Trophee Eric Bompard 2013

Hi everyone!

This weekend was the Grand Prix of France! Possibly my favourite event of the series so far (love me some Yuzu and Patrick!)


This season hasn’t started out too spectacularly for Duhamel & Radford. Last year they came out guns a blazing and were ready to do anything to get on the World podium. This season seems different; they don’t have the same fire as last year. They are tentative and struggling with the technical side, which has always been their strong point. I love this pair and I hope they figure things out. I love their programs this season and am excited to seem them skated to the best of their ability.

Decent skates by Pang & Tong, however his stamina is barely holding up in the FS. But the judges love their style far more than the Canadians and I was actually surprised the Chinese ended up winning this event.

I think this was a pretty good outing for Purich & Tran. Their scores are actually higher than Paige and Rudi have scored this season. I see great potential in this team. All they need is time, and I think that is on their side.


I have so little to say about this event.

Congrats to Ashley. I’m still not a fan of her FS but I’m glad she’s going for the triple-triple at every outing. She’s going to need it and more to get on the Olympic podium.

These young Russians are doing extremely well on the Grand Prix series this season! I have little to say about each of them, but I can’t wait to see which ones make it to Sochi.

And this was another decent outing for Amelie, but I think she’s gonna need a bit more come January to get to the Olympics.


What is there to say about Scott & Tessa that hasn’t been said before? I think these two are still the best in the world and I’m glad they were able to skate very well here, no silly mistakes. However, why can Virtue & Moir not get the highest levels??? This seems like such a silly thing for the reigning Olympic champions.

Also, I’ve read many comments online about their FD this season and the majority of people do not like it. I am by far in the minority. Many also think the judges don’t like the FD and they should mega-rework it or completely change it. While I don’t see them changing the FD I think something needs to be done to bring it up to Olympic caliber. I don’t want them to lose Olympic gold because of levels or an uninspired program.

I love Scott and Tessa and I want them to have all of the success they deserve this season, however, I think they have a lot of work ahead of them.

As well, how unfortunate for Pechalat and Bourzat to be beaten on home ice. I think they are far superior to the Russians and I hope they also can figure some things out in their final season.


Throughout the entire Grand Prix series so far I’ve been complaining that the marks for Volosozhar & Trankov and Davis & White have been ridiculously high. All of these personal bests so early in the season is just ridiculous. However this weekend I realized I’m just slightly biased. When it’s a skater I absolutely adore I am so extremely happy when they break world records.

Patrick Chan this weekend was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I saw Patrick skate a clean long at Nationals a few years ago and it was the best mens FS I had ever seen. Patrick this weekend matched and even surpassed that, I just wish I could have seen him live.

I hope Patrick can keep skating like this. I hope he isn’t going to peak to soon. I hope he can break 300 in Sochi. I hope for so much with him.

Patrick is a rarity in the skating world, someone no one can touch and someone we’re going to miss when he’s gone.

I think Patrick’s 4T is my favourite 4T today (Yuzu is a close second) but Yuzu has my favourite 3A. Goodness his 3A are gorgeous and so easy looking.

This was a good competition for Yuzu, it’s a step up from Skate Canada. I was a little worried for him based on how the other Japanese men have been skating but Yuzu kept his name in the game. His SP was fabulous! Love the music and style of this program so much. Good job Jeff! And disappointing on the quads in the FS but he rallied and nailed the rest of the program, I hope this is a good step for his mental strength. Now please just keep improving and nail these programs at the next 3 competitions, is that too much to ask??

Jason Brown is great. But for some reason I worry that he’ll never get a quad. He has great programs and skating skills and transitions. His programs are quite lovely. As much as I love Yuzu his second mark is a little lacking, especially when he skates between Jason and Patrick.

And that all for today! Next week is the final event, Rostelecom Cup in Russia. I’m excited to see the second Grand Prix appearance for Kirsten & Dylan and Katelyn & Andrew and to see how Tatsuki will finish the series for the Japanese men.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I just discovered this blog and I saw that you actually look at my tumblr posts and translation videos! Thank you very much (I would like you to post the links to any GIFs you use though) ^-^

    • Of course! I will definitely link everything back to your tumblr posts. I had no intention of trying to take credit for things, I just loved all your GIFs and wanted to share them 🙂

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