitlyn and Andrew skated brilliantly and were so close to that World title! It was such an exciting and suspenseful event, not something we’re used to seeing in ice dance.

7. Canada’s Nationals & Olympic Team selection – Canadian Nationals last January was filled with a number of exceptional performances. Kaetlyn Osmond skated a clean SP and FS (which I don’t think she’s done before?) and received monster scores. Gabby Daleman rose to the occasion and skated brilliantly to show she wanted to go to Sochi. Virtue & Moir gave us an emotional Nationals farewell and Patrick Chan won his 7th National title. Meagan and Eric won another National title and their reaction to the scores was one of the highlights of the event. And as I mentioned back in January, I couldn’t have been happier with who was selected to represent Canada in Sochi. And looking back, I think they all did Canada very proud when they got there.



6. Yuzuru Hanyu Olympic Champion – Remember when Yuzu won the Olympics!?! I still find that crazy! His SP was brilliant and a World Record! And while the FS wasn’t exactly Olympic Champion worthy, I think he has more than made up for it with his performances and determination since.

5. Meagan and Eric (Throw 4S!) & Kaitlyn & Andrew GPF  – The GPF in Barcelona this past December was filled with so many highlights from a Canadian perspective. Meagan & Eric landed that gorgeous throw 4S and showed how you can still technically push the sport. They skated some of their best programs to date and set themselves up nicely for Worlds. Very similar can be said for Kaitlyn & Andrew, they dominated the event, earning scores in the V&M/D&W territory. Here’s hoping for a repeat in Shanghai in March.

Trionfo per Duhamel/Radford nella finale del Grand Prix

4. Olympic Team Event turned out to be so much fun! – There were a number of criticisms of the Figure Skating Team Event in Sochi but I don’t think any of the athletes noticed. Everyone seemed to be having a blast (everyone except Gracie Gold). Seeing all of the athletes cheering and supporting each other in the Kiss n’ Cry was amazing. The amount of sportsmanship and National pride felt during these couple days was something not often seen in this sport.


3. Dominance of Team Orser – This year I fell in love with Team Orser! I’ve loved Yuzu for a couple years now but this year I fell for Javi and the Yuzu & Javi bromance. Team Orser also acquired Nam Nguyen and I’ve loved seeing him ascend to the top of the Jr World podium and now watching his quest for a quad (or two) and a National title. My love for Brian Orser has also grown (remember that time he tweeted at me?). It’s a pretty big deal for one coach to have the European, Jr World, World and Olympic Champion in one season!


2. Yuzuru Hanyu GPF brilliance – Perhaps it’s because this happened just a couple of weeks ago and Yuzu is currently hospitalized but this was easily close to the top of this list. I raved about these programs here and here and I’ve been watching these programs on repeat ever since. Incredibly inspirational! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

1. Scott & Tessa and Patrick Chan and the Sochi Silver Lining – Likely my proudest moment as a Canadian and as a figure skating fan came watching these skaters during the Olympics. There was so much hype surrounding them and pressure to bring home the gold – and both of them failed in doing so. But as I’ve mentioned in previous posts (Thank you Patrick Chan and Thank you Tessa and Scott) an Olympic gold medal does not define Patrick Chan’s career and a silver medal for Scott & Tessa does not diminish the immense effect they’ve had on the sport. Both haven’t officially announced their retirement, who knows what 2015 will bring!

Thanks for reading!
Let me know what makes your list in the comments.

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  1. Thank you and I enjoyed it! Hope Yuzu will be your No. 1 next year. I wanted to share Yuzu’ s beautiful performance here. He really is angel or something not of this world…
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

    • Happy New Year! Thank you for the comment and the link to that performance. I had not seen it before! Yuzu was extremely close to topping this list, in the original draft he was. However, in the end being Canadian and the Olympics came out on top.
      I, as well am hoping for Yuzu to top the list next year! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and him shining at Worlds.

      • Hi! Just want to say that the performance in that youtube link above is actually Yuzu skating to the Japanese song “Hana ni Nare” (by Fumiya Sashida) but the fan edited the video and replaced the original song with “Let It Go”. It goes very well, I must say! But the original Japanese song is still the best. 🙂

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