Spicy Nam!! – Next Step: Team Orser sweeps the World Podium!

Congrats Nam Nguyen! 2015 Canadian Champion! Spicy!

This thrills me on a number of levels:

1.  Nam has now been Canada’s Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and now Senior Champion! That’s an accomplishment!

2. He won today in a dominating fashion! Clean program!

3. Brian Orser has finally coached someone to a Canadian title!


Nam is a natural talent. In a short time he’s mastered both the 3A and 4S and I’ve seen videos of him landing 4T in practice. Every time he skates I see an improvement. He’s constantly getting better. In the past I’ve said he’s going to be a star and I think that time has now come. He’s a very bright star in Canadian skating. We have a lot of hope for a positive and fruitful future!

Patrick Chan is coming back next season and I look forward to seeing these two compete on a National level. I think Patrick’s going to feel some competition from this teenager. Nam still has some work to do on program components: power and skating skills and flow and interpretation. I have no doubt he will be working on these and he’s in the perfect place to do so.

If Nam skates like this in Shanghai he will do quite well! Team Orser sweep?? Perhaps not yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens soon. Yuzu and Javi need to watch out. Their biggest competition for the next 3 years might be training on home ice.

Congrats Nam! Can’t wait to see you at Worlds!

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