Surgery and Rest – Yuzuru Hanyu Update (December 30, 2014)

Since my last post there’s been an update on Yuzu’s condition. I’m sure most people have already heard, but if not, here’s the most recent information.

Yuzu underwent surgery following his hospitalization this past weekend. The JSF have said the operation was on his urachus, which is a fibrous remnant of the allantois, a canal that drains the urinary bladder of the fetus that joins and runs within the umbilical cord (source). For more information on urachal remnant condition.

The surgery was minimal and went well. Yuzu is now to stay in the hospital for an additional 2 weeks for observation and treatment. He is then to rest and remain off-ice for 4 weeks.

As well, the collision in Shanghai has nothing to do with his recent condition. Though it is likely he’s been in pain for a while and if he wasn’t stubborn and had a National title to defend his condition could have been assessed earlier.

This boy can’t catch a break this season! Goodness! It’s crazy to think of what Yuzu’s had to endure during the past couple months. Here’s hoping he receives all the best treatment and takes the time he needs to recover. Worlds are 3 months away and I hope he’s not thinking that far ahead and trying to rush his recovery. More than anything, he needs to be healthy if he wants to defend his titles in the future. His health is the most important thing and I hope after all of these injuries and setbacks he realizes this.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed follow up on Yuzu and am glad to learn that it was not deadly serious and nothing to do with the COC collision. Yuzu has been on the ice since he was 4 years old, and how difficult it should be for him lying on a hospital bed now… Hope he endures the hard situation and never come back to the ice too early, for we all know of Yuzu’s stubbornness.

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