Wish I could think of a clever title but Yuzu SP in 4 hours! – Trophee Eric Bompard 2014

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This past weekend was the 5th event on the Grand Prix circuit: Trophee Eric Bompard. It was exciting to see a number of spots for the Grand Prix Final secured. There are still a number of spots available, NHK Trophy will be interesting this week!


I don’t have a lot to say on Stolbova and Klimov that I didn’t say last week.  They are extremely good! They are extremely consistent! But they still do not excite me at all.

I am extremely impressed with Sui and Han! They skated amazingly here and got some extremely high scores. Skate like that and they might challenge for the World podium. Both Chinese teams will be the ones to watch leading up to Worlds. Sui and Han have shown great improvement recently! They’re young and exciting to watch. Very refreshing!

I’m not entirely sure of Moore-Towers and Marinaro after this….not quite the Grand Prix skates they were hoping for I’m guessing.

On a side note, Iliushechkina and Moscovitch had their international debut last weekend at Warsaw Cup in Poland. They won the event, got the minimum scores needed for events later in the season and they beat the scores Moore-Towers and Marinaro received. It’ll be interesting to see how these two teams fare at Nationals.

Photos from the pairs' free skate at the 2014 Trophee Eric Bompard in Bordeaux, France


I am in love with Elena Radionova! She is the most adorable and so talented! Her jumps are secure and solid. She has great technique that I can see lasting when she grows. She’s won Jr Worlds twice now and I think she could be a force to reckon with come March.

I’m glad Julia Lipnitskaia did better here than her previous event. However, something is lacking in her skating this year. She doesn’t have the same spark as last season. As well, it looks like she isn’t enjoying herself out there. This look worked for the Schindler’s List program, but this season I’m not feeling it. That look doesn’t work for her Romeo & Juliet FS. We’ll see if she can work out her issues in the next while. If not, she might find herself buried at Nationals. I would hate for her to become a ‘one hit wonder’ like skater. I hope she can find some staying power.

I feel similar about Ashley Wagner. I really want to like her and have even been a pretty big fan in the past. But I just don’t think she can compete with the best in the world anymore. She always had to work for her jumps and I feel this season she’s working even harder. She’s simply not as consistent as she has been. Technical troubles aside, she does have the best programs of any lady this season. Ashley is also the best performer out there. I’d watch a program without jumps from her before either of the gold and silver medalists.


tumblr_nfgj66RKLf1rnltoyo2_400What a season Papadakis and Cizeron are having! Two Grand Prix wins! Wow! I don’t think anyone thought that would happen when the season began. And they’re so young! I definitely see them becoming a big deal in the future. I’m a big fan of their FD, I think it’s a great vehicle for them this season. It’s sweet and delicate and romantic – exactly what I like in a FD

Congrats to Gilles and Poirier! Two silver medals gets them to the GPF for the first time. I really wanted to not like these two, but this season I just might become a fan. Their programs this season are quite delightful!


This event was just a disaster. What was even happening here!? I don’t want to congratulate anyone! No one skated two decent programs. I can’t even form full sentences to describe this.

Maxim Kovtun – Nice recovery I guess. You can jump, even though they aren’t the prettiest. I still don’t feel this will stand up when skating against these men at their best (but that does involve some clean skates, which are lacking these days).

Denis Ten – I had high hopes for you after that great SP, but alas, you can only put two good programs together at Worlds or the Olympics. That isn’t such a bad thing though is it?

Tatsuki Machida – I guess a disappointing skate had to happen at some point. You have been pretty clean and consistent for a while. Tatsuki has spoken out on his desire to be number 1 and win these events. We’ll see if the poor performance here ignites a fire in him heading to Barcelona.

Han Yan – Disappointing outing for him. Unfortunately I am sure it is related to the collision from a couple weeks ago. Perhaps it would have been best to sit out this event and fully recover. I hope he takes a long break now and rests up before the remainder of the season. I hope we don’t see something similar from Yuzu this weekend….

tumblr_nfgomyHVAL1tzdqszo1_1280Thanks for reading! Now off to prepare for whatever Yuzu has to show….

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