Where is Yuzu? How is Yuzu?

Only a few days after my post Where in the world is Yuzuru Hanyu?, it seems others are asking the same question!

Read below for Bev Smith’s article, with quotes from Brian Orser. There have also been a number of Japanese articles in the past couple days stating similar things.

I wish Yuzu all the luck next week. Here’s hoping he’s not pushing himself too much. I miss that happy smile of his 🙂

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  1. Thank you for another news, Justine ! No need to worry !
    Yuzu, just enjoy your skating in Shanghai !
    We’re all with you !!!!!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I hope he just enjoys Worlds this year and doesn’t put too much pressure on himself. You’re correct, we’re all with him!

  2. Hi,
    Yuzu’s appearance is getting closer, and am getting so very excited watching his past videos.

    Here is an article by Tracy Wilson about Men’s and Yuzu is her man.


    Canadian Men are not title contenders this year. The favourite is the reigning Olympic champion and defending World Champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan. Both the European Champion and World bronze medalist Javier Fernandez of Spain and Olympic bronze medalist and recent Four Continents champion Denis Ten of Kazakstan are expected to be his toughest competition. Canada will be represented by Nam Nguyen and Jeremy Ten. Nam, the newly crowned Canadian champion, will be the youngest competitor in the event at 16-years of age and will try to top his 12th place finish of last year. With his consistency, showmanship and a clean quad, Nam is capable of getting in the mix and shaking up the field.

  3. Thank you Alyssa.
    I can tell you that only Zuzuru has been my inspiration since COC that I have never felt from anyone else alive in my entire life. I know he has been an inspiration for a millions of people in the world though, I became quite obsessed about his skating and himself (his character, personality, smile, courage..everything). I am a little scared of watching Yuzuru this time because there have been no single good news about his condition from Japan where he has been heeling his wounds and practicing skating without a coach. But I know that no matter what happens to the competition, Yuzuru’s each movement will inspire me and kindly heart. Here is another article to share with you.

    Hanyu seeks gold-medal tonic after bumpy ride
    Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:54pm EDT
    By Pritha Sarker

    (Reuters) – A reunion with his coach Brian Orser will provide a welcome distraction for Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu when he returns to the Shanghai Oriental Sports Centre for this week’s figure skating world championships.

    Four months ago the Japanese left the arena battered and bruised following a sickening collision with Chinese rival Yan Han in the build-up to the Cup of China, an accident that left him requiring staples in his head and stitches in his jaw.

    But such is his indomitable spirit, he picked himself up, dusted himself down and ended up with the silver medal in a competition many thought he should have withdrawn from .

    However, triumphing in the face of adversity is nothing new for an athlete who watched the ice crack beneath his blades after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in March 2011 destroyed his training rink in Sendai.

    It is Sendai where Hanyu has spent the last three months as he recuperated from those injuries and subsequent surgery for a bladder problem — which meant he was more than 10,000 km away from the Toronto base of Orser.

    Whether Orser’s long-distance training tips will pay off will become clear later this week when Hanyu, the only 2014 Olympic champion in the Shanghai field, attempts to become the first Japanese skater to win back-to-back world titles.

    While Javier Fernandez would like nothing better than to usurp a man he calls his skating ‘wife’, the Spaniard has missed training beside his great Japanese rival.

    “Sometimes we learn just by watching,” the triple European champion, who is also coached by Orser, told Reuters.

    “It (watching Yuzuru) changes the way you approach your practice. On the days I am not feeling my best, or I’m just tired, I think of Yuzu, and that he was so tired but he was able pull out great run throughs in training which helped him to skate better and better…

    “Those memories help to motivate me on.”

    • Thank you again. You say such kind words about Yuzuru and always provide me the most recent articles. It was so great to see his smile in practice photos this morning. Wishing him all the best this week.

  4. Thank you for the info, and yes, I just watched the video of Yuzu answering the interview. It is so good to see his smile and hear his live voice again. He said that he has just started his practice three weeks ago (in the beginning of March) when he made the entry deadline to the competition. He said he feels so appreciative and thankful to be able to perform again. Yuzu has such a beautiful personality who always appreciate anything surround him. We will pray for him!

  5. sweat news! Yzzu leads after the SP. I cannot believe that this beautiful performance was done by someone who went through the surgery and injury, which prevent him from practicing until the March. Everyone was cheering Yuzu crazy there, and am soooo happy for him!

    • Yay! I woke up super early this morning to watch! I wasn’t expecting much, I was just so happy to see him skate and smile again. I was so surprised and so happy with the result. He just doesn’t give up and when he’s pushed down he often skates his best. I’ll be cheering hard tomorrow, I hope he’s smiling after that skate as well.

  6. I felt the same way with you after i have learned that Yuzu has just started to practice a couple of weeks ago all by himself (without a Coach)!!!!. But What He Have Done is just Amazing! Yuzu’s beautiful appearance and angelic smile made everyone who were long waiting for him coming back since last December so very happy. Yuzu looked pale in SP, so am a little bit worried though. I wish him all the best in FS, GO YUZU!

  7. Oh my god, take a look this! Yuzu must have a lot of pressure from this..

    I am going to leave for Tokyo today (I wish I could go to Shanghai instead). I dont know which train would be this YUZU train since there are numerous train lines in Tokyo, but hope I can get it for my transition.

  8. I arrived in Japan to find Yuzu won the silver! Great Job Yuzu under such unfortunate condition!
    Later time I watched the videos of the top three’s, and I can tell that Yuzu won the GOLD medal for the popularity wise there!!!!
    It looks like as if any single person there were Yuzu’s fan who brought a gift only for Yuzu.!.
    I am staying in the hotel near the Haneda Airpot, and have a chance to ride trains tomorrow, so hope I can find the train filled with Yuzuuuuu. It looks like that Yuzu’s poster in Ginza was already taken on the 19th.

    • Again thank you for the message!

      I woke up early again this morning and a bunch of us watched live. I was very happy with how Yuzu held it together today. After the crazy season he’s had it’s incredible he was even standing on that podium. If he’s going to lose to anyone I’m ok with it being Javi. I can’t wait to see Yuzu rested up and trained and ready for next season! I don’t think he’s going to settle for a silver medal again.

      Enjoy your time in Japan and good luck finding the Yuzu train! Too bad the giant poster is gone.

  9. It was hectec all day yesterday, and finally its my free time and last day in Tokyo today. Now I wanted to be very serious about finding the Yuzu train. After my research, I could identify which train i can meet Yuzu, however I also found that it was ended “yesterday” !!! I can not believe it..I should have known this yesterday…. Oh well..I have missed to go for a walk with Yuzu in Ginza and missed to ride the train with Yuzu, too! All of those posters of Yuzu looked so beautiful, I wonder where they have gone?

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