Reblog: Yuzuru Hanyu: 2015 Year in Review

Hi everyone!

I’ve been trying to decide how I want to recap the past year in the skating world and I wanted to do something Yuzu themed (obviously!) but my 21 Videos from Yuzuru Hanyu’s 21st Year was essentially that. So while I prepare some non-Yuzu themed 2015 recap posts and write my own Japanese nationals (Congrats on 4 Nationals titles!) recap I’m going to share this fantastic post from SportyMags. Unfortunately I don’t think WordPress is going to let me properly reblog the post so instead, here’s the link:

Yuzuru Hanyu: 2015 Year in Review

“Back in January 2015 when I started this blog, my first blog entry was a post about Yuzu’s 2014 year in review and I really didn’t have a good idea of what blogging was all about. Since then I’ve discovered that blogging is actually quite fun, and I really want to thank everyone for visiting my site, and thank you so much for your support! While the skating season doesn’t end on December 31, with the New Year so close, I always enjoy looking back over the last 12 months.   uzu was SO busy in 2015 as you will see reading through this post!!  I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with me!  *Warning – this is a long post, but Yuzu is worth it!”

I’ve loved reading her posts in the past couple months, and funnily enough, I think she only lives a couple hours down the road from me. Yuzu fans unite :-)!!

Tumblr: iguana012

I’ll be back in a few days! Happy Holidays!
– Justine Alyssa

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