Trophée Eric Bompard 2015 Recap

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Hey everyone,

Naturally everyone knows what happened in France this past weekend and that the Grand Prix event ended up cancelled. I don’t really want to comment on the events in Paris. I’ve been to Paris, it’s one of my favourite cities and I’m heartbroken for it and everything else devastating in the world right now.

I know skating fans were being criticized on twitter for their responses to TEB being cancelled and I think this was unfair. Everyone’s allowed to grieve in different ways over different things and over multiple things at the same time. Just because someone cares about a sporting event being cancelled doesn’t mean they care about larger world events any less. Figure skating is something positive in my life that can always make me happy, having it affected by the horrors going on right now makes me sad.

I haven’t decided if I agree or disagree with cancelling the rest of TEB. I also haven’t decided how I’d deal with qualifying for the GPF and distribution of points for rankings. Whatever’s decided now I know some skaters will benefit and other’s will not. I know some will claim it unfair, but this is an unheard of circumstance and a decision does have to be made. Perhaps this will lead to a rule for how to deal with this in the future.

I read Piper Gilles’s recap of how the events transpired and I thought it very interesting.

That’s all I want to say on that. Now I want to focus on the skating. Because I watched almost everyone’s SP’s this weekend and I have a bunch of thoughts.


Gracie leads after short with 73.32! a career/season best for Gracie! Let’s keep the good vibes for tomorrow! 2. Julia: 65.633. Roberta: 58.81

Alright, I have been very vocal regarding my opinion of Gracie Gold. I have never been a fan. However, I want to try. I like a lot of things about her skating. Her jumps are some of the nicest in the world, she is beautiful and her programs are really quite good. But there’s just something about her that leaves me feeling nothing. I like that she’s trying to ditch the pretty princess look this year. Her tango SP is excellent. I’m still trying to get over the Ice Queen vibe I get from her, but this is still a work in progress. Congrats on a clean SP, I don’t think you do those very often!

Elizaveta – First: what in the world were you wearing?? What happened to the meshy dresses you’ve been wearing for so long? This was just ugly. Where’s the other half of the dress? Plus isn’t there some sort of rule about excessive use of nude material?? Just yikes! Second: darling, you’re really not skating like the World Champion you are this season. I’ve grown to like you, but you need to start landing some clean jumps. You’re going to be buried at Nationals skating like this. But on the other hand, if SP results stand, this might make her realize how important the SP actually is and you might step it up moving forward.

Julia! I was so happy to see Julia skate well. Plus she actually looked happy out there for the first time in a while. I’m glad she ditched the rainbow dress. She looks much more mature and elegant in purple. I hope this is a step in the right direction for her.

And decent skate for Gabby. I was reading somewhere that perhaps the 3Lz-3T is too difficult for her because her 3Lz is too big and difficult to control at times and instead she might be better going for an easier combo and leaving the 3Lz to be the solo jump. Either way, I wish her luck in not letting the Kaetlyn Osmond spotlight overshadow her at Nationals. Skate Canada has a tendency of forgetting about last years National Champions now that the previous Champions are back.

Also, congrats to random Italian woman! Way to go Roberta Rodeghiero!


I officially think Gilles and Poirier’s SD is the weirdest thing this year. I just can’t get into it. Perhaps it does have something to do with the outfits. I was reading online that some are suggesting the judges aren’t loving their SD this season and they might make some changes. But that’s just rumour and speculation. I was rather surprised they were second after the SD. There program was completely opposite from the Americans. Hubbell and Donohue had a clean, classic, beautiful program and the Canadians were BAM, in your face, far less subtle.

I used to not be a fan of Piper and Paul, but they’ve really grown on me lately. I applaud them for being weird, even if I don’t always get it.


I am so in love with Seguin and Bilodeau. Their SP was just so charming. This pair are so consistent and are really making a name for themselves. They aren’t making many mistakes this season which definitely bodes well. I think they are pretty established as Canada’s #2 so far this season. Unfortunately, they probably had a pretty decent shot of silver here.

Welcome back Volosozhar and Trankov. They skating quite magnificently here. Their SP was something different we haven’t seen from them and I thoroughly enjoyed it. These two have some fantastic elements and when skating clean they can put up some giant scores. However, they’ve been rather vocal about not including any quads or increasing their technical difficulty. They are miles ahead of everyone still artistically and quality wise, so we’ll see how they stack up against some of the other teams doing quad throws or twists when the time comes. Welcome back!


Shoma! Shoma! I said he’d be someone to watch when the season began, and boy was I right. He is making a pretty good splash on the Sr GP for someone right out of Jr. His jumps are solid and consistent and he’s adopted such a point maximizing layout for his SP. Quad and combo in the second half! Sounds like a #TeamOrser layout. Plus, how could I not love the 3A out of a spread eagle. I’ll be waving my Japanese flag for Shoma in Boston. I can’t wait to see him develop, he seems to have it all right now. I’m just hoping he stays Japan’s #2 for another couple years….

Oh Patrick Chan. I don’t even know what to say. This SP was even worse than Skate Canada. The program and performance was excellent (which is apparently what he spent the past year working on) but technically he just doesn’t look as strong anymore. Is the SP just giving him troubles? Was the FS at Skate Canada just a fluke? Do you need a technical coach? Is it a mental/competition thing? If he’s stuck with his 5th place finish moving towards the GPF he might rethink things (see what I said about Elizaveta above!). Once the ruling comes out, I think Patrick will do whatever he can to make it to the GPF, but with a 5th he’s not completely without hope. Yuzu made it with a Silver and 5th last season.

Poor Max, such a disappointment after some fantastic Skate America performances. But please rebound, I’m still rooting for you! Congrats Daisuke Murakami, though unfortunately your rise has coincided with Shoma’s and I don’t think you’ll make it to Worlds yet again this year. And Kovtun, I just don’t know. I like that his SP is more modern and far less serious, definitely more his style. Though his basic skating skills are far inferior to pretty much every other competing male. Totes over-scored there.

I’ve come to the end of my recap and I haven’t even mentioned the best part of SP day.

That award goes to Mr. Brian Joubert. This fabulously unimpressed expression while his skater was on the ice is just perfect. I want to use these all the time.

And finally, while the event was cut short I have read a number of stories where the skaters and Team Leader’s from each country banded together through the difficult times and tried to enjoy the beautiful city of Bordeaux and not let the people behind the attacks win.

My favourites are Team Russia. Just adorable 🙂


Thanks for reading. I’ll be back with updates from Russia in a few days.
– Justine Alyssa

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