Thank you Tessa and Scott

Today was an emotional day. I don’t think a FD has ever made me cry before.

I’ve said my thoughts on Meryl & Charlie in the past. They are amazing technicians but I’ve never got them. I’m not going to repeat what I’ve said in the past, today is about Tessa & Scott.

This morning Tessa & Scott took to the ice and I realized for the first time that this was likely the last time I’d be seeing these two compete. I started to cry and it continued throughout their flawless skate. By the end I was sobbing. I had no words. I had just experienced something extremely emotional, witnessed something so personal, seen something absolutely magical.

Yesterday in the SD I was nervous – but then they nailed it. Tessa rocked the twizzles! And then their celebration at the end, how happy they were. The results shouldn’t matter, nothing should take away their feelings in that moment. I hope Scott remembers what made him do that little dance.

It might be my Canadian bias but I think Scott & Tessa are going to have a bigger legacy than the Americans. In 10 years I’ll be rewatching their programs from Sochi and I know they’ll give me goosebumps and make me smile like they did this weekend.

10 years ago I went to my first Canadians. The Junior FD was early one morning, the arena was half empty but two little ice dancers brought the crowd to their feet. I remember Scott and Tessa’s FD. I remember everyone being amazed at how good they were at such a young age. You could tell there was something special there:

Later in the week my cousin and I saw the pair in the stands and had them sign our programs. I remember Scott taking his time to make sure his autograph looked nice. Adorable. Also, my mom volunteered at Nationals that year and she remembers a 16 year old Scott being super excited at Rexall Place and only wanting to see the Oilers dressing room. Adorable.

They had something special at that young age. And now there is a connection between the two of them that no other team can rival. They are one. They skate as one.

After Vancouver Tessa & Scott were not happy to keep doing the same thing. They innovated and redesigned themselves every year. In the past 4 years they have skated 4 very different FDs. They pushed themselves with new styles and new elements. It was exciting to watch. The two of them couldn’t be better for the sport.

Scott & Tessa bring an artistic side to ice dance. But with that there’s a calm, a natural ease and lightness. It’s something no other team can achieve. Scott & Tessa are delicate yet raw and determined. Their programs are full of emotion and make you feel something. It’s romantic but strong. Every pose is gorgeous. They have exquisite lines and edges. The best in the world.


Plus, could Scott be a better partner? I believe he’s thinking more of Tessa than himself when they skate. He’s more worried about whether or not she’s ok than what he’s doing. I want someone to look at me the way Scott looks at Tessa. I want someone to kiss my hand like Scott kisses Tessa’s. I want someone to make me laugh like Scott makes Tessa (and maybe one day the two of them will realize they’re actually in love with each other).


I definitely believe the Canadians should be Olympic champions right now, but that’s just one opinion. More importantly, I couldn’t be happier for Tessa & Scott. They’ve struggled through serious injury, failure to get technical levels and silly mistakes in the past. The past two days were perfection. They skated the best they possibly could and as a skating fan we shouldn’t ask for anything more.

No one will ever be able to take these performances away from them, just like no one can ever take away that moment in Vancouver.

Thank you Tessa & Scott.

(again, all photos and gifs are from tumblr. i still have no idea how to make them. thank you Tessa and Scott fans)

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  1. Maria Guerra

    You did it again. Like the ones on Yuzuru and Patrick, a beautiful and poignant post.

  2. Thanks once more, PB, for so beautifully articulating a tribute to the most wonderful ice dancers of this generation. I will so miss them. And I’m so proud of you – excellent writing!

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    I loev these two so very much!
    Check out what Princess Beany has to say about legends int heir own time Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir!

  4. […] them failed in doing so. But as I’ve mentioned in previous posts (Thank you Patrick Chan and Thank you Tessa and Scott) an Olympic gold medal does not define Patrick Chan’s career and a silver medal for Scott […]

  5. I so enjoy reading your skating commentary in general–and I really liked what you wrote to two of my favorite ice dancers. You’ve really captured what makes them so special and why their programs can bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart (the two are related, no?). I’m going to reblog this terrific tribute on my blog ( to share with skating friends.

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    Thanks for writing this!

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