Where in the world is Yuzuru Hanyu??

It’s been over a month now since I last posted. I’ve been traveling and thesis writing and there simply wasn’t much I wanted to write about. Yes Four Continents happened and yes Denis Ten and Josh Farris were awesome but other than that I haven’t been inspired.

But now we’re in the week leading up to Worlds and everyone is getting excited. I just have one question: Where in the world is Yuzuru Hanyu??

I’m sure we all remember those great performances at Nationals back in December and the hospital trip and surgery that followed. But since then the updates have been quite lacking. He was released from the hospital a while back and then suffered an ankle injury. The news is lacking (and sometimes contradictory). Brian was saying one thing and then the Japanese Skating Federation was saying another. I don’t even know if they knew what was going on. Plus there’s the fact everything is in Japanese and my Japanese knowledge is more than a little lacking. So many rumours and no actual news.

At Junior Worlds Brian mentioned he hadn’t seen him since Nationals! What!??!! Why isn’t he back in Canada? Nam and Javi have been landing side-by-side 3A and 4S and all I want is Yuzu to make it a trio!

This is worrisome. Is he fully healed? Is he back to training? Is there a rift between him and Brian? Is he physically ready to compete? Is he mentally ready to be back at that Shanghai rink? So many questions, so many unknowns.

Right now, all I know is Yuzu is currently topping a lot of people’s Worlds predictions and there are huge banners of him everywhere. It’s a lot of pressure for someone who hasn’t been seen in months.

I’ll be checking the discussion boards regularly in the next week. Just waiting for information. It’s been so long! I need my Yuzuru Hanyu fix!

Stay tuned for an update! One’s bound to be coming shortly!


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  1. Dear Justine,
    I’m a big fan of your blog and Yuzu.
    According to the Japan Skating Federation’s official announcement of yesterday, Yuzuru hasn’t fully recovered from an ankle sprain, but he’s preparing for the World Championship in Shanghai next week. I wonder if he is still in his hometown, Sendai where people have well protected him from the media since he had sprained his ankle at the end of January. He is much loved there. I wish we could see his wonderful smile again nextweek. The only thing we can do is to wish good luck to him.

    • Thank you for your comment! It’s funny that this news came out the day after I posted this! Thanks for the update, I also read some comments from Brian saying they’ve been in touch and he’s healing and training. I also hope we get to see his wonderful smile next week. I wish him luck and hope he isn’t pushing it too hard!

  2. Hi,

    I found this article posted at Yuzuru. Hanyu’s forum blog.

    The second paragraph of the second article (NOT a word-by-word translation)
    March 18, 2015
    Ms. Kobayashi, who spoke with Hanyu (and his team) on the phone on the 17th told that though she heard about the details of his training, she could not talk about that. “While people’s expectation is high, his condition is not perfect and the pressure he feels is immeasurable. I would like to support him so that he would not receive any further stress.” She did not reveal whether he had resumed practicing quad jumps or not.

    • Thank you for all the comments and updates. It’s funny how these all started pouring in the second after I wrote my post. I’m glad things seem to be ok. I’m just wishing Yuzu all the best next week. I hope he hasn’t put too much pressure on himself. We’re all with him!

  3. Here is the another one by

    Mii9000 wrote:
    The summary of the first article (NOT a literal translation)
    Ms Kobayashi from JSF spoke on Yuzuru Hanyu’s condition on 18th. She said “his condition is not perfect, but he has been increasing the amount of practice and he is at the final stage of his conditioning.”
    Hanyu, who went though a surgery at the end of last year had started his training, but sprained his right ankle in the end of January. He was going to go to Toronto, but will remain in Japan until the competition.
    Whether he has been practicing quads or other details of his training was not revealed by Ms. Kobayashi. She told the reason for that was to protect him from excessive stresses and pressures.

  4. They said there is few info about Hanyu even in Japan until March 17th or so. Only his posters as ADS. And all of the sudden, there is a couple of news about him come out from Ms. kobayashi. I am not sure the post below come from the reliable source.

    Where is Yuzu? How is Yuzu?
    Posted on March 18, 2015 by BevSmithWrites

    With all the hubbub about the world figure skating championships to come next week, you might be wondering: “So where’s Yuzu?”

    Well, the lithe, mosquito-waisted Olympic and world champion, Yuzuru Hanyu, has spent a great part of the season at home in Japan – not Canada where he has trained for his biggest triumphs – and is preparing for the world championships in Shanghai, China, in an extremely unusual way: by correspondence with coach Brian Orser.

