Now that’s the Yuzu we all know and love! – GPF 2014 Yuzuru Hanyu SP

I was super excited for GPF today! Yuzu! Yuzu! Yuzu!

I’ve talked about Yuzu this season on numerous occasions and I’m sure I will again when I do a full GPF review post. But today I want to focus on the positives. The Yuzu we saw in that SP was the Yuzu we all know and love. The Yuzu from last season.

Yuzu was on today, mistake aside, everything else was absolutely perfect. He was so happy afterwards. I think we all missed that smile.

Every time I see this SP I fall more and more in love with it. Jeff Buttle is just insane. Every note of the music is used, every pause is used, the jumps are timed perfectly. He lands each jump (or is supposed to) of the 3Lz-3T on the perfect beat of the music. The footwork is frantic and fits so well. I love how you can hear edges throughout. This is my favourite SP of the season, by far. Gorgeous.

And this is the first time Yuzu skated it like the World and Olympic Champion he is. He was solid and attune to the music and the mood of the program. That 4T was simply gorgeous and I will never get over how amazing his 3A is. Wow. Back counter in and spread eagle coming out, +3 across the board in my opinion. As someone who’s skated, I can appreciate how ridiculously difficult that is.

In the past Yuzu’s been criticized for his loose, relaxed and often floppy style. This worked extremely well in his SP last season but this program is the complete opposite. And today was the first time I felt he skated it so. He was smooth and in control and more structured than in the past. I’m a huge fan. It’s a more mature style that suits him really well.

Yes Yuzu fell but you might not have guessed so in looking at his scores. Here’s the clever thing with the structure of Yuzu’s SP’s, he gains so many marks hidden throughout that he can loose some and it doesn’t make a huge difference. Also, his PB is 101. 45 – scoring 7 points less with a fall seems like decent scoring to me! Yuzu’s 4T had a GOE of 2.0, 3A had 2.43 (plus second half of program bonus of 0.85). He also gained half a point by doing that 3T on the end of the 3Lz at the end of the program, as opposed to after the 4T. Plus all of his non jump elements were level 4. All of these things raise that score to record breaking levels. It can leave room for a mistake over some of his competitors.

I feel I could gush all day!

Look, he was smiling right after that fall πŸ™‚

A lot can change tomorrow. Fingers crossed he can make it through 4.5 minutes. He’s got a lead, let’s see if it holds. I hope this was the first step back to the Yuzuru Hanyu of last season, I hope tomorrow is the second step.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Yes!!!! πŸ˜€ This is the Yuzu I love!!! It wasn’t aired live in Japan because of the time difference, but so happy to read your blog!!! Already made my day!!!!!!! Yuzu is back!!!! Now fingers crossed for FP!!! πŸ˜‰

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