Tatsuki Machida – Inside the Mind of a Skating Fan

My cousin over at My Fangirl Life has published a series of Listen and Learns, where you listen to a new album along with her, hear her thoughts on each song and learn a couple fun facts. I really like … Continued

3-time National Champion Yuzuru Hanyu! – Japanese Nationals 2014

Congrats Yuzu on your 3rd national title! This past weekend was the All Star Japanese Championships. I wrote the majority of this post a couple of days ago, but Christmas festivities have kept me from posting. Since then a number … Continued

Go Home Gracie Gold! But also, Nam!! – Skate America 2014

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The skating season has officially begun! I for one am quite excited! But not as excited as I thought I would. This October I am not filled with the same excitement as last season. There’s no Patrick, no Scott & … Continued

Grand Prix Final 2013

This weekend made me super excited to be a figure skating fan. In every discipline the competition for the Olympic gold medal became even more exciting! Golden Spin of Zagreb This past weekend Yu-Na Kim competed for the first time … Continued