Yuzuru Hanyu Update and Reblog: the blame game

Here’s a little update for those who haven’t heard already:

The most recent information on Yuzu is saying: contusion (bruising) in the head, chin, abdomen, and the left thigh. He also has a sprain in his right ankle. It will take about 2-3 weeks for him to fully recover.

Yuzu issued the following statement earlier today: I deeply apologize for causing concern to you all and for all the commotion I caused. I would like to take a good rest and have my injuries cured. As for my schedule, I would like to decide as I see how the recovery goes.

On the other hand Han Yan has been cleared medically and says he’ll skate at TEB in a couple of weeks.

I hope both these boys take the time they need to recover. They’re too young to not take care of themselves.

I think this is a great post that summarizes some of the politics behind the Yuzuru Hanyu/Han Yan incident from Cup of China:

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