That time I fell in love with Yuzuru Hanyu

Earlier this year I went to Worlds in London and after following the season quite closely I knew who the main men were and was excited to see those I’d never seen before.
During one of the first mens practices Team Japan took to the ice and I noticed this cutie pie (or as my cousin likes to call him ‘an adorable alien’)


I knew who Yuzuru Hanyu was: World Bronze Medalist, holder of the SP world record, current Japanese champion,  so I expected some great skating. But then this happened….


And this….


And you couldn’t help but love this poor fellow. He was having no luck with the jumps and I just wanted to give him a hug.

Next came the SP and I was excited to see this record breaking program live, but then this happened….


And this…..


And my love began to grow.


Practice the next day was similar…


By the time the freeskate came my cousin, aunt, the ladies beside me and myself were all calling him Yuzu and we were cheering him on and hoping for redemption. And then this happened….


And this….


And then I cheered some more as Yuzu collapsed to the ice and almost passed out when he finished.


And then my cousin and I kept a running list of what skaters needed to score to help Yuzu rise in the standings. And while Yuzu didn’t quite make the podium I had a new favourite mens skater.


And since then my love has only grown.

Everything I love about Yuzu
– He’s adorable

– His jumps are gorgeous

– That entry into a triple axel

– That ina bauer

– Collapsing after more than one program

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– Canadian coach and choreographers

tumblr_mu920eo7Fx1rqryl2o1_500 11e0b49b3406fc951c6a21918f77a794
– Winnie the Pooh kleenex box cover (

yuzuru+pooh+bear My Figure Skating Blog
– Team Orser

– Delicate balletic style


Couple things I’m not entirely sure about
– Biellmann spin (that came as a surprise in London)

– Johnny Weir as a costume designer (I’ve read some pretty hilarious comments online regarding this)


And now my favourite videos:

1. 2006 Japanese Jr Nationals FS ( – tiny Yuzu!

2. 2012 Worlds FS ( – breakthrough bronze medal performance

3. 2013 Japanese Stars on Ice ( – Hello I Love You

4. 2013 Finlandia Trophy FS – debut of his new R&J freeskate

5. 2013 Documentary  – Yuzuru Hanyu, the Determination of a Young Challenger (choose CC for English subtitles) – new documentary I was linked to when looking for another. Chronicles Yuzu’s R&J music selection for his FS and his preparations for this season.

I’ll end my long awaited Yuzu post by saying I will be cheering hard for Yuzu to make that Olympic podium this year and I think he has what it takes to dominate this upcoming quad leading to 2018. Yuzu needs bit more time to control those jumps and a little more polish but I think he’s in the right place to achieve this. Go Yuzu!

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  1. I totally agree you you 🙂
    he’s totally amazing, such talent

  2. I love your blog on yuzuru hanyu i agree he is beautiful!!! And so adorable!! so happy for him to have gotten the gold!!!

  3. And where do you find the video where he’s looking for pooh??! @@ would love to see it

  4. And he finally done it. Worlds Figure Skating Champion in Sochi 2014 <3

  5. Wonderful post! Couldn’t agree with you more. Love the photos, gifs and your humor. I’m seeing Yuzuru for the first time at the Olympics and I fell in love with his skating style, artistry and talent before I even got a good look at how adorable he is. I call him an “ice pixie.” 😉 He just has it all. It’s been a very long time since I’ve enjoyed watching a skater this much. Can’t wait to watch him develop even further in the coming years.

  6. Your post made me smile today! 🙂
    So much love for Yuzu and I love your sense of humor! lol. I couldn’t agree with you more on how adorable he is. He is quite stoic in his interviews in Japanese though. He has so many different sides to him and I wonder which one is real Yuzu, but that’s what makes him so interesting to watch. 🙂
    Please keep posting more, I really enjoyed reading your posts!
    Cheers! Xxxx from Japan

  7. Hi again! Just stopped by because this clip of Yuzu reminded me so much of your post! And just wanted to share it. (maybe you have already seen it though)

    I didn’t know he cried after that fall from SP… :'(

  8. that video is great! I hadn’t seen it before, definitely sums up my 2013 Worlds experience. I also didn’t know he cried after the SP 🙁

  9. You’re so lucky to have been to that Worlds! 🙂 How adorable is he with his tears… x

  10. Merja Niemela

    I’ve been at Finlandia Trophy the last 2 times especially watching Yuzu and I was happy to give him a teddy bear both those times ( one was a Moomin). The 1st time he was here in Finland I got really good photos of him and I was thrilled to watch him help the staff clean the ice after the competition. So much fun. And he always had time to greet the fans.

    Merja from Helsinki

  11. Hello!
    I am a fan of yuzuru hanyu of Japan — referring to yuzuru hanyu by chance, it came here.
    It sympathized with the process which took to your yuzuru very much.
    I think that the love over yuzuru is common to the world.
    May I introduce your blog by my Twitter?
    If a reply can be got, I am glad at this thing.

  12. I am so glad! I think that many Japanese yuzuru fans sympathize with your blog to appreciate!
    Forever, let’s aid yuzuru (*^^*)

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  15. There are so many dedicated Yuzuru fans who cannot have enough beauty from Him. Wanted to share their passions to Yuzuru below. He is my addiction as well 😉

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  17. Yuzuru is not only the greatest skater all time, but such a good human being.. so adorable! I think you have already seen this but, just wanted to visit you with something about Yuzuru.

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