There was Yuzuru Hanyu news this week!

Hey everyone! I’m back again! I had wanted to get this up a few days ago, but I just couldn’t find the time. Unfortunately no one wants to pay me to run this blog.

I was highly unmotivated to write something here all summer. But this week I was inspired. We are FINALLY out of the Hanyu drought! Finally we get to see new programs and have an actual update. Finally! It’s been a long 5 months.

In the 5 months since Worlds a few things have happened in Men’s skating. Shoma landed the first 4F in competition. Nathan Chen debuted a 4F and 4Lz SP and Patrick’s teased 4S this season. It’s an arms race. Everyone is equipping themselves with more and more quads! It’s insane. It’s exciting.

And all this time Yuzu’s been in the dark. We’ve had no idea what was going on with him – until this week. Naturally I was worried, as I’m sure many of us Yuzu fans were. How could Yuzu continue to compete with these youngsters? But silly me having no faith.


This week there was an open practice for Japanese media at the Cricket Club. Finally we got to see snippets of his new SP and new FS. And more than that we saw some gorgeous 4Lo and gorgeous 4S and even gorgeous 4T. In the past 5 months I think I forgot just how good that boy is. Everyone is quading all over the place, but Hanyu is the only one with difficult entries and exits and such speed and flow coming out. That 4Lo in the SP sandwiched between spread eagles is to die for. I forgot how beautiful Yuzu’s skating is. And how effortless and gorgeous his jumps can be.

I am very excited by these new programs. Let’s Go Crazy by Prince for the SP and Hope and Legacy composed by Joe Hisaishi for the FS. First, I am excited we get to see a fun and upbeat Yuzu again. I LOVED his SP the past two seasons but I missed the Parisienne Walkways Yuzu. I’m excited we’re gonna see him again. Second, I love that these two programs are so different from each other and so different from his programs last year. I love that he’s continuing to challenge himself with different styles. He also appears to be challenging himself with even more difficult entries. I already know that 3Lz after his ina bauer in the final seconds of his FS is going to give me a panic attack all season. And third, 4 QUADS in the FS! What?!?! That’s gonna be a lot for me to handle this season.


One of the most interesting things we saw this week was a perfect 4T. It was an injury to his inner left foot that made him stop practicing 4T’s before Worlds and then kept him off the ice for months following that silver medal. While Yuzu has said now that he does still feel pain I feel Yuzu might have finally learned that something he was doing was not right. He stayed in Toronto for months this summer and I think he’s more open with his team now about the pain he feels. Here’s hoping everyone keeps an eye on him and that Yuzu doesn’t over-train and make things worse…again. He’s too talented to be this injury prone. The Olympics are coming up, we can’t risk anything!

Last season we saw an unbeatable Hanyu – until Javi put together a perfect Yuzu-style quad and transition filled FS at Worlds. But, it looks like Yuzu is taking it another step further this season. If he can do it and do it well there is no one who can beat him. Javi will need another quad, Patrick needs another 3 quads and those youngsters need a lot more than jumps still.


This season the men are upping the anti. We will likely see 4T, 4S, 4Lo, 4F and 4Lz in the same competition this year. It’s ridiculous. The youngsters are crazy and trying to out-jump Hanyu, but they have forgotten the original crazy. How many times now have we thought Yuzu was insane?? It’s one of the things the make me love him. He’s not gonna let himself be out jumped. So why not add that 4Lo in finally? Why not try 4 quads in a FS? Because you don’t become Olympic Champion and you don’t break World Records without pushing the limits.

How Yuzu performs these programs is yet to be seen. Clean he’s unbeatable. The ridiculous thing is he also might be unbeatable if he completes 80% of his planned content. We’re yet to see what Javi’s bringing this season. And I’m very intrigued as to how he rises to the challenge.


This season is bound to be exciting. High risk equals high reward. And of course, with increased risk there is also increased chance of failure. Worlds could be a disaster or amazing. And I will be there to watch it unfold live again. All I know right now is I was in total fangirl mode this week with the snippets we got. I had really missed this. I really needed this.

I’ll be back after the Autumn Classic for sure, perhaps even before. Yuzu news has me inspired to talk skating again!

Till next time,
Justine Alyssa

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  1. Cherry Anne

    My thoughts have finally been put into words!! Thank you so much Justine Alyssa for this post! This season is definitely going to be insane and exciting. Kinda wish I could go to the Worlds as well! 🙂

  2. Hi! I like reading your posts and I’m glad to get an update about Yuzuru. LOL! Really he’s crazy (last season was the 5 quad challenge and now the 6-quad layout sp+fp). What I like the most about Yuzuru is that he doesn’t like playing it safe, and it’s because of that, that he’s managed to push the sport this far (clearly, the “others” 🙂 have step up their game since Yuzuru’s NHK and GPF performances). Its really exciting to see how much further he can move the sport. 🙂

    My only wish is for him to stay healthy, I also want him to win Worlds again. 🙂

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thanks for your comment! I also love how much he is pushing the sport forwards. Here’s hoping he can stay healthy all season now!!

  3. so excited! wonderful post 🙂

  4. Justine!!! You rocks ! And Yuzuru go crazy!

    Thank you for this most exciting post ro re-conform that Yuzu is always No1 and no one can beat him on the earth!

    Let’s go crazy Yuzu at Montreal !!!!

  5. Thanh you for your post. Do you go to Autumn Classic in Montreal to see Yuzuru skate ?

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thanks for your comment! I unfortunately won’t be at the Autumn Classic this year. It’s just too far away. But I will be making the trip to Worlds!

  6. WhereisSportsmanship

    I don’t understand how you can compare some skaters’ quads to yuzu’s, in particular, uno’s so-called “4F” (which essentially is just a <3.5F (or loop? you can't really tell), too much cheating, his lack of sportsmanship disgusts me so much. And Fernandez's "yuzu-style quads and transition-filled program" ?? You must be kidding. I recommend you to read this article very seriously:

    And I don't even want to mention how Fernandez always cheated on some of his jumps entry. Especially his 4T and 3lz, horrible.

    Honestly, the quality of FS is deteriorating. Would call it a jumping contest in a few years.

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thank you for the comment! I kind of disagree. Yes some skaters quads are not up to the same quality as Yuzu (like you mentioned) and I think if everyone lands them in the same competition we will still see Yuzu on top. While Yuzu still competes skaters will need the entire package to beat him. Jumps alone are not going to do it. I feel Yuzu is pushing the sport both artistically and technically still. I really hope the sport doesn’t become just a jumping contest once Yuzu retires.

      • WhereisSportsmanship

        It’s not about the quality of the quads, yes, different skaters have different quality quads, for example, quads with good/smooth landing vs bad landing, quads with great air position, quads with difficult entry… etc But a QUAD has to be a quad, i.e it has to have four rotations in the air or slightly less than four depending on the nature of the quad. There are actually demonstration videos of different quads provided by ISU, so the skaters should know better than us. You don’t pre-rotate 180 degree on the ice before taking off, that’s not a bad quality jump, that’s a cheated jump, and it’s really unfair to skaters who do their jumps correctly.

        And what makes me kind of sad is, most of the time the so-called “bad-quality jumps” still get a GOE of +1/2, or even +3. These jumps shouldn’t even get recognised in the first place.

        Really hope ISU could do something about it (fat chance though) .

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