Yikes I’ve fallen mega behind on this! And it’s not because there was a lack of competitions!

First here’s a look back on the highlights from various Nationals that have happened in the past month.


Yet another Canadian title for both Patrick Chan and Scott and Tessa, both are going for Olympic gold but I don’t think there performances here would have got them those gold medals.

Patrick Chan is amazing; I’ve talked about it a number of times. However, he is lacking technically, and if he skates like he did here, even like in the FS where he was close to being clean, I think he’ll be beaten.  It was nice to see Kevin Reynolds again and I hope all his issues are behind him. He still needs to do a bit of work before the Olympics. I’m guessing he’ll skate the FS for the Team Event so I hope he can start landing clean quads again! Finally, I am thrilled Liam Firus is going to Sochi! I loved him last season and this year he was brilliant! I’m glad Skate Canada is choosing to promote him and his fabulous skating skills over some of the others who can only jump.


Scott and Tessa will always be my favourites. Always. And I will be routing for them and cheering as hard as I can during the Olympics.  Based on the season thus far I really don’t think they’ll get that repeat gold but who knows what will happen on Olympic ice. A clean skate for these two is all I want! Kaitlyn and Andrew are fabulous and I hope they can do very well during the next 4 years. And I absolutely love Paul and Islam and am incredibly happy they’re going to the Olympics. They are a fabulous team and I can’t wait to see them grow.


I love the top Canadian pairs teams and after the SP I couldn’t decide which team I liked more. I’m happy Meagan and Eric won another Canadian title and skated quite well here. I hope they’re still building for Sochi and will be clean there. Same applies to Kirsten and Dylan. I can’t wait to see them clean in Sochi.



I was absolutely thrilled for Kaetlyn Osmond! Having coached a little at her club it’s amazing to have someone you’ve seen at the rink be going to the Olympics! Kaetlyn skated amazingly this week. Many people had their doubts after her injuries and it was great to see her skate so well. I wish her all the best in Sochi! I am also excited for Gabby Daleman; her jumps are fabulous! It’s great to have so many Canadian ladies who are completing these difficult combinations! I was disappointed for Amelie Lacoste. If she had skated well here I would have been happy for her in making the Olympic team. However, after Gabby there was no way Amelie could score high enough. I applaud her for trying everything she could this season. I wonder if we’ll see her back at another Nationals.


I couldn’t be happier with the team we’re sending to Sochi! Go Team Canada!


US Nationals

I was able to watch a large portion of US Nationals, which made me very happy!


Let’s touch on some of the controversy from the Ladies event. I love Ashley Wagner, definitely my favourite American lady. And it made me sad to see her skate so poorly here. However, I completely agree that she should be on the US team. I think some countries need to better outline their Olympic selection criteria because there have been debates on more that one occasion in various countries. The US almost always goes with Nationals standings, which makes this event is extremely rare! But coming into Nationals I think it pretty much known that Ashley and Gracie were going to make the team, maybe there should be a section in the criteria talking about accomplishments and results in the past year. All that being said, I feel so bad for Mirai. She was so happy when she got her result. And I really hope Ashley can use this to motivate her and she skates brilliantly in Sochi.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in the past how I feel about Gracie Gold. Absolutely cannot stand her and while she did skate great it irks me that she won. These people on tumblr have similar feelings.



I was completely surprised by Jeremy Abbott at this event! Where did this clean and consistent Jeremy come from!?!? He skated well and received very high scores, but I don’t think he’d quite get those scores internationally.

Jason Brown! Amazing! I don’t have much else to say except I wish him the best in Sochi. This kid is a star and I hope he works on quads over the summer, with them he’ll be unstoppable!

And poor Max. But alas, just doing really fast crossovers isn’t going to get you to Sochi. The quads were brilliant, but just not enough.


(tumblr became an even weirder place during US Nationals)

Oh Meryl and Charlie. I’ll admit they are rather good, but a perfect 60.00 for PCS is rather ridiculous. I’ve talked about these two on a number of occasions and don’t have much else to say. Apparently the internet likes these two more than Gracie, I couldn’t find much for fun comments.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.26.42 PM

I don’t know a single thing about American pairs and as a result am not even going to comment on them.

Japanese Nationals

So this happened a month ago, probably should have blogged about it then. Especially considering my love for Yuzu!

I was thrilled for Yuzu when I first checked these results! Yes his scores were a little ridiculous here, he would never score that high internationally. He wasn’t even as clean here as he was at GPF. However, he skated extremely well under a large amount of pressure. He seems to be at a good place at this point in the season. I think if anyone’s going to challenge Patrick for Olympic gold it’s going to be this guy. Go Yuzu!



And congrats to  Machida! After a pretty stellar GP season he solidly deserves his silver medal.

And after that the results get a little messy and there was some controversy. Kozuka finally has a spectacular event! Nobu is so close after a very successful season and Takahashi was still recovering and just couldn’t keep up. I didn’t envy the committee who had to chose the Olympic team! Unlike the USFSA, the Japanese selection criteria has been laid out from the start of the season. Based on the criteria, Daisuke completely earns his ticket to Sochi. No this was not his best event, but like what happened with Ashley Wagner a couple weeks later, his impressive competitive history could not be ignored. Still, it’s disappointing for Nobu and Kozuka who were so close. In almost any other country they would have been National champions.


And Nobu officially announced his retirement during the Gala. His reaction was the most adorable.


Japanese ladies was an exciting surprise! Congrats to Akiko! Her FS was flawless and her win was well deserved! Extremely happy for her, at the current moment she looks to be Japan’s best bet for a ladies Olympic medal.

And that leaves Mao. I’ve questioned Mao in the past and after Nationals I worry for her even more. She keeps trying the 3A, sometimes 2 and with an extremely low success rate. A clean Mao without the 3A would be fabulous and podium bound. I don’t think she’ll compete for gold but I hope she can pull things together and make the podium. She does have some of the nicest programs and greatest skating skills of all the ladies.

And congrats to Kanako, her reaction makes me super happy!



Russian Nationals

I couldn’t be happier for Maxim Kovtun at this event! Good for him for beating Plushenko at Nationals, when it mattered most. Things have become complicated since and the Russian Olympic team has still not been named. But congrats to Kovtun on his National title! I would rather him, or anyone else in Sochi over Plushenko. This competition has to leave some doubts in regards to Plushenko, he did not skate well and if it wasn’t for his ridiculous PCS he would have fallen a lot further after the SP.


(I don’t know what I love most about this picture: Plushenko crossing his arms, Kovtun so happy or the creepy Plushenko grinning at me on the banner!)

I love Julia Lipnitskaia and am starting to become a fan of Adelina Sotnikova. I’m very happy they’ll be the two in Sochi. There was some debate as to whether Julia deserved to win instead, but based on European results (more on that to come) I don’t think it really matters. Adelina needed a confidence boost after a rocky couple of seasons. She’s looking consistent again. And Julia is a star, I’m excited for what she brings to the Olympics.


And I don’t have much to say about Russian Dance or Pairs. Volosozhar and Trankov did not compete and Bobrova and Soloviev received ridiculous scores they probably didn’t deserve. That’s about all I have to report.

That’s all for now! I hope to get the post on Europeans up by the end of the week!
Thanks for reading! This post was fun!

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