Two Years of Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu! – So Let’s Talk About Yuzu and Patrick

Do you remember where you were 2 years ago today? Because on the morning February 14, 2014 I remember being glued to my tv screen watching the Sochi Olympics. And I’m just guessing, if you’re reading this you were also watching the Olympics that day.

Happy Two Year Sochi Anniversary Yuzu!! Two years since Yuzu became an Olympic Champion!

I’ve said I wanted to write a Patrick Chan vs Yuzuru Hanyu post for a while now. And I just haven’t done it. There’s a number of reasons why but I think essentially I don’t want to be mean to anyone. Because while I am a Yuzu fangirl today, I was once a big Patrick fan.

I remember watching the men’s FS in Sochi and being incredibly conflicted. You see, it was in the month or so leading up to Sochi that I really fell for Yuzu. I had been #TeamChan since he beat Jeff Buttle at 2008 Canadians. I’ve loved Patrick and supported him for so many years. But something changed before Sochi. This young Japanese superstar had captured my eye. And while I first saw Yuzu at 2013 Worlds, it wasn’t until months later that I fully gave in and he became my #1. But while Yuzu excited me and I wanted to know if he could do it, I also thought Patrick deserved the title more than anyone. So many different emotions.

I talked a bit about this and how conflicted I was during my two Olympic posts: Thank you Patrick Chan and Yuzuru Hanyu!! Olympic Champion! While a lot has changed since the Olympics, I think a number of the things I said then still apply.

I think what happened that night in Sochi is still what’s motivating both of these boys today. Patrick came back because he didn’t win that Olympic title and wants to give it one more shot. And Yuzu is more determined than ever to prove that he is the best because he knows he wasn’t during that FS in that won him the Olympics.

Patrick, I don’t want to say anything mean but I’m sorry – I have officially moved on. Since Sochi it’s been #TeamHanyu all the way. I never looked back.

Thanks for reading!
– Justine Alyssa


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  1. Christianne

    I’m going to say something mean, if you won’t. LMAO. I’m kidding. Or not.

    I just wish PChiddy was a more gracious loser. I wish he learnt the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”
    I understand that he wants that medal, but trying to downplay everyone else’s talents in order to emphasize his own, is just… arrogant. I hate arrogance.

    • Justine Alyssa

      I always agree with everything you say, especially regarding Patrick’s comments.

  2. Justine, thank you for the wonderful post, and you are so sweet to remind all of us of the biggest day of Yuzu in his life!!!!

    >>> Happy Two Year Sochi Anniversary Yuzu!! Two years since Yuzu became an Olympic Champion!

    You may already see this but just in case here is the TSL interview with Tracy Wilson that is posted on Japanese Figure Skating Blog on Feb 14th. Tracy starts talking about Yuzu from 53:35.

    • Justine Alyssa

      I watched the Yuzu moments already. I really like what Tracy has to say about him!

  3. “Acting was extremely difficult because you have to use words, and move as you speak,”  Hanyu said in a press release , according to a 

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