So Europeans happened…. – Europeans Championships 2015

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It’s been a couple weeks now since Europeans and for a number of reasons I didn’t get around to blogging about it. Mostly, I realized, I don’t really care for the majority of European skaters. Bring me the Canadians and Japanese any day! But there were a couple things that happened in Stockholm that I quickly want to discuss.

1. Javi, Javi, Javi….

Javi is definitely the best European man but he’s yet to solidly lay it down this season. These scores might get him on the World podium, but not necessarily. He’s just too messy these days and making mistakes late in his programs. Pull it together Javi! I want an Orser sweep! I do prefer him though to everyone else at this event, those Russian men just ain’t doing it for me.

EFSC15 Men Podium 462532976

2. Rad vs Tuk

Worlds is going to be a showdown between Elena Radionova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. They have been skating solidly all season and no one else has come close. Gold and silver will be theirs and the battle between them should be very exciting! Bronze is up for grabs though, I’m hoping for Ashley! She’s on fire this season.

Ladies Podium 462567254

3. Vive la France!

I am loving Papadakis and Cizeron this season! That FD is fabulous! Plus the two of them are gorgeous! Last season they were 15th at Europeans, that is one amazing rise in the standings. I think they are World podium bound (I’m hoping for silver!). Also, it’s interesting to see Cappellini and Lanotte again. This is a better showing than Cup of China a few months ago but they are still not skating like the World Champions they are. Or perhaps, they are skating the same as last season and everyone else just got better? I highly doubt they’ll make the World podium this year.

EFSC15 FD 462479758

4. Upset!

Stolbova and Klimov lost the gold! What?!?!? This was by far the most surprising and exciting result from Europeans. First, Kavaguti and Smirnov skated great and showed they cannot be counted out. And then, Stolbova and Klimov faltered. This is now two competitions recently (Euros and GPF) they’ve lost the gold and two in a row (Euros and Nationals) they’ve had rather lackluster skates in the FS. And did you all see the death stare looks from Ksenia at the end of that FS? Yikes! If this continues the Canadians are a shoe-in for World gold. And Fedor might start looking for a more cheery partner! I am very interested to see how this team rebounds. Are we going to see a different Ksenia and Fedor in Shanghai? I can’t wait to see what happens!

ECFS15 Pairs Podium 462617624

And that’s all I got! Now off to watch my live feed of SD from 4 Continents!
Thanks for reading!

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