    “I have not seen him at all,” said Orser the other day at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, adorned with banners cheering on European champ Javier Fernandez and new Canadian champion Nam Nguyen who train there. On Thursday, the club is staging a little world championship sendoff for its favourite sons – sans Hanyu.

    “Yuzu has been faced with so many challenges this season,” Orser said. “His comfort zone is in Japan when he’s recovering from something.”

    And he’s had much to recover from over the past seven months or so. It’s been an annus horribilis, as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has been known to say about the rocky roads that can assail a person’s psyche.

    First a back injury caused his withdrawal from Finlandia Trophy. Then he collided with Chinese skater Han Yan during the warmup for the free skate at Cup of China last November. He skated with a bandage on his head, fell five times and stayed in Japan for recovery.

    With the NHK just two weeks away, Hanyu remained in Japan. He started feeling intermittent pains in his abdomen, which seemed a mystery. But he completely triumphed in the Grand Prix Final, for an astounding 288.16-point win, 34.26 points more than his closest challenger, Javier Fernandez.

    Next up? The Japanese championships, which he won by more than 30 points. Obviously, he did it with some pain. He was already scheduled for surgery a few days later to repair a urachal remnant, attached to his bladder. In other words, he suffered from a rare infliction, in which the fibrous remnant from his umbilical cord failed to dissolve as he became an adult. Orser said Hanyu developed a cyst that became infected and had to be exised.

    Fortunately, doctors did it by arthroscopic surgery, Orser said. “They didn’t have to cut any muscle, but they did have to cut the fascia.”

    Although the hospital stay was expected to be two weeks with another four weeks away from the ice, Hanyu actually was laid up and off the ice for five weeks. Orser thinks Hanyu remained in hospital for most of that time. “I know that he has some allergies to a lot of medications, so he has to be careful about that,” he said.

    The black clouds never parted. Soon after Hanyu returned to the ice, he sprained an ankle, perhaps because he began trying too much too soon. “Of course, it would be typical for him to want to get going and do everything right away,” Orser said. Coming back to Toronto to train didn’t seem to be an option.

    None of this has put Orser in an ideal situation to prepare Hanyu to defend his world title next week. He admits he’s been a little frustrated with the lack of communication. But the channels have been cleared since, and Orser says he hears from Hanyu by email every day.

    ”I’m giving him some things to think about and do on every session, and what kind of run-throughs to do,” Orser said. “I think at this stage, it’s just refreshing to have a little bit of instruction, rather than going out and wondering what you should do and how you feel. This way, you have a bit of a plan and you follow it.”

    Currently, Hanyu is training without a coach in Japan and by himself. Orser finds it hard, because he doesn’t see what Hanyu is doing. He’s trying to advise him from a distance. “It’s a little bit of a challenge,” he said. “He says he’s skating well and he’s doing his run-throughs, so that’s all I can ask for. I guess when I get there, I’ll see.”

    Right now, Hanyu reports that his quad Salchow and his quad toe loop are just fine. Earlier in the season, he seemed to struggle with a triple Lutz. “We’ve discussed that through emails and he says it seems to be fine now,” Orser said.

    Hanyu is relying on some video files on his iPad that remind him about the technique of jumps. He has a Lutz file. And a Salchow file. And a loop file. The only thing that worries Orser is the difficulty of finding motivation when skating by oneself. “But he’s pretty driven and I think he’s able to manage it,” Orser said. “I think he would prefer to be out there skating with Javi every day.”

    Hanyu tells Orser he misses the club and “he misses us.” But the travel from Japan to Toronto is hard and strength-sapping. And the way it is now, Hanyu faces a one-hour flight to Shanghai in the same time zone, while Orser and the rest of his boys will be dragging their heels from the opposite side of the world. No matter, says Orser. They will arrive in enough time to have three good training days before the event starts.

    At any rate, Orser feels he and Hanyu are back on track. He wants to cut Hanyu a lot of slack this year because it’s a post-Olympic year, he’s the Olympic champion, his life has changed and he has so many demands and responsibilities. “Hopefully we’ll get back on track for next season,” said the coach.

    He feels the information he’s getting from Hanyu is accurate, that his star pupil is feeling strong and that he’ll be ready when the trumpet sounds next week. Hanyu has a way of rising to the call, of battling magnificently. He’s done it twice during this terrible year. We’ll find out soon enough what he’s made of.

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