Happy Birthday Yuzu!! – 21 videos from Yuzuru Hanyu’s 21st year!

Happy Happy Birthday! Yuzu! Yuzu! Yuzu! I hope Yuzu takes some time to celebrate today. Yes he’s preparing for GPF, but on your birthday you need to make time enjoy 🙂 Today I think we have a lot to celebrate. … Continued

Yuzuru Hanyu has a new program! – Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2015

Last week at the Skate Canada Autumn Classic International Yuzu debuted a new program and new costumes and in my post the other day I didn’t even mention it! That’s what today’s for. Here are my thoughts on Yuzu’s program … Continued

Yuzu’s keeping his SP (so let’s rank all of them from last season!)

Hello figure skating friends! It’s been awhile! There is one main reason why I have returned today – there’s Yuzu news! A few months back I wrote a post after the World Team Trophy SP in the form of a … Continued

Tatsuki Machida – Inside the Mind of a Skating Fan

My cousin over at My Fangirl Life has published a series of Listen and Learns, where you listen to a new album along with her, hear her thoughts on each song and learn a couple fun facts. I really like … Continued

3-time National Champion Yuzuru Hanyu! – Japanese Nationals 2014

Congrats Yuzu on your 3rd national title! This past weekend was the All Star Japanese Championships. I wrote the majority of this post a couple of days ago, but Christmas festivities have kept me from posting. Since then a number … Continued

It’s Yuzu’s Birthday!! – 20 Videos for 20 years of Yuzuru Hanyu

Happy 20th Birthday Yuzu!! What an exciting day! I was trying to think of what to post on this special day and I kinda struggled. I can’t make gifs or video montages or do fancy graphics. Really, I just wanted … Continued

Yuzu! Yuzu! Yuzuru Hanyu News!

Hi everyone! I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I promise. I came home from the long weekend to new Yuzu videos! It’s likely a number of you have seen these already, but I thought I’d share 🙂 Grand Prix Assignments … Continued