Let’s talk Nam Nguyen and Liam Firus, because I don’t know if I’ll ever not be bitter

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Alright, it’s been a couple of days since the Men took to the ice at Canadian Nationals and I think I’ve calmed down enough to share my thoughts. After the event I was rather mad at the results, but in … Continued

Top 10 Moments from Canadian (and US) Nationals 2016

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This past Saturday I laid on the couch and watched hours upon hours of skating. What could have been better?!?! This is possibly my favourite day of the year. I was able to watch the majority of Canadian Nationals but … Continued

Inside the Mind of a Skating Fan: Liam Firus & Joshua Farris

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During Canadian and US Nationals a few weeks ago I fell in love. I fell in love with two hunky boys with gorgeous skating skills. Both Liam Firus and Joshua Farris very excitedly won bronze medals at their National Championships … Continued

Competition Update Part 1 (October 5, 2013)

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Competition Update Part 1 Since I’ve fallen so far behind, this post will look at the competitions of last weekend. 1. Skate Canada announced some more International Assignments http://www.skatecanada.ca/en-us/athletes/internationalassignments.aspx Of Note: – Amelie Lacoste has been added to Trophee Eric … Continued